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Tell Your Stories
Storytelling plays a big part in a lot of our favorite mediums today; whether that is movies, books, music, or even video games. The Sims is no exception to storytelling, and our Community is filled with amazing storytellers who use our game to recreate their personal stories or to let their imagination run wild.

One such member of our Community, JulyVeeGaming, has four different and unique stories that keep us coming back for more – so we decided to sit down for a quick chat to see what the inspiration is for her storytelling.

Tell us a little about yourself!
My name is Julia, I’m a 22 year old girl from Germany currently working as a scientific software developer. My main hobby is playing video games, but I also enjoy being creative with painting or writing. I’ve been playing The Sims since the release of The Sims 2 but I only discovered the whole community around it in 2015. The storytelling community especially drew me in because I love reading and storytelling. Since then I’ve started a Sims Story Blog and a Youtube Channel to create stories with my sims. It’s opened up a whole new world of creativity for me!

What inspired you to start so many different stories?
I first discovered what is referred to as SimLit (meaning Sims stories) through a spotlight on this blog, actually. It led me to The Sims Forums where there is a huge community of storytellers who write amazing stories illustrated with The Sims. I started reading a lot of them and got into the community pretty quickly. I haven’t stopped hanging out there ever since. Of course, reading all these stories made me want to start my own! I started of with only one, an amazon challenge, just like the one I read about on this blog. But soon I wanted to branch out and create something different.

Inspiration can come from many different places. Challenges often inspire me to start stories because a challenge gives you a good base but you can still make it entirely your own. For example, my story “Discovery” is based on The Room Challenge but it has a full blown storyline of its own involving evil scientists and a strange new world. I know at least five room challenge stories and they are all different although based on the same thing.

Both my “Amazon” story and “Discovery” are very plot-focused meaning they’re both written somewhat in the style of a book and sometimes have pre-planned storylines. This type of Sims storytelling is fun and rewarding and lets you be most creative but sometimes I need a break to just play the game. That’s how “Vee is for Vortex” came to be, it’s a casual neighborhood rotation which means I just play the game however I want to and take screenshots. Later, I interpret the screenshots and write little captions and thoughts around them. It’s not really a story as it is a summary of the hilarious things that happen in my game. But it’s a fun thing to do and it also pushed me to explore areas of the game I never had before while also sharing it with others. For example it was in this story that I first pursued the doctor’s career!

I had another streak of inspiration while watching a TV show. I wanted to create a realistic Sims story involving lots of drama and intrigue. “Until it Breaks” is entirely pre-planned and it’s great fun for me to think up the different storylines and how they intertwine. Creating screenshots to fit what you have already written presents it’s own unique challenge and that makes it different to my other stories.

I even branched to out to creating stories on YouTube with Machinimas and Let’s Plays. But my original Sims story blog will always be special to me.

Wow, this is a novel. I guess the essence is that sims stories come in so many different variants that I wanted to explore more of them! When inspiration struck I just couldn’t resist.

Who are some of your favorite community storytellers?
There are so many talented storytellers out there! On the forums, I met a lot of awesome people who have great stories. However, these are probably the ones I stalk most for story updates:

•   CitizenErased14: Her stories are absolutely spectacular. She started off with “Dust to Dust”, a story about a young boys friendship with a ghost but with a twist! Later created “Ashes to Ashes: A Legacy”. Both stories are packed with plot and drama. I promise you, you’ll never want to stop reading.

•   ThePlumbob: This was one of the first Sims stories I read and it’s still going strong! It’s called “The Bloomer Legacy” and it’s based on the “Build Newcrest” challenge, but there’s so much more to it! ThePlumbob is great at interpreting her Sims’ actions and spinning them into stories. Not a lot in this story is pre-planned but it always works out so well and keeps you coming back for more!

For more recommendations, you could check out my “Sims Story Feature” series on my Youtube Channel where I showcase my favorite Sims stories.

What tips would you give to someone looking to start their own story blog?
When you first start your blog, don’t worry about views. It takes some time to get your story out there. Consistency attracts readers because they want to make sure you won’t abandon your story after three chapters before they commit to reading. It is important to start a story you are interested in writing otherwise writing will soon become a chore and it won’t be fun. So just have fun writing and readers will come in time!

Also, the Sims forums have a friendly section for writers where you can meet some great people, get advice and post your stories. For more technical advice I have made a “Quick Guide to SimLit” on the forums which contains tips about what blogging site to use or how to best deliver updates to your readers.

Where can people find you / your work?

•   My Story blog at
•   Twitter at
•   YouTube at

Thanks for having me!

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Simmer Spotlight – Family Vacation Build Challenge

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Calling all builders! In case you missed it, our friends over at Twitch recently hosted HollieBB’s Family Vacation Build Challenge for all of our builders out there. In order to participate, participants were tasked to build a house using randomly-selected theme while using unlimited money and specific content from our recently launched The Sims™ 4 Parenthood Game Pack*.

While we saw a lot of incredible creations submitted, we wanted to take a moment to highlight three of our favorites!

Let’s kick it off with something nice and relaxing. With summer vacation in full swing, it’s only natural that parents will want to take some time to get away before the craziness truly begins. Now you can with this beautiful SPA, created by Koffee.

Summer usually means getting out and having fun as a family (or as a party of one, no shame in that), and boy do we have a fun build for Sims of all ages to enjoy. Take a walk in Fun Fun Land, by Dr. Gluon.

Our final build feature is going to give you the creeps (and it certainly gives us chills)… But for families who love the darker side of things (and just love being on edge), we present to you Camp Creeper, by HolieBB.

While Twitch is no longer hosting streams for the build challenge on the front page, if you’d like to participate in the challenge here are the rules:

We look forward to seeing what other amazing Family Vacation inspired getaways continue to be shared for your Sims, and others, to enjoy.

To see more submissions from the Family Vacation Build Challenge, head over to the Twitch Blog.

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*Requires The Sims 4 game (sold separately) and all game updates to play.

Simmer Spotlight – Bowled Over Challenge

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When our friends at Twitch told us about a fun The Sims 4 Bowling Night Stuff Pack build challenge they were hosting, created by community member HollieBB, we couldn’t wait to see what you created! So rather than highlighting only one build, we decided to highlight FIVE builds to really celebrate some incredible creative builders.

Teen Hangout with a Pink Flamingo Twist by HollieBB

HollieBB herself also got the Teen Hangout theme, and she put together a great place for kids to experience the night life while also getting to bond over bowling with their friends. The Pink Flamingo is a staple character throughout her build, and he is always watching…

Under the Sea Bowling by AngeliaAnn

AngeliaAnn really captured what it would be like to have a bowling lane under the sea. The different shades of blue really help to provide depth and make you feel as if you are surrounded by coral. Any Sim looking for a nice themed bowling experience will enjoy hanging out on these lanes.

A sweet Teen Hangout by RoryPlaysTheSims

Bowling is a great way for Teens to hang out with their friends and have a little bit of friendly competition. This awesome Teen Hangout Bowling Lane is sure to bring all the kids to the yard to see who is the best of the best at bowling.

It’s a little bit of a fixer upper by DrGluon

For those Sims who want a more retro vibe, this fixer upper bowling lane is just the place to make you feel nostalgic for the “good ol’ days”. Great use of a warm color palate – and who doesn’t LOVE that wood paneling!

The Underwater Bowling Lanes by Koffee

Koffee rolled an ‘Under the Sea’ theme and you can tell she was inspired by some of the more colorful fish in the ocean. Her great use of pinks, purples, and blues really help to fuel the retro vibe and make this a bowling lane that your Sims will want to hangout in.

If you’d like to participate in the challenge here are the rules:

We look forward to seeing what other amazing Bowling Lanes continue to be shared for your Sims, and others, to enjoy.

To see more submissions from the Bowled Over Challenge, head over to the Twitch blog.

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*Requires The Sims 4 game (sold separately) and all game updates to play.

Simmer Spotlight – Our Favorite Content Creators!

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Can you believe this Sunday officially mark’s 17 years of the Sims? We can’t either! We’ve spent this week focusing on our awesome Simmers, talking about What We Love Most About the Simming Community, Our Fave Simming Memories, and today (with our final Anniversary Spotlight), we’re allllllll about the amazing content creators in our community!

Nothing makes us happier and prouder than seeing all the support and love that you guys give each other on a daily basis. Whether be sharing each others creations with a Gallery link or a YouTube video, or helping to build our Simming community up in to the busy and loving environment it is, we couldn’t be prouder.

So let’s get down to it, and highlight some of the incredible content creators we are lucky to have in our community!

Image by forum user Cayrees

Doornebuzz While the Twitch Sims Community might not be big (yet), I do enjoy watching some of my friends, such as OxyOfficial, RubyTrue and Roryplaysthesims play the game. berrypie27 a.k.a. berrysweetboutique on Tumblr, altheaquin and Kaleeko have become very close friends of mine after spending countless hours reading their amazing stories over on the official The Sims (3) forums.

Deligracy – I hear Deligracy is pretty awesome and she’s Australian… TheSimSupply is a pretty good builder too! I have to say AndrewArcade has always been the favourite creator of mine and xUrbanSimsx Let’s Plays are just too hilarious. Twitch livestreaming is booming right now so I’m enjoying discovering a multitude of random players there too!

BringTheParty The first Sims YouTuber I watched was The English Simmer. She was the one who introduced me to the complexity and in depth challenges. I can recall the first series I watched was the runaway teen, and let me tell you I binged watched it! I would watch 4-5 episodes a day. Another content creator I am now lucky enough to call a dear friend is Deligracy. Her personality in her videos and openness with her viewers is unique to the YouTube world and I appreciate that about her. Lastly, there is The Sim Supply (James Turner) who I am also lucky enough to also call a friend. He showed me building techniques I could have never imagined. He also encouraged me to try building tiny homes, which I did for weeks and I still can’t build half as well as he does.

Image by forum user joselioaizach

Fantayzia There’s so many amazing content creators! lilsimsie is by far my favorite builder, she’s great at what she does! I could watch her builds for hours. My favorite storyteller is XUrbanSimsX, her stories pull me in everytime! They’re just so good. A few of my other favorite youtubers are jessamica92, *StarlightSims*, Steph0Sims, Haylo, pastelplumbbies and Vixella. All of them are so inspring!

BlackEssence Goodness! My list of favorite content creators has grown so much just in the last year! So many talented people have joined the community! But, if I had to really sit and think about those that have helped shaped me as the simmer I am today, it would be people like BeyondSims, FutureActorJon, SimmerShyMammi, Deligracy, SpringSims, XxSimSugarxX, AndrewArcade, AlexarielGaming, LifeSimmer, and many, many more! Without the creative individuals providing wonderful content for simmers to enhance their gaming experience within The Sims, the franchise itself would be as diverse or strong in withstanding any of the things we’ve gone through. It really is an extraordinary thing to be able to witness!

Image by forum user Mirelarios

Cinderellimouse There are too many people to list them all! Budgie2Budgie, Around the Sims and Veranka all make great custom content! And Plasticbox, Zerbu and Icemunmun are amazing modders! I love Iron Seagull’s ‘reaction’ and ‘thoughts’ videos. Weealbet and Englishsimmer make great Let’s Plays. And James Turner, Frimlin and Hatsy are brilliant builders! I could mention more people but we’d be here for hours!

Iron Seagull I highly recommend DruTruBuilder and Simstruction if you’re looking for some really creative builds that make use of multiple packs in interesting ways. Building is not my specialty, but I love seeing the amazing lots that are uploaded to the gallery!


We’re going to be following all of these later, if we haven’t already! Are there any other awesome Simmer content creators that you absolutely love? We wanna know every single one of them, so come tell us about them on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram using #TheSimsAnniversary!