Hotkeys & Cheats



General Controls:
Cancel Esc
Toggle Cheat Windows Ctrl + Shift + C
Time Controls:
Pause Game P / 0 / ‘
Regular / Fast / Ultra Speed 1 / 2 / 3
Camera Movement Controls:
Move Left / Right Arrow Left / Right Or A / D
Move Forward / Backward Arrow Up / Down Or W / S
Move Faster Shift (hold) + Camera Movement
Zoom In / Out Z / X Or + / –
Toggle Map Mode M
Live Mode Controls:
Switch To Next Sim In Household Spacebar / N
Switch To Specific Sim Click Sim Portrait
Lock Camera To Sim Right – Click Sim Portrait
Centre Camera On Active Sim Enter
Build Mode Controls:
Undo / Redo Ctrl + Z / Ctrl + Y
Rotate Object < / > (Once Object Selected)
Delete Object Delete / Backspace
Off Grid Placement Alt (While Holding Object)
Off Angle Placement Alt (While Rotating Object)


Eyedropper Tool E
Hand Tool H
Sledgehammer Tool K
Design Tool R
Wall Tool B
Toggle Day / Night L
Toggle Grid G
Switch Between 1/2 Tile And 1/4 Tile Grid F5
Fill A Single Wall While Placing Wall Patterns Alt
Fill Floor And Wall Paint While Placing Floor Or Wall Patterens Shift
Toggle To 1/4 Tile Floor Paint Ctrl + F
Decrease Terrain Brush Size [
Increase Terrain Brush Size ]
Terrain Brush Softness Slider Left To Right ;
Terrain Brush Softness Slider Right To Left
Toggle Terrain Paint / Eraser Ctrl
Move Whole House Tool U
Video Recording V
Screenshot Image C
Top Down View T
Next Floor Up Page Up
Next Floor Down Page Down
Walls Up Home
Walls Down End




The Cheat Window Can Be Brought Up By Pressing: CTRL + SHIFT + C

“bb.moveobjects” – Move Objects On Allows You To Move Objects Anywhere (Use 0 And 9 To Move The Object Up / Down.)

“Help” – Lists all available commands into the command console. This will only list cheats available to the players.

“resetSim {FirstName} {LastName}” – Resets the Sim.

“fullscreen” – toggles full screen on or off

“headlineeffects {on/off}“ – Hides all headline effects including the Plumbbob, thought balloons, etc.

“|Death.toggle” – Disables Death so that Sims don’t die.

“FreeRealEstate [on|off]” – Can be entered at neighborhood/world. If on, all homes are free while the cheat is active.

“motherlode” – provides 50000 Simoleons

“kaching” – provides 1000 Simoleons

“rosebud” – provides 1000 Simoleons

Pressing “Shift + ]” increases the size of objects

“testingcheats {true/false}” – Enables the use of further cheats

Entering “testingcheats true”, then entering “cas.fulleditmode” allows all CAS abilities.
o Interaction Cheats are available by Shift+Clicking on objects and Sims once the player types in “testingcheats true” in the command console.

Shift Clicking on Sims –
“Reset Object”, which will reset the Sim.

“Add to Family” which adds the Sim to the current family.

“Cheat Motive > Make Happy” which sets all motives to full and set mood to Happy.- “Cheat Motive > Disable Motive Decay” which allows all motives to remain static (if they had been enabled).

“Cheat Motive > Enable Motive Decay” which allows all motives to change dynamically (if they had been disabled).

Shift Clicking on objects
“Reset Object”, which will reset the object.

Shift Clicking on dirtyable objects (ex: toilet, sink) – “Make Dirty”, which will make the object dirty.

Shift Clicking on already dirty objects – “Make Clean”, which will make the object clean.

Shift Clicking on the mailbox
“Reset Object”, which will reset the object.

Shift Clicking on the ground
“Teleport Me Here” which Teleports the selected Sim as close to the clicked spot as it can.

Shift Clicking on a Sim
“Modify in CAS” will allow editing of everything but name change and modifying inherited traits.

 Using the below skills cheats. E.g Stats.set_skill_level Major_Gardening 10

Skills: Cheats:
Baking Skill (Get To Work)
Charisma Skill Major_Charisma
Comedy Skill Major_Comedy
Dancing Skill (Get Together) Minor_Dancing
DJ Skill (Get Together) Major_DJ
Fishing Skill Major_Fishing
Fitness Skill Skill_Fitness
Gardening Skill Major_Gardening
Gourmet Cooking Skill Major_GourmetCooking
Guitar Skill Major_Guitar
Handiness Skill Major_Handiness
Herbalism Skill (Outdoor Retreat)
Homestyle Cooking Skill
Logic Skill Major_Logic
Mischief Skill Major_Mischief
Mixology Skill
Painting Skill Major_Painting
Photography Skill (Get To Work)
Piano Skill Major_Piano
Programming Skill Major_Programming
Reaping Skill
Rocket Science Skill Major_RocketScience
Singing Skill (City Living) Major_Singing
Video Gaming Skill Major_VideoGaming
Violin Skill Major_Violin
Wellness Skill (Spa Day)
Writing Skill Major_Writing
Children’s Skills:
Creativity Skill Skill_Child_Creativity
Mental Skill Skill_Child_Mental
Motor Skill Skill_Child_Motor
Social Skill Skill_Child_Social


Careers: Cheats:
Promotion In Astronaut Career careers.promote Astronaut
Promotion In Athlete Career careers.promote Athletic
Promotion In Business Career careers.promote Business
Promotion In Criminal Career careers.promote Criminal
Promotion In Critic Career (City Living) careers.promote Critic
Promotion In Culinary Career careers.promote Culinary
Promotion In Detective Career (Get To Work) careers.promote Detective
Promotion In Doctor Career (Get To Work) careers.promote Doctor
Promotion In Entertainer Career careers.promote Entertainer
Promotion In Painter Career careers.promote Painter
Promotion In Politician (City Living) careers.promote Politician
Promotion In Scientist Career (Get To Work) careers.promote Scientist
Promotion In Secret Agent Career careers.promote Secret Agent
Promotion In Social Media Career (City Living) careers.promote Social Media
Promotion In Tech Guru Career careers.promote Tech Guru
Promotion In Writer Career careers.promote Writer