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The Sims 4 team announced on February 4th 2015 the first expansion pack. “The Sims 4: Get To Work”. The expansion pack released on April 2nd 2015 (UK) and costs £29.99/$39.99.  The Sims 4: Get To Work includes 3 New active careers (Detective, Doctor & Scientist) as well as being able to run and manage your own business. The expansion pack also provides 2 new skills (Baking & Photography Skill), small world called “Magnolia Promenade” and the return of Aliens.

Create A Sim:

With The Sims 4: Get To Work Expansion Pack, many new create a sim clothing and parts were included here are some screenshots of the new clothing.

Get To Work CAS - 1 Get To Work CAS - 2 Get To Work CAS - 3

Build Mode:

As well as new create a sim part, with this expansion pack brought great quantity of new build mode objects here are some screenshots of the new objects.

Get To Work Build Mode - 1 Get To Work Build Mode - 2 Get To Work Build Mode - 3

Live Mode:

The Sims 4: Get To Work, provides a new small world called: “Magnolia Promenade”. Magnolia Promenade is made up of 4 lots. In Magnolia Promenade you have the “Paddywack’s Emporium”, “JF&S Clothiers” and “The Roadstead” which are retail lots and “Preeminent Domain” which is the empty lot. These lots can be edited/changed and bulldozed. With this expansion your Sims can manage their own business or start with the new active careers.

With this expansion pack you can Save Lives as a Doctor, Solve Crimes as a Detective or Create Crazy Inventions as a Scientist with the 3 New Active Careers. You also can Build A Unique Retail Business and Learn New Skills and even Discover Aliens.

Lets start with the Detective Career, where your Sims will start investigating crime scenes, interrogate suspects, locking up suspects in jail and completing cases. With the Detective Career, your Sims will search for clues and gather evidence when the are on the case at the crime scene. As well as searching for clues and gathering evidence you will be able to collect witness reports. Once gathered all the necessary information you will start to analyze and process it at the station by adding the clues on the board. Once recieved enough clues you will be able to “Issue and APB”  and getting ready to make an arrest, bringing them back to the station getting them booked and interrogated. Your Sims will be able to go on patrol the streets, keeping the neighbourhood safe and issue “Citations” to Sims who commit crime.

Another Career, the Doctor Career, where your Sims will start saving lives, delivering babies and performing surgery. With the Doctor Career, your Sims will start with diagnosis sick Sims with a thorough head to toe examination. Which than will gather the symptoms and allow the Doctor to start treating them, Doctors can unlock new rewards objects, interactions can tell whether a baby is a boy or a girl and can even make house calls.

Finally, the last Career the Scientist Career, where your Sims will craft diabolical creations and decide which way will they use them. Your Sims can use the collectibles they gather and create Serums at the chemical station, where they can either test their own work or get other Sims to test them, Serums can change or improve a Sims Life. During the Scientist day your Sims can get “Breakthroughs – Eureka! Moments”, which unlock new ideas and inventions which they can invent using the invention constructor. They can create a Sim Ray or even a Cloning Machine.

Get To Work - Hospital Get To Work - Police Station Get To Work - Science Lab

Another aspect of Get To Work is retail, where Your Sims can create a variety of retail businesses including bakeries, clothing boutiques and more. Your Sims can sell anything from Buy Mode, objects they craft/collect, food they bake or books they write. Your Sims will be able to hire employees, choose their uniform and assign them a role. You will be able to choose the Store Prices/Markup:

  • Clearance  – 5% Markup
  • Sale – 15% Markup
  • Normal – 25% Markup
  • Pricey – 50% Markup
  • Exorbitant – 100% Markup

your Sims will be able to restock items and start pitching sales, which will earn them Perk Points which allows you to buy Retail Perks to help with your retail.

With Get To Work, there are 2 new skills the Baking Skill and the Photography Skill as well as the return of Aliens, where you can create and customise aliens in Create A Sim and discover which Sims are actually aliens in disguise.

With this expansion pack there are new environments that are added to the existing neighbourhoods. Specific to the new active careers: The Science Lab, Hospital, and Police Station. They’re in existing neighbourhoods, integrated into the world. As well as the new secret hidden area “Sixam” the home of Aliens.

Get To Work - Doctor Get To Work - Detective Get To Work - Scientist