Pregnancy Event FAQ – The Sims FreePlay

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Have questions about how the Pregnancy Event works in The Sims Freeplay?

Read our handy Frequently Asked Questions to learn more!

Q – How can I access the Pregnancy Event?
A – Complete the “2 and a half Sims” and “A Bump-y Road” Discovery Quests, and build the Maternity Store.

Q – Where can I find the Maternity Store?
A – Between the Real Estate Agency and the Recording Studio, right near the Sunset Mall.

Q – Who can get Pregnant?
A – Any adult female Sim, regardless of relationship status.

Q – How many pregnant Sims can I have at one time?
A – You can have one Pregnant Sim in the Pregnancy Event at a time – however you can have an unlimited number of Pregnant Sims up to your Sim count level.

Q – Why are there so many actions my Pregnant Sim can’t do?
A – Some actions are missing for the Pregnant Sim as there are a LOT of animations in The Sims FreePlay. We need to tailor each animation for every new type of Sim, and we couldn’t do them all!

Q – Why should I complete all my Daily Goals / Support Tasks?
A – The benefit in fully completing ALL your goals and tasks is that when your new baby Sim is born, they will receive a Baby Bonus, which includes being faster at actions, get more XP and their motives won’t fall below 50%. You also earn more Maternity Tokens along the way!

Q – What’s a Baby Bonus?
A – A special bonus for completing all the Daily Goals and Support Tasks in the Pregnancy Event! Sims with the Baby Bonus will complete tasks faster, get an XP bonus per action, and their Motives will never drop below 50%.

Q – What happens if I run out of time/don’t complete my Pregnancy Event?
A – Don’t stress! Your Sim will still give birth to a brand new bouncing baby Sim, they just won’t have a Baby Bonus.

Q – How many Sims will I need to complete Pregnancy Event optimally?
A – In order be as efficient as possible, you should try to have 13-15 Sims free during a Pregnancy Event. Remember with Support Tasks, multiple Sims can perform tasks at the same time. Dedicate a group of Sims to help your Pregnant Sim.

Q – There’s a time limit. Is this an event like a Live Event? I don’t have enough time to do both!
A – Don’t stress, there is a time limit but this is so you know when the birth will be as well as acting as a timer for the Baby Bonus. Unlike our Live Events, the Pregnancy Event is always available so you can opt in at any time.

Q – Can I have a less intensive Pregnancy?
A – Yes! After completing the ‘A Bump-y Ride’ quest, you will be able to select the ‘Pregnancy’ option from a crib. This will give your chosen Sim a 6 day long Pregnancy, but with no tasks to complete. Your Sims won’t be able to earn Maternity Tokens during a ‘Pregnancy’. You can also ‘Add A Baby’ to a crib.

Q – How can I get more Maternity Tokens?
A – The 9-day Pregnancy Event is the only way to earn Maternity Tokens. During the Event, Support Tasks are a great way to get Maternity Tokens, as well as completing your Pregnant Sim’s daily goals.

Q – Do I lose my Maternity Tokens if I don’t complete a Pregnancy Event?
A – No! You can also visit the Maternity Store on the town map at any time to spend any tokens your Sims have collected.

Q – Where can I view my Maternity Tokens when a Pregnancy Event is not active?
A – You can view your Maternity Tokens from the Maternity Store on the SimTown map at any time.

Q – Can I do another Pregnancy Event after I finish my first one?
A – Yes you can! The only condition is that your town and house has enough space for a new Sim! Pregnancy Events are designed to be slightly different each time as no two pregnancies are ever the same!

Bonus Tips!

●      Gardening and Baking are great ways to earn Simoleons, very helpful when preparing for your next Pregnancy Event!

●      Earn XP to level up and unlock additional Sim count. Check your Town Value button on the right side of the main HUD at the top of the screen to see when your next Sim count will unlock!

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Chic Boutique Update – The Sims FreePlay

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Sul Sul!

Style is in season in SimTown! Make some seriously sleek design statements in our Chic Boutique update.

Build a beautiful fashion boutique for your Sims in the Chic Boutique Live Event. Style your store with dazzling mirrors, luxe fitting rooms, and plush lounges. Fit out your storefront with a variety of display units, mannequins, and merchandise, including shoes, handbags, and coats that your Sims can try on. Create feature walls for your Sims’ homes with the Back to the Wall Discovery Quest. Play with the all-new interior windows feature – make atriums, indoor greenhouses and more!

Plus, unlock brand-new maternity clothing for your pregnant Sims!

Event Dates:

·      Chic Boutique Live Event: 10-day event starting 17 July (UK)

·      Musical Expression Hobby Event: 7-day event starting 22 July (UK)

·      Fishing Hobby Event: 7-day event starting 29 July (UK)

·      Back to the Wall Discovery Quest: 7-day event starting 1 August (UK)

·      Survivalist Hobby Event: 10-day event starting 5 August (UK)

·      Dream Closet Live Event: 7-day event starting 9 August (UK)

·      Boutique Hair Hobby Event: 7-day event starting 18 August (UK)

·      Streetwear Hobby Event: 9-day event starting 19 August (UK)

Create brand new experiences today!

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The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs is Almost Here (Console)

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Simmers, summer is in full swing, and we hope yours is going swimmingly. But before you power down and head to the beach, don’t you want to read more about The Sims™ 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack* which releases July 31, 2018 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4? Of course you do! Here are ten things we hope you’ll love about this pack. We’re also introducing some awesome updates for Xbox One players below.

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs has so many unique breeds, each of which look gorgeous and distinct. But, beyond standard breeds you’d expect, like Russian Blue or Akita, you can easily create adorable mixed breeds with just a few clicks. It’s so easy to quickly craft the cat or dog you imagine. Did we mention adorable? Because they all are!

Painting the Pet
You can start by choosing a breed or crafting a mixed breed, but it’s super simple to add the perfect touches to your buddy. Will it be a pink nose, a lighter shade of fur, or even purple spots? It’s so easy to create pixel perfect creations or recreations of any dog or cat. Get ready for a pet paint palette you won’t want to put down.

Love You, Bay
With this expansion, you’ll get Brindleton Bay, a gorgeous seaside town designed with pets in mind. We made sure to create beautiful areas for a stroll with your pooch, including Pupperton Park, and cozy coastal spots like the Salty Paws Saloon. Whether you’re discovering the romantic secrets of the lighthouse, chasing birds near the docks, or digging for rare finds at the pet cemetery (spooooky!), you’ll have a lot of fun when taking your four-legged friend for a walk around the neighborhood.

Valiant Vet
Owning a business in The Sims 4 is something our community loves, and we love to experiment with it! In Cats & Dogs, the Pawspital is where your pets can get diagnosed for anything that ails them. As with other businesses, optimizing the perfect staff will keep your customers – both two-legged and four-legged – happy. Plus, you can tweak the layout for your Sims’ needs. This is a fantastic career, especially if your Sim can’t get enough of felines and playing fetch.

Pet Personalities
The traits are strong with this one. We spent months trying to understand the souls of cats and dogs and what our game would become. And, well, pets are unique creatures that make each of us delighted (or dumbfounded) in different ways. From stubborn and smart to playful and independent, traits truly change every pet’s behavior. Beyond that, every pet has unique quirks that you’ll have to discover yourself. Each pet you get will help your Sims tell a story.

Pet Costumes
This makes us smile so much. We wanted to add something entirely different for Create-a-Pet, and costumes filled that slot perfectly. They’re hilarious, charming, and incredibly reminiscent of so many photos on the Internet. We cannot wait to see what horrors you put your pets through in the name of adorableness.

Inside Their Heads
To control or not control your pets? Pets are individuals, and many times, a perplexing puzzle to us humans. So, in your Sims’ world, they’ll be able to uncover who their dogs are and bond with them without knowing their next move. Sims can investigate their companion’s behavior, and give them all the love they need. Oh, and if they’re paying attention, they’ll definitely know when pets need a bath or a visit to the vet. You’ll have such a swell time peering into those cute little eyes while your Sims wonder what the heck Fido is thinking. Hint: It’s probably belly rubs.

Surface-Level Felines
If you’ve ever had a cat, you know that they use every surface in the house as their own. It’s that lovable behavior that drove us to create the most authentic cat experience possible – Sims style! You’ll see your Sims’ cats jump on the fridge for an aerial view and the counter to avoid the pesky dog, hide under the bed, leap onto the bed, and leap everywhere in between. The world is a cat’s playground in The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs, just like real life.

All the Objects
Squeaky toys, cat feathers, laser pointers, and multiple cat condos abound. Don’t forget about scratching posts, pet beds, litter boxes, and litter boxes with lasers. But wait, there’s more! Create an epic obstacle course for your dog or watch how they perceive common household objects. There are so many ways to interact with your pets.

Cat on a Vacuum
Last but not least, let’s get to the messy part. Cats and dogs can create mild chaos, like hairballs and hair and pee and poo. If you want an easier way to clean up that mess, we made your Sims an automatic household cleaning robot. But we didn’t stop there. Your cat can ride the vacuum. In a shark costume. Aren’t games fun?

Bonus: EA Access Updates
Simmers, we’d also like to announce that The Sims 4 is coming to Xbox One players with EA Access** on July 12, 2018!

If you’re an EA Access member: Starting July 12, 2018, you can play all of The Sims 4 as long as your subscription remains active. Dive back into The Vault now with the latest addition of our ever-evolving library of great EA games.

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Meet the Climates

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This installment of the Climates is brought to you by The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack,* which is available for PC and Mac.

Catch up on Part OnePart Two, and Part Three of The Climates.

Summer dived off the backyard platform into the crisp, refreshing escape of the family’s backyard pool. The sound of the world muffled as she went underwater, and she appreciated a moment of peace.

Teenage life is just so tough! Her parents keep hovering over her. “How are your grades?” they ask. “You won’t have a good career if you don’t study,” they say. “I don’t like you hanging out with Billy,” her dad insists. “How is Amanda? You’re still friends, right?” asks her mom. It’s just constant! There’s never a moment to just, like, escape.

And her little brother. Ugh. Summer’s face broke the water’s surface and she took a deep breath. She rubbed the chlorine from her eyes, and the air-breathing world came back into focus. Her dad was trying to enchant his beehive, though from the welts on his skin, it seemed to be going badly.

“Yipes!” shouted Arthur. “Bee nice, guys!”

“Groan,” responds Summer.

“Hey! That was a good pun.”

“And that was an oxymoron,” replied Summer.

Her dad bumbles off to find his bee suit, flustered by his beloved bees’ vigor with which they swarm him. Why couldn’t they actually pollinate his garden?

On the other side of the yard, Summer’s mom, Janine, splashed Nicolas in his kiddie pool. The little tike wasn’t big enough to swim in the pool yet, which was fine by Summer. The little turd would probably just ruin her swimming sessions.

Her parents were seriously so unfair. When she was little they would always scold her for not cleaning her room. Scold her for not doing chores. Scold her for her grades. But no, not Nicolas. The baby got away with everything. But he was such a terror!

Her dad stepped back outside, fully bedecked in his bee suit. He looked, frankly, ridiculous. Summer rolled her eyes before she could stop herself.

“Holy bee pollen, this suit is hot!” exclaimed her dad.

“You look ridiculous,” Summer jabbed.

“Oh, come on!” replied Arthur. “You used to be fun. You used to help me with the bees.”

“Whatever,” she responded.

Summer walked inside in a decidedly sulking manner, dripping water all over the floor, and flopped on her bed. She slammed the door and cranked up the music, so she could ignore everyone.

“Summer! Come down to dinner!”

Her mom sounded nicer than usual, but she wouldn’t be fooled.


“No, seriously, Summer. We made your favorite.”

Ugh, her dad too. It’s a conspiracy. Always a conspiracy.

“Suuuummer, everyone is waiiiting.”

Her parents shushed the toddler. Why was Nicolas chiming in? Too curious to remain in a teenage mood, Summer changed out of her swimsuit and tromped downstairs.


The sound was deafening, less from the volume, and more from the sheer shock of seeing her entire social circle standing in her living room in bathing suits.

“Happy birthday, sweetie,” her dad says, grinning. “I made you some honey cake to celebrate with your friends.”

“But, when?” Summer was completely caught off guard.

“Your mom called us weeks ago,” her best friend, Judy, chimed in. “Come on, let’s go swim.”

Her dad kicked the stereo and her favorite song came on. The summer heat receded with the sun, but an army of teenagers raced out the back door and leap into the pool.

Janine tugged on Summer’s sleeve before Summer could run out to join her friends.

“We know we’ve been focused on Nicolas lately. He needs the attention, and frankly, you’re just so great at everything you do. We’re so proud of you.”

Summer gave her mom a huge hug.

“Not bad, eh kid?” says her dad, spatula in one hand and plate of burgers in the other, ready to light the grill.

“For once, Dad, I can honestly say you did something really cool.”

Summer grins and runs out to join her friends.

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*Requires The Sims 4 game (sold separately) and all game updates to play. See minimum system requirements for this pack.