Tiny Secrets of Your Furry Friends

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Simmers, get your lint rollers ready, because The Sims™ 4 My First Pet Stuff Pack* is now available on PC and Mac! Show off your love for Cats & Dogs, welcome home a new small animal, and more. Let’s dig into this awesome content, shall we?

If you own The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs,** you’ve probably already embarrassed your four-legged friends with adorable new outfits and cute widdle hats. But, we added some entirely new pets to The Sims 4 My First Stuff Pack. Ones that are tiny, furry, and more mischievous than you might have known. Today, we want to take a quick look at some of the little secrets of which you might not be aware . . .

You no doubt bought your favorite Sim an adorable new hamster, rat, pygmy hedgehog, or miniature bubalus, because they’re oh-so-cute and give your Sim yet another mouth to feed. But, did you also dive into their cage to discover their true lives and identities? Can you say your Sims truly know their rodent in the ways that matter most?

Getting to Know Your Furry Friend
Did you know your fuzzy friend can be a genius? As they go about their little lives, you’ll find they get into a variety of adventures that come with all sorts of perks. They may write a bestseller, which generates royalties. Or, experiment with cold fusion, resulting in a sudden explosion inside their habitat. Watch carefully to see if they figure out the true power of E=MC2! There’s plenty more to discover, but we want to save some surprises for you to find on your own.

Little furry creatures aren’t content to stay forever within the confines of their cage, so they may also step out from time to time to go on vacation. Don’t worry, they’ll send postcards! Keep them alive long enough (or replace one if you mess up) and try to collect all the postcards. They’ll say, “wish you were here,” while you’re staring at their cage playing sad music.

Party Animals
Do you enjoy a good party? Well, so do rodents. Occasionally, they’ll retreat to the mini-warehouse in their habitat and throw a rodent rave. You can just hear the “uhntz uhntz uhntz,” and no, that isn’t the noise from their hamster wheel.

Rodent Hazards
Naturally, any living creature in your home may introduce adversity. In this case, a dirty habitat may lead to outbreaks of rodent diseases. There’s a chance that once you introduce a rodent into your home, they’ll infect your Sims with Rabid Rodent Fever. At first, they might feel a little off. Then, they’ll have the fever and chills. They might even become dazed or feverish.

Don’t worry! If these symptoms persist, don’t bother calling a doctor. Go straight to a computer and research the disease. We’re sure you’ll find the proper medicine to cure what ails you.

The Sims 4 My First Pet Stuff is full of tiny secrets, primarily of which are the rodents themselves. Sure, you should take advantage of the new clothing and content for your dogs and cats, but give the rodents a second look. They’re wily little creatures.

Tell us some of your favorite discoveries on the forums. What are your favorite stories? Happy Simming!

*Requires The Sims 4 game (sold separately) and all game updates to play. Requires The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack (sold separately) to access all content. See minimum system requirements for this pack. Some content shown from The Sims Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack (sold separately).

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs requires The Sims 4 game (sold separately) and all game updates to play. See minimum system requirements for this pack.


In Their Own Words: The Sims Mobile Dev Q&A

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The time has come for The Sims Mobile! To celebrate the worldwide launch, we sat down with three members of The Sims Mobile game team to discover some tips & tricks and learn about their personal play styles.


Jeff Weir
Role: Franchise Art Director

Can you tell us about the opportunities available for players who love the art of storytelling?

Oooh, I love stories, both experiencing them and making my own up. Thankfully, in The Sims Mobile, you can do both! Each Sim has a bunch of stories available to play, whether you want to tell a story about enemies becoming friends, or how you went about learning to play guitar. Stories are ever only as rich as their characters, and our Create-A-Sim gives you the ability to create anyone, from any background, to tell your story.

What can players look forward to in The Sims Mobile?

I think what everyone will enjoy is the game growing with them. You start simply with one Sim and eventually grow to where your world is filled with your Sims, non-playable character Sims, your friend’s Sims and Sims made throughout the community. Beyond playing with the Sims, I am an addictive collector, so I love working to unlock collections to make my home and workplace just the way I like it.

What is your favorite feature on The Sims Mobile?

Perhaps one of my favorite things in the game is our Risky Actions gameplay where players can choose to show off their Sims’ skills in different activities. The Sims do some pretty hilarious things when things don’t go their way, and some of their reactions are laugh-out-loud funny!

What are your top tips for new players?

Before you leave a session be sure to start all your Sims on an event, that way you can maximize your Lifestyle, XP and Rewards while you’re away. Regarding Create-A-Sim, when you go in to adjust your Sims’ head or body you have some really powerful tools hidden in there. Just tap on the Pen icon and you’ll find sliders that allow you to adjust any part of the Sims’ head or body. You can create the likeness of just about anybody!

Amy Kim
Role: Concept Artist

Can you tell us about the opportunities available for players who want to create the perfect Sim?

Players can create their perfect Sim by customizing their appearance, from shaping their features to styling and dressing. They’ll also need to pick an initial trait for their Sims and will be able to unlock more as they progress throughout the game. Certain traits will help give your Sims an advantage in careers and scenarios of the game. The options are endless, and they can even create more than just one perfect Sim!

What is your personal favorite play style on The Sims Mobile?

One of my favorite things to do in The Sims Mobile is to build up my dream home! I guess you can say my play style would be that of an Architect. I love to personalize and decorate my home by creating rooms that are specific to my Sims’ personalities. I also like to create cool hobby rooms for them to hang out in. I’m pretty much just living vicariously through my Sims!

What is your favorite feature on The Sims Mobile?

One of my favorite features is a new one called “Izzy’s Fashion Shop”. Using “Fashion Gems”, you can take a chance at getting cool and unique CAS items! The CAS items come with a trait boost and an eye-catching visual effect ranging from sparkles, flower crowns, hearts, and more!

What are your top tips for new players?

Give out stickers to other Sims in order to earn Fashion Gems to use in Izzy’s Fashion Shop!

Brandon Gill
Role: Creative Director

Can you tell us about the opportunities available for players who are into designing and homebuilding?

Right out of the gate, players will have several collections for their homes that they can work toward unlocking and placing. Acquiring these collections will improve their Lifestyle title and unlock the ability to expand their home with new rooms and more space on their lot. Additionally, every Career and Hobby has a unique collection of objects for their home to expand and customize. These objects also unlock unique party actions for visiting Sims that share the same Career or Hobby.

What is your favorite moment so far playing The Sims Mobile?

I’ve really been enjoying the fact that other players’ Sims are wandering around my town. Seeing the creativity of other players just makes me smile, and the fact that I can give them a sticker to let them know that I like their style really feels great.

What is your favorite feature on The Sims Mobile?

I personally like the Lifestyle Ladder, where I can see how far along my friends are in customizing their home and Sims. I find myself motivated to catch-up with friends that are further along, and I really like the ability to look at their creations to get inspired in my own game.

What are your top tips for new players?

Daily To-Do list is the best way to level up as a new player and following the Quests will show you all the cool things that you can do in the game. If you ever find yourself wondering what to do next, you can check the Sim Info Panel and your Sim will let you know what they’d like to tackle next.


Download The Sims Mobile* today and use these tips to help shape your Sims’s legacies!

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*Network fees may apply. Includes in-app purchases.

The Latest Console Expansion Pack is Coming Soon

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Hey, Simmers!
We’re excited to announce that The Sims 4TM Get to Work* expansion pack is coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on March 20, 2018. With three brand new active careers, and so much more, there are plenty of ways for you to build your Sims’ careers and earn Simoleons. There’s loads to discover in The Sims 4 Get to Work, so let’s start with five fun features that will have you clocked in on this pack.

An Emergency Room – of Fun!
Your Sims can now spend their days saving lives, treating patients, performing emergency surgery, and being an overall hero. Plus, they can even deliver babies. Dr. Sim, report to the operating room, stat!

CSI: Crime Sim Investigation
Grab your badge and become a detective! Study crime scenes, interrogate Sims, and arrest criminals while you work your way from Cadet all the way up to the Chief of Police.

Down to a Science
Scientist Sims spend their days dreaming up crazy inventions and collecting unique specimens for diabolical creations like the Sim Ray. Like every moral scientific dilemma, your Sims can decide to use their inventions to help – or torment – their fellow Sims. Muahaha!

Set Up Shop
Start something awesome like a bakery, clothing boutique, art gallery, or bookstore. Customize every facet of your business with Build Mode, then select what items to sell, manage your employees, and even upsell customers. Cha-ching!

New Career Venues
Unique career venues and neighborhoods like the Hospital, Police Station, and Science Lab are fully stocked with a variety of objects to help your Sims achieve their professional dreams! The Retail District will be the hub for all the businesses you’ve created, and where Sims will flock to spend their hard-earned Simoleans.

BONUS: Close Encounters of the Sims Kind
We can’t keep this one a secret. Aliens have landed and walk amongst us. With this expansion pack, you’ll find out which Sims are truly out of this world, and discover the mysterious alien dimension!

Get ready to rule the workplace and make your Sims seriously successful! The Sims 4 Get to Work is coming out March 20, 2018 on Xbox and PlayStation 4. Stay in the conversation! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, like us on Facebook, and Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

*Requires The Sims 4 game on applicable platform (sold separately) and all game updates to play.

Play With Life In The Sims Mobile

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It’s here! It’s here! The Sims Mobile is now available to download worldwide, and we can’t wait for you and your friends to shape your Sims’ lifestyles. Since there is so much to explore in the world of your new Sims, here’s a quick overview of some features you can expect, and what makes The Sims Mobile a one-of-a-kind experience.

In The Sims Mobile, you can customize Sims’ appearances, hairstyles, outfits, makeup, and accessories. Then put together an unforgettable wardrobe when you team up with Izzy Fabulous in the Fashion Shop. That’s right, your Sims have their own stylist who can design amazing outfits. Some even have customized effects, like a dazzling flame dress! Plus, you choose personality traits for each Sim, like Active or Musical, and can add even more as your Sims gain life experience.

Designing your Sims a dream home is up to you, and personalizing it with home layouts and designs is easy and fun. Select from a variety of furniture, appliances, decorations, and even themed collections that give your Sims a special home to experience all that life has to offer. Then take them out to discover awesome venues like a fashion studio, restaurant, and nightclub. Explore this new world with your Sims!

From careers and hobbies to relationships and families, you’ll guide the stories of your Sims’ lives. Choose exciting careers like Fashion Designer and Doctor, and hobbies like Cooking and Guitar playing. Have friendly and romantic relationships with other Sims, and take Risky Actions like trying for a kiss or inventing an experimental recipe. Plus, you can start a family and create a path for future generations by passing down powerful Heirlooms.

Hosting and attending parties with other Sims is a great way to socialize and earn rewards. You can show off your amazing house, develop starry-eyed relationships, and even decide to move in with other people’s Sims. Meet at parties or around town and use Stickers to let them know if they’re Cute, Hot, or Fabulous! If you want, join special daily events like Speed Dating in the Park or the Market Square Music Festival.

There are endless ways to connect when you play with life in The Sims Mobile! Ready to start playing? Download now at the App Store or Google Play. Be sure to follow The Sims Mobile on Twitter. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow The Sims on Instagram, and Twitch, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.