Forum Redesign


Sims Society Forum redesigned, with a new modern classic theme. Not only a new design but also added new features. The new design has provided us with ways to customise the forum and expand the forum in the easiest way possible making it more interactive and more practical. As well as a new theme we’ve decided to choose a new forum background and a new forum banner.


With this new theme we have been able to organise and categories the boards, and use icons to represent each board. We have added a new board “Share And Advertise” a place to share your simming content, creations, websites and more.

 Forum Redesign - 1


In the forum we’ve included a calendar that allow you to create events for The Sims 4. You can include upcoming events, shows, game releases and more about The Sims 4 Franchise.

Forum Redesign - 2

We’ve decided to give you more new smileys and emojis for The Sims 4 allowing you to enjoy with your posts. We’ve decided to allow you to send your emojis that you want. You might see yours soon.

Forum Redesign - 3 Forum Redesign - 4

We’ve also been provided with NEW member rank icons “Plumbobs” designed and provided by “greenXen“.

We’ve integrated a ranking announcement, this will give you a message showing you that you’ve hit a new rank and congratulating you on the contribution on the forum. This feature will be improved in the future and made better.

In the “Profile” section we’ve added new custom fields that you can fill in about yourself, providing a bit more information about you.

Forum Redesign - 5

Forum Redesign - 6

And finally, we’ve decided to temporary add the “Guests Must Login” page, guests now must login / register to view the forum and as usual will be approved by one of the forum admins / staff.

I hope you like the new forum design and would like to hear from you, what do you think about it , if you have any ideas or improvements send them in on the “Forum Feedback & Ideas” board.

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