Play The Sims 4 and The Sims Mobile For Awesome Rewards

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Hey, Simmers! Did you know you can now get a family portrait of your household in the Sims™ 4* by downloading The Sims Mobile? That’s right. We love The Sims Mobile so much, we thought you might like a piece of it in The Sims 4. Plus, you can also get cool stuff in The Sims Mobile — the Unbearably Cute costume and hat, Opulent Armor Statue, and Bob Pancake’s Robe.

Here’s how it works:

  • Open The Sims 4 game menu and click on the “Family Portrait” icon
  • Enter your mobile number for the special link
  • When received via text message, use the link to download The Sims Mobile
  • Once downloaded, play The Sims Mobile to get the rewards listed above
  • Back in The Sims 4, you’ll find the family portrait in Build Mode to use in the household of your choice

If you already play The Sims Mobile, open the game from the link to claim your rewards.

With so many original The Sims 4 families, this means you could get a portrait of cat lady Kathy and her 26 feline friends. Or, what about creative chef Ashley and her five fun roomies? Or, will it be mad scientist Mel alone is his dark lair?

We’re just spit-balling here, people. Your Sims’ portrait is personal to your game and it’s a great way to show off a happy (or dramatic!) household. The possibilities are truly endless. Thanks for playing The Sims 4 and we hope you have a blast in The Sims Mobile!


*Offer not available in China, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong [SAR China], Japan, Korea [Democratic People’s Republic of], Korea [Republic of], Kuwait, Macao, Oman, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Province of China, and United Arab Emirates.


Express Your Style with The Sims Mobile and ASOS

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The Sims Mobile and ASOS want your Sims to rock all the latest fashion trends, so we’ve teamed up to bring you The Sims Mobile x ASOS Fashion Show! Through a series of events and other fun activities, you and your Sims will be showing off the ASOS spring collection. On. The. Runway. We’re talking animal prints, checkered pants, trench coats – everything a street style star dreams of – right in your Sims’ world! You’ll also experience a brand-new career option, featuring a certain flashy piece of equipment. Can you guess what it is?

Starting today, your Sims can walk the runway, unlock ASOS clothes, and much more. Here’s how you can express your style:

  • Complete a series of events that get your Sims ready for the Fashion Show
  • Earn tokens to spend on ASOS looks
  • Build your Sims’ camera skills by unlocking the Photography career
  • Score a discount code for*

With all your fresh outfits, how many “cool” stickers will your Sims get? This awesome event won’t last forever, fashionistas, so get your fix before it ends on May 2.

Also, don’t forget to share your looks using #ASOSxTHESIMSMOBILE. We can’t wait to see your style!

Ready to update your closet? Download The Sims Mobile here. And be sure to follow The Sims Mobile on Twitter. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow The Sims on Instagram, and Twitch, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

*See for details. Full price only, expires May 4.

Let’s Celebrate Haiku Day

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Ah, poetry. An artistic form of expression packed with all the feels. And, since playing The Sims can result in some rather ahem dramatic moments in their daily lives, why not celebrate our favorite game on International Haiku Day?

The haiku dates back to seventeenth-century Japan and has been popularized in many parts of the world. To commemorate the famed 5-7-5 formula, we came up with some silly syllables that pay homage to the many moments of The Sims. Sims have been called delightful, quirky, even playful. But poetic? Oh yes, Simmer. Allow us to demonstrate.

Need Simoleons
Control shift C motherlode
Hot tub, you are mine

Sim is exhausted
No time for a full night’s sleep
Passes out on floor

How to kill a Sim
Add walls all around the pool
The Reaper cometh

Want a nice soulmate
One coin in the Wishing Well
Ghost boyfriend is cute

Need supplies at cantina
Bought twelve machetes

Her name is Bella
I want to be her best friend
Awkward encounter

Wow, we’re feeling really cultured after that. Hope you are, too! Have a haiku of your own? Help us wax poetic when you follow us on TwitterInstagram, and Twitch, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Little-Known Tips for The Sims 4 On Console

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Hello, Simmers! There are so many fun tricks to make your game easier to navigate, but I couldn’t fit them all into one blog post. So, without further ado, here are seven little-known tips for The SimsTM 4 on console.

1. Resizing the Screen
No matter where your monitor is located – be it the living room, patio, or in the library with a candlestick – when set up correctly, the UI elements of The Sims 4 should sit nicely along the edges of your TV/monitor screen. If the UI appears to be hovering just inside the corners of your screen, try adjusting your screen size using the following methods.

Xbox One
Setting up the viewable area on your TV with The Sims 4 can be done through a guided process the first time you launch. Simply move the blue border to align with the edges of your TV/monitor using the left stick, then hit A to confirm. The setting is then added to your Save Game so you don’t have to adjust every time you play. If you want to adjust the screen size later, you can bring it up by pressing the Menu button on the controller, then selecting Game Options > Other > Adjust Margins.

PlayStation 4 
The Sims 4 uses the console’s system settings to display the game according to your screen. To adjust, go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Display Area Settings from the PS4 Home Screen.
From here, use D-Pad Up and Down to Enlarge and Shrink the Display Area. You should ideally have the white corner markers line up with the corners of your TV/monitor for the optimal layout.

2. Seeing Your Controls

There are a lot of controls to remember in The Sims 4, and it can be overwhelming. If you’re ever in a jam, press down on the Left Stick [(L (Xbox One) / L3 PS4)] and you’ll see contextual controls based on what screen or mode you are currently within. So, if you’re in Build Mode, you’ll see all of the controls you can use to help build your ultimate creation. If you’re in Live Mode, you’ll see which controls will let you and your Sims live the best lives together. If in doubt, the reminder on how to bring up the Control Schemes is shown in the top right corner of every screen.

3. Switching Control Schemes
The same old thing can be tedious. If you want to switch up how you control the game, try toggling between the fast HUD controls and the Virtual Cursor. You can switch between the two control schemes as much as you like. Simply press the [View Button (Xbox One)/Track Pad (PS4)]. Some parts of the game will still be in HUD control to make them easier to navigate.

4. Free Rotating in Build Mode
You know how in Build Mode you can usually rotate objects you have in-hand at 45-degree increments? Well, sometimes you want to have a finer touch – which is where Free Rotate comes in to play! Press and hold [LB/RB (Xbox One)/L1/R1 (PS4)] while holding an object and then rotate your objects using the Right Stick. You can now rotate objects to fit in with your design and preferences. Sweet!

5. Resizing Objects
To resize any object, press [LT+RT (Xbox One)/L2+R2 (PS4)] and the D-Pad at the same time. One press on the Right makes it large, and one press of the Left makes it small, but pressing up or down doesn’t do anything at all. You want the world’s largest gnome in your garden? Go for it!

6. Using Cheats
Cheats are a Simmer’s best friend! Sometimes you don’t want to be constrained by the rules, and that’s where testingcheats on comes into play. While in game, simply press all four shoulder buttons at the same time and type in testingcheats on. This will enable The Sims 4 cheats, which will allow you to get more Simoleons with the cheat called motherlode, among many others. Have fun collecting and testing the various cheats! One thing to note is if you enable cheats on your current Save Game, [Achievements (Xbox One) /Trophies (PS4)] will be disabled for that game. If you start a new Save Game, cheats will not be enabled, but Achievements/Trophies will. So, you can use cheats to your heart’s content on one Save Game while using another Save Game for your Achievement/Trophy hunting.

7. Viewing New Content

Whenever you get fresh content, either from purchasing a Pack or from one of the game updates, you can see what’s new when you boot up your game. It will be highlighted gold until you view it. That means you can find all of your new things in CAS or Build Mode by following the golden trail to the content.

Thanks for reading folks, and happy Simming!