2017 Patch Notes

Update: 14/12/2017 – v1.03 [CONSOLE]

Howdy Simmers. Nice spread you got here for the holidays. To add to your eggnog and cheer, I have some delightful updates for you. A smattering of stocking stuffers, if you will. Snowy the Sandman, Surfin’ Santa, and Flip-Flop Wall Lights to brighten your décor. It’s just like Christmas but in the Summer. Come to think of it, it’s just like normal in Australia!

What’s in the stocking:

  • ‘Soft, what light through yonder window…’ we improved the ambient lighting system, meaning the sun can shine through windows now.
  • Not all Save files are created equal, or even at the same time.
  • Sometimes you just want to pick up where you left off by hitting PLAY. Wait… what save was I playing last time? Looks like I can just hit PLAY and see.
  • Woo! you can search for sinks again without un-placing your toilet.
  • Master Volume settings are respected between game sessions. No more unexpectedly waking the rest of the house up with the sounds of…well… you know… anything.
  • More reliable Tracer movement and improvements to the Virtual Cursor. I’ve got nothing to say about this; it is what it is.
  • Am I the only one that makes laser noises when zooming around the screen? Well, now in-game noises will match better and drown you out.
  • Improvements to hover tips being displayed at the correct times. We’re working on it kids. There’s a lot of hover tips.
  • After you rotate an object in your house, why not copy the room and walls and expand to have more room to move around?
  • Placing live wall art can be tricky, especially if you aren’t told where it can’t go. Now we’ll guide you in where it looks best. Everyone’s a critic, even the walls. They’re a bit easier to understand now, though. Of course, you could enable the bb.moveobjects cheat and put it where you feel it looks best.
  • The Personality Panel tutorial won’t interrupt you anymore when you’re creating a Sim through Manage Worlds
  • Like to move it, move it? Now you can. If you want to Move House after using Move Lot, you can. Just remember to always back it up, back it up.
  • Removing the last item from a category in My Library won’t result in partial loss of functionality. This is why I never made it as a surgeon: Is this heart-shaped bit important? Oh. Oh, OK, let’s put that back then…”
  • Adjusting the placement of your mailbox won’t prevent you from placing other objects.
  • Using the Eyedropper tool no longer disables controller buttons.
  • Rotating rooms will no longer cycle the Build Mode catalog at the same time. I like multitasking as much as anyone, but we have to draw the line somewhere.
  • Flooring controls will continue to work after placing a floor pattern from a Styled Room. Even though that pattern really tied the room together, now you can use other patterns in other rooms.
  • Backing out of holding an object from a Styled Room will no longer cause loss of functionality. If you drop something, you’ll be able to keep using your fingers now.
  • While we don’t always agree with everyone’s design choices, we shouldn’t be the only judge of taste, so go ahead and select the Design Tool after managing a Styled Room. (We might still judge, but quietly. You know we’re watching you, right?)
  • Exiting the Bride or Groom picker will no longer cause an unhappy ending. No, that WASN’T a sign from the universe that I was making the wrong choice.
  • If you return to the Main Menu from the Objects by Function section, then that is your choice and we accept that. Shopping can be a daunting task, but now you can move if you just decide you have had enough of it.
  • Not a speck of coal here.



Update: 12/12/17 – PC / Mac

Sul Sul, Simmers!

It’s year’s end, another one come and gone. The Cats and Dogs have been let loose to frolic, the kids are busy toddling hither and yon, and the parents lay like vampires waiting for that long winter’s nap.
What better time for silly reindeer games…

Like telling horrible jokes…

  1. What did the vampire toddler say when she was hungry?
  2. Why did the toddler drink coffee?
  3. Why did the toddler lick the toilet?
  4. Why did the toddler overfeed his puppy?
  5. Why did the toddler lick his puppy?
  6. Why did the Sim quit her bowling league?
  7. What do you call an emotional PlantSim?

Or just finding out…
What’s New!

  • Seven new animal hats have crawled their way into Create A Sim.
    • Take one home today, and let it nest upon your head, all warm and snuggly.
  • Three new holiday objects with a sunny disposition.
    • Snowy the Sandman decorative
    • Surfin’ Santa floor light
    • The Flip-Flop wall lights
  • Two new tattoos for male and female hands (one left and one right), that are in the style typically associated with henna.

General Issues

  • We fixed an issue with the licensed content royalty notifications Sims receive, that could cause the text of the notification to become corrupted.
  • Gallery hashtags are once again functioning for new uploads to the Gallery.
  • Sims in the painter career will no longer be able to sell the paintings directly from the walls of the museum.
  • Sims with the Lovelorn tense buff will now notice that performing romantic socials (as the buff directs you to do) will in fact decrease the duration of the tense buff.
  • Custom content makeup for toddlers and children should once again function as expected.
  • Locking your doors, then leaving the lot, and then returning, should no longer cause the door lock to fail.
    • Once again you will be able to really keep your little brother out, and stay out!
    • As I always say “Hey little bro, read the sign. It clearly says Depwa Spanewash Depla Blah.”
      • And that’s usually the end of that argument.
  • Sims that show-up for Dance related events (such as Dance Party, Party at the Bluffs, or similar) will now show-up wearing the outfit they have in their Party category, rather than some other randomly assigned attire.

Get to Work
We addressed some issues with the Detective Career:

  • Suspects that were locked in a cell, will still be locked in the cell when you return the next day, and not standing outside.
  • Interacting with criminals or suspects held in their cells should no longer fail to complete.
  • Detectives should now be able to remove Sims locked in their cells to interrogate them.
  • You should no longer be unable to complete the Take Mugshots at the Booking Station, Search Criminals at the Booking Station, or Get Criminals Fingerprints at the Booking Station daily career goals, due to the suspects untimely disappearance from… the Booking Station.
  • And we addressed an issue that could prevent a criminal from properly appearing that matched the clues for the crime in question.

City Living

  • Sims downloaded from the Gallery who had their Insider Trait changed in Create a Sim, will no longer get the Insider Trait sad buff, Miss Hanging Out, from not hanging out…
    • …as they are no longer an Insider that would get sad from such things.
      • Do you think a Sim from the Gallery, who was modified after download, remembers who they were? Do you think they retain some of their former self?
        • Maybe… deep down underneath, and really what’s happening is some sort of dystopian Sim nightmare?

Cats & Dogs

  • The pet vending machine household funds information will now accurately reflect the amount of funds you have, and not some seemingly arbitrary “other” amount.
  • Dogs should no longer stretch into horrible monstrosities (that only a demogorgon from the other side of Hawkins could love), when attempting to grab a toy from the toy box.
  • Kittens will no longer get stuck in Cat Condos.
  • Smart Dogs will no longer whimper at an unlocked door when nature calls.
  • Locking your door will no longer prevent adoption.
    • Baby-gram!
      • Um, no. *click*
    • NO! A locked door?! Oh man… I… I guess I’ll have to take this one home too. The wife is not going to be happy about this.
  • Getting a preventative shot for your pet will no longer put them in a state of perpetual fear.
    • So, so… the shot worked, right? I mean I got the shot, it stung, I felt it. The stuff is there, I’m not gonna get sick, yea? Or… wait a minute, did you just want to stick me with that? That’s it, isn’t it! And… are you going to do this to me again? Has our whole life just all been a ruse? Some sort of needle plum alien experimentation study… that’s it, isn’t it? You’re an alien! Aargh, how do I get out of here?!


  • Vampires should no longer lose various powers after traveling.
    • I’m sorry sir, but travel regulations clearly state pursuant to section alpha-niner, as clarified in Necktie vs Klaatu Barada, that all Bat Form powers must be surrendered prior to any travel within the greater metropolitan area, you understand I’m sure.

Movie Hangout Stuff

  • You can now add the club rule Eat Popcorn to your club!

Backyard Stuff

  • Milly’s Dining table will now properly show all color variants when selected.

Toddler Stuff

  • Fixed an issue with the Vita Sail Shades decorative object that was resulting in part of the object appearing blocky in some color variants.

Thank you for everything, and Happy Holidays!

Oh and yes, you did catch a niner in there, and here are the answers to those jokes above…

  1. Plas-mama
  2. He needed a pick me up.
  3. He had a potty mouth.
  4. He wanted a stuffed animal.
  5. He thought it was a sippy pup.
  6. Split happens.
  7. A photosympathizer.


Update: 21/11/2017 – v1.02 [CONSOLE]

Saves are better now.


Update: 15/11/2017 PC / Mac

I like to count things, sometimes things you don’t even know I’m counting. 99, 100, 101, 102… Did you see 102? Well, if you did rest assured, we saw it too. We cleaned up that little mess with 102, and your saves are now peachy keen.

Dead Sims hiding in the Netherworld have also been a little troublesome lately. A dead Sim that hasn’t re-surfaced will no longer be counted toward the Sim Count in Manage Households. Phew! Thank goodness because that was a lot to count!

– SimGuruCleaningLady


Update: 09/11/2017 – PC / Mac

Your relationships are important to us; going forward, home remodels will no longer cause family wide relationship amnesia. If you already lost a Sim friend, we grieve with you.


Update: 07/11/2017 – PC / Mac

Hello Simmers!

You better sit down for this one. Sit! Stay. Good.

There’s a bit here, a bit new, a bit old, a bit no longer busted. And it might take a bit of time to bite through it. So, let’s roll over, try not to get dogged down, and dig on in.

What’s New?

  • Four new roofs are available in Build Mode: Pentagonal, Hexagonal, Octagonal, and Round Roofs!
    • All four can be found in the Roofs category.
  • Advanced Curvature Mode!
    • When you have a roof selected, hit SHIFT+C to expand your roof curvature edit options.
  • Gabled and Hipped roofs have additional manipulation points so their eaves can be adjusted on all 4 sides.
  • Photography has been made available to all players.
    • The Barely Better Digital Camera, Appreciably Average Digital Camera, and Crystal Clear Digital Camera objects are now available in Build Mode.
    • The Cell Phone interactions: Take Selfie, Take Photo With, Take Photo Of, and Take Photo, are available under from the cell phone entertainment menu.
    • Photography Skill can be learned by your Sims up to a skill level of 5.
    • Photos taken with the camera can have frames added to them.
      • Place the photo in the world, click on it, and select Add Frame.
  • A new Maximum Sim Count option can be found in Gameplay Options.
    • The “My Households” panel in the Manage Household screen allows easier management of which households are considered important. Households placed in this panel are protected from being… deleted.
    • The “Maximum Sim Count” option specifies the number of protected Sims allowed. If the limit is reached, existing households need to be unprotected before new ones can be added.
    • The limit can be changed and does include an “Unlimited” option, although this setting is not recommended as it may cause performance issues or other undesirable behavior.
  • Shrink Objects, you can now shrink objects in your game using the Size Down cheat!
    • Similar to the Size Up cheat, which uses the Close Bracket, the Size Down cheat uses the Open Bracket.
    • This only changes the visual appearance of the object, and not the behavior.
    • Using it alongside MOO can allow you to create some great decorative configurations – like shelves full of MySim collectibles, or a Gulliver land to explore!
      • Be wary however, not all objects shrink or enlarge as expected. It is a cheat after all.
  • Grim’s Ghoulish Guitar is now optionally available at the Main Menu, click on the button, and follow the instructions for how you can download the guitar.

Alright, stop playing dead. Time to heel in. Get through the final stretch, and really let our tongues wag.

General Issues

  • Now when hovering over the rotate options for blocks and walls in Build Mode, objects that will be impacted by the rotate will highlight yellow.
  • Teen Sims will now autonomously place their homework back into their inventory when finished.
    • Archetypal “Rebel” teens decry the modification, claiming cruelty to animals, “What’s my dog gonna eat now?!”
  • Homework that does end up in public spaces will be cleaned up after the active Sims have left the lot.
    • Canine Lot Service Dogs have responded with their own claims of animal cruelty, offering their criticism of the modifications, “Arooo, arf rrrr-ruff, aroo’grr.”
      • At time of publication, we are still waiting to hear back from the teens, but we can only expect things will not go well.
  • Children will no longer float while drinking the essence from a Cow Plant… because they are not allowed to do so.
    • If there is a top ten list of rules for Sims to live by, I’m going to add “allow my child to drink the essence of the dead” as one of those “don’t do that” items.
  • The Write Cookbook interaction will now always be available when reaching level 8 or higher in the Culinary Career.
  • Sims will once again receive a playful buff while taking a bubble bath.
  • The game clock should no longer skip forward and back when changing from 3x or ultra speeds back to speed 1.
    • The game clock will also no longer flutter, skitter, or scamper, dance, prance, carom, cavort, canter, or run… no, it will run.
  • Playing your old saves should no longer result in a mad rush for the restrooms.
    • “Where have you been, I’ve been stuck here for WHO KNOWS how long! Ok, you know what, just forget it… get out my way-it a minute, why are you deleting the toi… no no no no no, d’d’don’t do that… I’m sorry. Really, it was my fault, I should have gone before you left.”
  • Build Mode music should no longer indefinitely loop as a result of loading directly to Build Mode from the map screen.
  • Sims should no longer weed chess tables near their garden, when attempting to weed their garden.
  • Feminine framed male Sims with facial hair should no longer see chin distortions.
  • The cowplant is now safer! And by safer we mean, Grim will no longer fail to resurrect those eaten by the cowplant that were successfully pleaded, or flower bribed.
  • Deleting a household via the Manage Household dialog will no longer remove the option for a new family to move in to the lot and keep the old families furnishings.
    • I love that rug.
    • The entire family was last seen standing right there, on that rug, and then just *poof* they were gone, like they never even existed. It was really spoo…
    • Yea, but the rug.
  • The Angled Roof Trim now includes a red trim color, similar to the other roof trims.
  • Sims path will no longer be blocked by the Gathering of Garden Stones.
    • Looming high above the atoms upon which they stand, no longer shall the intrepid explorer of backyard rock gardens, stand frozen in fear, incapable of scaling the towering monument to Sim over nature!
  • The inspired child will no longer see all available interactions as Draw, but instead will see the appropriately titled actions of Draw Shapes, Draw Vehicle, and so on, and so forth.
  • ‘Sploit fix! Child and toddler Sims will no longer speed gain relationship with others in their toy playing relationship grind circles.
    • Yea, cheaters never win.
      • Btw, the modifyrelationship cheat still allows you to modify the relationships of Sims… cheater.
  • Childish Sims are once again able to Play in Puddles.
  • Angry Sims with appropriate mischief skill levels, and Evil or Mean child Sims can once again stomp on puddles.
  • Angry writers will no longer only have the option to Write Furiously when choosing to Write Genre Book.
  • Safety Seal Holiday Fireplace, Fiery Façade Fireplace, and Firewalkers Training Ground fireplaces now all provide environment scores.
  • Attempting to complete the Smash Dollhouse whim by smashing a dollhouse will now award satisfaction points upon said smashing.
  • Sims should now sit when attending a wedding…
    • Or rather, the majority of Sims should now sit when attending a wedding. We can’t hold up the proceedings if you create some ominous maze of doom in order to arrive…
    • or if you bring your starving friends past a grand buffet…
    • or if the bladder is just not going to wait…
    • But barring some great catastrophe, Sims should si… unless you just don’t like the groom.
  • When learning that another Sim is a Regional Manager, you shall no longer learn they are a Business at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe Incorporated, but instead, you will learn that they are a Regional Manager.
    • We however, didn’t fix the missing Oxford comma.
      • I was always told an admission of grammar omission a day, keeps the grammar police at bay.
  • Children born to a parent with the Beloved aspiration reward trait are now born with a parent-child relationship to that parent, rather than relationship unknown.
  • Planter boxes now have a burned state.
  • We fixed an issue where yfBottom_SP08Jeggings and ymBottom_SP08Jeggings were showing through the fyTop_BlouseCollarUp, yfTop_Ep02Blazer, fyTop_JacketTweedClassic, and ymTop_GP03Vest incorrectly.
  • The Load option from the Main Menu will no longer go missing after creating a household in a new save, and exiting the game before placing them on a lot.
  • The Ornate Victorian Roof Line will now properly place on Flat Round rooms.
  • The pizza delivery Sim will now leave after an appropriate amount of time after the delivered takes the delivery from the deliverer.
  • Toddlers can once again nap on chairs.
  • Lazy Sims can once again Nap Lazily upon Living Chairs.
    • Sensing a pattern here…
  • We fixed an issue that sometimes prevented Sims from planting their seeds.
  • The Contains New Items identifier for the Clutter category will now properly clear as expected.
  • Instructing a Sim to eat from their inventory, while they are seated with a glass of water, will no longer cause adult Sims to pop up and down, and child Sims to float.
  • Eat Leftovers and Put In Inventory will now have the correct text in Russian, rather than two versions of Eat Leftovers.
  • Attempting to continue the Microscope upgrade for Improve Lens Quality will no longer require “2 drink.”
    • Obviously lens quality decreases after 2 drink.
  • Moving lots and keeping your furnishings will no longer prevent you from live dragging food into the fridge once it has been replaced on the lot.
  • Sims not on their home lots will no longer disappear to the unknown after merging their household with another.
    • Wonder if this is related to the hole outside of Vlad’s house…
  • We have addressed some issues with the outfit combinations of festival goers, and have lessened the bizarre combinations.
  • Children in the family tree will now remember their parents, even if the parent is deleted. Which means, they will no longer be considered half-siblings to their brothers or sisters if they did indeed share the same two parents.
  • Using undo to change the age of a Sim from a toddler to another age will no longer cause the Swimwear and Athletic outfit types to disappear.
  • Relationship status will now properly reflect its current state without the need of traveling.
    • We’ve literally been talking for 8 hours.
      • Um, I’d remember something like that. See, my panel says we’re just acquaintances.
    • Ok fine, come with me to the park.
      • Whatever… fine, we’re at the park no… WE’RE MARRIED?!
  • Now if you are taking a selfie you will be holding a phone.
  • Sims with the Connections reward trait will now receive the lower level career rewards as expected, when joining a new career and getting a career level boost.
  • Troll teh Forums will no longer take a long time to cancel.
  • Addressed an issue with the walls of the Landgraab lot that were incorrectly set and were preventing the placement of other objects.
  • Socializing with your adopted child will now properly satisfy the Socialize with your child 10 times goal of the Big Happy Family aspiration.
  • Using the Salvage into Parts interaction will now salvage the salvage into parts as expected.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing male Sims from receiving the Widower buff when their spouse dies.
  • Lot traits are now in alphabetical order.
  • Using the Set as Head cheat on an object, routing off lot, and then using the Reset Sim cheat will now properly clean up the duplicated object, rather than leave it in an unreachable location off lot.
    • That couch yours?
      • Yep, wore it on my head.
    • How about the hot tub?
      • Yep, headdress.
    • The end table?
      • Look, they are all mine, OK? The end table, the bookshelf, the treadmill, the DJ Booth, the guitar, all of them, OK?! I wore all of them on my head! Are you happy now?
    • The toilet too?
  • Downloading a lot from the Gallery will no longer cause wall placed items on half walls to sometimes be placed on the floor.
  • Social events such as Birthday, Wedding, Dinner, Costume, House parties, or Dates, can now be hosted on Generic Lots.
    • Of course, informing your fiancé that your wedding will be on “generic lot” may have other issues?
  • The Brazilian Portuguese Sims, Morgana and Silvana, shall no longer be known as Marcio and Siobhan.
  • On page one of the Lot Traits lesson under the Build Mode category, we have added a period at the end of the last sentence
  • When randomizing your female Sims jaw in Create a Sim, randomization will now choose from all Jaws… duunnn dunnn, duuuunnnn duun.
  • The Killer Queen Double Bed now says, as well as gives, 4 Energy, rather than saying 1 and giving 4.
    • Turns out 4 energy is also dynamite with a laser beam.
  • The Square Confection, Campanulate, Photopollution, and Round Confection Ceiling Lights will now all fade appropriately when viewed in Live Mode.
  • We have added some more words to the profanity filter; among the words added are plum, plum, plum, and plum.

Get to Work

  • We have increased the chance of alien abduction, slightly.
  • Planted plants are no longer allowed to be put up for sale.
    • Unplanted plants are still good.
  • Baking skill gain is now boosted when inspired.
  • Placing a mannequin in a room will no longer trigger auto lights to turn on.
    • ‘Fraidy-catequins!
  • We have removed an odd shadow that appeared along the neckline of the Adult Male Mannequin – Abstract mannequin.
  • We addressed some issues that were causing retail employees to stop ringing up customers; employees should more consistently ring up customers now.
  • The Corporate Fridge Raider Revenue Generating Cooler now states that it provides a Food Quality: 6.
  • Out of This World Desktop can now have its focused emotional aura disabled.
  • We fixed an issue that could prevent the cloning machine from properly functioning if it was upgraded prior to initiating an attempt to clone a Sim.
    • Sir, I’m terribly sorry, but you have tampered with the factory settings, the tag on the underside clearly states “A Clone Machine may not function or, through function, allow a Sim to operate said machines function. The Clone Machine must obey its purpose of cloning except where such attempts would conflict with the first law of non-function.”
    • And Sir, clearly the upgrade violated the Clone Machines primary function.
  • THE Front Desk now believes itself to be a desk.
  • We addressed an issue that could prevent Sims from spinning into outfits after purchasing from a retail mannequin.
  • Non played adult Sims will no longer attempt to purchase child clothing, as it was preventing them from completing the checkout process.
    • Ok, so if you didn’t understand that purchase in Sims equates to wearing, you might think “this is a really odd fix”.
  • The science career interaction Tinker will now properly show a focused emotion interaction option when the Sim is focused.

Get Together

  • Radio music played at event lots will no longer continue to play when visiting that lot after the event ceases.

City Living

  • Repair-Sims will now stay up to 10 hours on your lot fixing your busted and broken.
  • The interaction to Scrap Unfinished Mix is now present on DJ Booth mix-tapes.
    • Mix tapes? Tape… tapes. Yea…
      • Do you put the tape in the phone booth before or after you set the clock on your newspaper?
  • Fixing a broken electric box while the power is out will now fix the broken electric box, rather than permanently leave you without power.
  • Solent Sink now properly gives (and states), Hygiene 4 and Reliability 5.
  • The Public Throne now provides Hygiene 3.
    • I’ve been to a public throne, I’ve never experienced this mythical “hygiene 3”.
  • Vendors will no longer leave a stall unattended when joining in on group activities, but will instead close their stall before joining.
  • The In the Know reward trait discount, from the City Native aspiration, is now properly applied to all festival swag including festival t-shirts.
  • A Sims age information in their hover-tip will no longer disappear after interacting with an object socially.
    • Your birthday? I, uh… hold still, I can’t… mouse over… wait a minute, have you been talking to the toilet again?!
  • Cancelling a Practice Singing interaction will now also cancel the audio.
  • Cream color for the yfTop_EP03JacketTie will now properly apply the cream, and not pink, version of the top.
  • We addressed an issue that could cause festivals to overlap one another due to the previous festival not properly cleaning itself up.
    • Welcome to the Romantic Spicy Hijinks-a-Con!
  • Sims’ career outfits are no longer permanently altered when buying a Festival T-Shirt. However, this may still be an issue with the Curry Challenge tee.
  • Yum Cooker will no longer revert to the yellow swatch color when it gets dirty, but remain the color initially chosen by you.
  • Sims with the Instant Upgrade interaction, can now instant upgrade the garbage chute.
    • Yes Ludo, we know, “Smell bad.”
  • Toddlers can now talk to a Sim painting a mural, but are no longer allowed to Kick Off the Sim from the mural.
    • What’s that lil’ Timmy? The puppy fell down the well? Dinner’s ready? You want to play ball? It’s bedtime? Want to roughhouse? You need help up the stairs? Your mother is talking with the repair man?
      • No! Get off mural, my turn!
  • The ceilings of some apartments were inconsistently painted. We’ve gone in and touched them up to appear consistently painted.
    • Of course, you can see the ceiling if you zoom in close with the walls up, and then tilt the camera up!
    • Um… you can… tilt the camera up if you are in Sims 3 camera mode!
    • Yea, so… you can change to Sims 3 camera mode by… opening the options panel and switching to the game camera tab!
    • Ok? Great!
      • It’s the option called The Sims 3 Camera… put a check mark there.
      • Walls up? Oh…
  • Sims living in apartments can now initiate the jog action and expect that their Sim will start jogging.
    • I often initiate the jog interaction, and then immediately allow myself to route fail on the couch.
      • Working as intended.
  • Giving another Sim your apartment key will no longer cause social events without goals to spontaneously occur.
    • You aren’t participating in the event?
      • What event?
    • Um, the event everyone else is focused on.
      • I don’t see..
    • I understand. I’m going to need you to come with me, just some questions.
  • The Location aspiration is now properly sorted in its location within the Live Mode Aspirations location… alphabetically.
  • Played, but inactive households, will no longer moonlight as buskers.
  • Sleeping Sims should no longer sink into the ground when directed to Dream Big on a basketball hoop.
  • Sims will no longer fly away with a spin when choosing to Dream Big from a seated position.
    • You get the feeling that “dream big” was misinterpreted by engineering?
  • Festival T-Shirts can now be found under Tops -> T-Shirts in Create a Sim.
    • You can also find undershirts under tops…
      • And stomachs… stomachs are usually under tops.
        • Also belly buttons.
          • Sometimes arms and shoulders…
            • …though if arms, it’s most likely shoulders too.
  • Sims in City Life careers now receive promotion raises when achieving levels greater than the listed maximum level.
  • Right AND left handed Sims can now hold a sparkler when given one.
    • Equal hands for all.
  • Birds will no longer fly through the Jasmine Suite Apartments.
    • The building is on lockdown… the birds are held at bay, but for how long? Prepare yourself, Judgement is Coming!
      • …this November, rated G by the motion picture association of Sims.
  • Romance festival harvestable flowers are now properly named. Lily flowers are no longer called snapdragons, but now lilies. And dragonfruit are no longer called lilies, but now snapdragons.
  • Mannequin heads should no longer distort when wearing the various hats found in City Living!
  • Paint Mural interaction will now stay in queue until the action completes or the player cancels it, and will no longer remove itself from the queue but continue to play the action, preventing the player from cancelling.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in object ownership issues when moving objects out of the household inventory onto a new lot after moving or merging in with a new family.
    • In this case, the ownership of the object determined whether or not the player was allowed to move the object out of the inventory. The game thought the active household did not own the objects, and thus prevented the player from using them.
  • The microphone will no longer lose all detail when a Sim chooses to use the microphone.

Outdoor Retreat

  • When selecting to play a Sim that is currently on a vacation lot, you will no longer load into their home lot.


  • Babies will no longer become invisible in a mirror when picked up by a vampire.
    • Floating babies are adorable.
  • We closed a hole in the world near the end of a sidewalk outside of Vlad’s home.
    • In other news, farmer Merrel has accused Vlad of pumpkin sabotage.

Movie Hangout

  • Child Sims will no longer stretch when watching TV without any available chairs.

Romantic Garden

  • The Sette from the Park Place bench and Marbleized Chesterfield bench now count as benches when creating a venue that requires a bench.

Ok, that was a lot. Let’s just close this out simply, with a handshake… shake. Good. Here’s a treat, now out you go. Go on, time to pee. I’m off to cat nap.


Update: 17/10/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hey Simmers,

This update brings with it an update to the Holiday Celebration Pack – Diwali!

9 new objects and 7 new Create a Sim assets to help you celebrate Diwali.

You will need to download the Holiday Celebration Pack (if you have not already done so), completely free, in order to access these new assets. Just click on the Holiday Celebration Pack from the Main menu “Your Collection” section, and add it to your game… freely free!

Once in game, you can find them by looking for the Holiday Pack filter in Create a Sim and Build Mode.

New Create a Sim assets in the Holiday Celebration Pack:

  • Full body outfits for adults
  • Full body outfits for children
  • A female child earring accessory
  • Adult, female hair
  • Child, female hair

New objects in the Holiday Celebration Pack:

  • Diya, a clay lamp
  • 3 rangoli inspired rugs, each with several colorful patterns
  • A 3×3 grid of candle lights that you can place on top of other objects, such as the rangoli inspired rugs.
    • Warning: The placement of open flames on top of your favorite rug is NOT recommended in the IRL dream.
  • 4 different wall hanging string “not real but they do glow like they were real” lights, that can be mixed, matched, and overlapped to create interesting displays of festive (not) lights.

And, a couple Issues

  • We addressed an issue that resulted in some GeForce 1080 TI and 1060 users receiving an “Unrecognized Video Card” error message upon launch.
  • Seated Sims directed to wash dishes should no longer prioritize counter sinks over stand-alone sinks regardless of distance or complex route path to sink.
    • If I could somehow describe the video attached with this issue, I could paint a picture of the directorial debut of an up and coming film genius!
    • ZZ, we in the dev studio congratulate you, on your issue-videography skills!

And to everyone else…
We’re feline’ pretty good. Our catitude is pawsitive, and in just a mew short weeks, you too can have in your pawssession, the purrfect companion fur your Sims. I know, we want it in our cat-alog meow, but patience, fleas, all good things in mew time.

Until then, don’t worry about who’s got your tongue, the bag is just fine being empty, and one day we’ll catch curiosity and lock him up for what he’s done!


Update: 12/09/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Aroooo Simmers,

Ok, it’s a little early to jump into the pet puns… sure it’s been ruff, but if we all keep trying to hold on to that feline, I’m sure we can mutt’le through. Just a little bite longer, before you too can fetch your very own pets. O – kay? Nine… eight… ah, a countdown just breeds melan-collie… So instead, let’s all raise a hound of appawse, and heel in for a few issues we retrieved, and try to think pawsitively until pets is pup and running!


New Create a Sim assets:

  • For adults – a hair, necklace, jacket, and pants, full body outfit, and top.
  • For children – a top, and bottom

New objects:

  • Some architectural pieces – fence, chimney, 2 windows, and an awning.
  • And some objects – a mirror, bed, chair, living chair, sofa, potted plant, and a duck.
    • Yes… a duck, it’s wooden.

We have also made some small Gallery changes. When you are viewing the catalog details page for a catalog item in the Gallery:

  • The comments section will always be visible on the right side.
  • The catalog information will always be visible on the left.
  • And Information about what packs are used by the catalog item will now be found along the top of the information and comments section.



  • We addressed an issue…
    • We addressed an issue? Really… how many times have you used the phrase we addressed an issue? Stop addressing them and fix…
      • Woah, woah… we can’t use that word.
    • You can’t use the word “fix”?
      • Not when pets are just around the corner.
    • *sigh* As I was saying, WE ADDRESSED AN ISSUE that would cause an incorrect save to appear in the load menu, if you cancelled a Save As action or used Save As to overwrite an existing save.
      • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.
    • We’re done here
  • We fixed an issue that was preventing Sims from autonomously using the television if they did not own Movie Hangout Stuff.
    • I have decided not to add anything more to this issue in order to make the reading of these notes quick and easy, without padding any extra space by just randomly talking about nothing in parti…
    • Oh shh…

Toddler Stuff

  • We have improved the visuals around the ball pit.
    • The ball pit itself looks exactly like it did, we just made the area around the ball pit look better?
      • No!
    • We made the area around the ball pit look worse?
      • No, we improved the visuals of the ball pit.
    • Why did you say around?
      • It’s a common phrase… like killing time.
    • How could you?!
      • Toddlers will now be able to autonomously cancel their use of the ball pit if they chose to play within it autonomously.

    Get to Work

    • The Be Prepared Security Gate can now be placed on tall, small, and in all between fence sizes.

    City Living

    • The Tree in a Box now has category tags properly associated with it.
    • Sims with the isWeirdo and isCityRepair hidden traits will now properly age if they have been added to your family…
      • …via marriage, adoption, squatting, cheating, osmosis, merging, incorporation, bonding, bunching together, teaming up, tagging in, or any other means of joining, going in league with, wedding, binding, banding, plugging in, hooking up, fusing, coupling, associating, blending, joining the same bracket, or just tacking things together.

    Thanks again for your time and mastiff amounts of feedback,
    -SimGuru “the pet puns are only going to get worse” Gnome
    Posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who was put in a corner in the ballpit for all the terrible puns.

UPDATE: 22/08/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hey Simmers,

The end of summer is here and… you know, whenever I talk to my mom she wants to talk about the weather. It’s kind of our starting point to get the conversation motor running, after the weather we start talking about more meaningful things… our brains are in conversation mode, and we are ready to go… so, with that…

…on to the issues.

General Issues

  • Unlocking the Beloved Trait for the second time should no longer cause the first unlocked Beloved Trait to fail to function.
    • Highlander-esque code has been cut off from the top… there can be only… more than one really.
  • Sad Sims once again look sad and not worried when they express their sadness.
    • “E’en the most gifted bard’s rhyme can only sing but to the lack of her and all she isn’t. His tongue doth trip-“ -Gustave
  • You will now get a notification warning you that your baby will be taken away if you neglect them.
    • You horrible horrible person…
    • …not that we’re judging. Perhaps it was just a busy day…
    • …and you had the sound off.
    • … and you wanted to finish a painting.
    • We at Maxis will never judge…
    • ….you horrible person.
  • Clothing color swatches that are already highlighted in the panel will now apply to the Sim in Create a Sim when clicked on.
  • The quick meals previously added for toddlers are now also available for all ages.
    • Because who doesn’t like a bowl of applesauce.
    • If it were really a sauce, why do we eat it by itself?
    • I’m looking at you salsa drinkers.
  • Nannies, butlers, and maids should no longer stand idle for long periods of time after cleaning a toy box.
  • We addressed an issue with the Make Happy cheat. It will once again fulfill the motives of the target Sim, and not the active Sim.
  • Children, when told to play with a toy, will no longer grab a toy, pull it out, play with it for less than a brief moment, and then place it in their inventory. They will now play with the toy for a reasonable period of time.
    • Tell a child to play with their toys? You there, small child, stop scrubbing the floors and go play with your toys. I swear, kids these days, it’s all work work work… why back in my day, we used to play with a ball uphill, both ways, bare foot in the grassy fields, with the sun shining brightly on our faces, as a gentle breeze kept our brow cool.
  • Auto light settings will now properly save even if bills are currently delinquent.
  • Lights should no longer revert to their default intensity after setting the lights to auto-lights.
  • Children will no longer be able to purchase the beguiling reward trait.
  • Listen Deeply is now available on the stereo for music lovers whether they have Get to Work installed or not.
  • Addressed an issue that would result in some glasses clipping with the Sims faces, in particular yuAcc_GlassesXLoPStar, yuAcc_GlassesSP05RoundLarge, and yfAcc_GlassesMod.

City Living

  • Singing at a Karaoke Machine for an hour, will now complete the Sing at the Karaoke Bar city event goal.
    • An hour of singing Karaoke? Ok, I’m not sure what is worse… the notification that I neglected my baby, or singing Karaoke for an hour.
  • Masculine Sims in the Politics Career will now always wear shoes when going to work.
    • I KNEW IT, those podiums are so obfuscating!
  • Sims should no longer get the Spicy Burn buff when they have the Spice Hound reward trait.
  • Users will now receive the proper amount of Simoleons when setting markup to 200% while selling at a yard sale.

Get Together

  • Sims in a club with the club rule “Watch Movies” will now watch movies.
    • Welcome to Movie Club, we’re just about ready to watch…
    • Yea, don’t care.
    • Ok, so we get together, watch movies, and then talk…
    • Yep, great, where’s the food?
    • Right, so ok, um, there’s food in the kitchen, help yourself, and if you could clean up…
    • Nah.
  • The club perk to give a bonus to your Singing Skill is back.

Get to Work

  • The “Known Alien” relationship will no longer appear twice in the relationship panel.
  • The Retail Hours timer will now correctly state how long the store has been open… rather than just always showing zero.
    • Ok, so it’s payday. Let’s see how long you worked this week? Ok… so the store didn’t open this week, so nothing.
    • But I worked all week.
    • Yea, I’m seeing a zero here. So, we’ll see you next week then? Same time. Good.
      • To midnight most days…
        • … I missed my own birthday…
          • … my grandma died of laughter while I was at work…
            • … they took away my baby.


  • A light brown color swatch has been added to yf/ymHair_GP05MedStraight.


  • You can now use the Bring Here interaction on household vampires when they are not currently on the active lot.
    • …because the interaction is now present.
  • Vampires can now complete the Get into a Fight whim with the vampire fight interactions.
  • Fights with vampires now count towards the Get Into 5 Fights goal of the Public Enemy aspiration.
  • Vampires will no longer pretend to be asleep after midnight when you attempt to call them, they will now answer your call.
    • Every time… right when I sneak in for dinner.
  • Vampire Sims can now be selected as guests and as the birthday Sim during Birthday parties set during the daytime.
    • Note: Daytime invite of vampires may result in minor to severe sun burning, and possibly even death.
    • Note: Nighttime invite of vampires may result in minor to severe undeath.
  • Vlad is now able to turn Sims he has a friendly relationship with into a vampire when offering the gift of eternal life.
    • But, I thought we were buds?
  • Choosing The Winged Imp Gargoyle’s black swatch will now select the color black.
  • Fixed an issue that could leave two vampire Sims at speed 3 after woohoo.

Dine Out

  • We fixed an issue that could result in Sims wearing random clothing rather than a towel, when changing into a towel at the gym.

Fitness Stuff

  • Updated the plum necklace to appear when worn with yfTop_SP11HoodieCropBand and yfTop_SP11TankCroppedWrap.

Bowling Night

  • Sims should now choose to bowl at underground bowling lanes… If you were to build an underground bowling alley.
    • Where were you last night?
      • I was at… the… club.
    • You were at the underground bowling alley… weren’t you!?
      • No… it was the… dance club.
    • Why are you wearing a blue and pink polyester shirt that says Bubbas Bowling League?
      • It was polyester shirt night?

Vintage Glamour

  • Butlers will remember who they are working for, even if you load a different household to play.
    • Jeeves?
      • No madam, my name is Binks madam.
    • But he was taking care of the baby!
      • I’m sorry madam, but there is this notification.
  • Butlers should no longer appear in your list to hire a butler if that butler was formerly fired.

Cool Kitchen

  • Sims fingers should no longer deform oddly when wearing ymTop_SP03DenimShirt.

Thank you to our players, our community, finders of issues, organizers of chaos, creators, builders, and storytellers everywhere. Most sincerely,


UPDATE: 18/07/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hey Simmers,

We spent some time working on some of the hot community issues out there. Each of these issues below were requested by folks in our community (except for one).

Hopefully we touched upon something for you, or even better, you haven’t run into any of these. But if you have, or you’re just curious, then these issues are for you.

General Issues

  • Sims will no longer restart writing a book from the beginning, after you have saved and loaded the lot.
    • Oh… if only. I’ve been on the same 3 pages of my novel for 15 years now.
  • “Watch Current Channel” and “Watch TV Together” are BACK baby! You can once again choose to sit down with your family, friends, strangers, and watch the current channel or together as a group!
  • We fixed an issue that could cause female Sims to remain wearing a pink bra when taking a shower.
    • Wait… I’m sorry. The issue is that the mosaic censor grid will no longer have hints of mosaic pink in it?
      • Yep.
    • Ok. So, just for clarity, the censor grid pink, that was showing in the mosaic, will no longer be present?
      • Yep.
    • I feel so conflicted with this note.
  • Lots downloaded to “My Library” from the Gallery should no longer find that various thumbnails have gone missing.
  • Sims with the Kleptomaniac trait should no longer place items they have stolen into the inventories of the Sim they stole the items from.
    • I feel as though the story of Robin was lost in translation.
  • Sims will no longer autonomously donate money to charity.
    • But they still feel good about doing it.
  • Throwing a Birthday Party will help to fulfil the Throw 3 Parties aspiration goal of the Party Animal Aspiration.

Get To Work

  • “Interrogate Suspect” has been removed from the interrogation table during the tutorial APB event as it didn’t do anything.
  • Your Sim should no longer get the Unable to Propose dialog when attempting to propose to Sims who are not employed by the proposing Sim.
    • Now if they don’t want to marry you, they’ll just tell ya.
      • “Oooh, I would totally marry you, but my job… yea. It’s crunch time, we got a deadline. Oh, and my boss, real hard a-yea don’t get me started. And, I gotta work Saturdays too. Maybe next time.”
  • Medicine can now be set for sale in retail stores.
    • Sims without license selling medicine. This seems fine.
    • Sims who reach level 8 in the Doctor career should now find that pregnant Sims are actually coming to the hospital to complete the Deliver a Baby promotion task.
      • C’mon honey, your pregnant, and it’s time to go to the hospital.
        • Nope
      • Nope? But, you’re… pregnant… and… it’s time.
        • Nope. Rather have my pregnancy off lot.
      • Off what?
        • Off lot, you know off camera, no pain, no animation. No baby… and then *pop* baby. So much nicer than labor.
      • But they fixed the issue.
        • They did WHAT?!
      • If you chose to wear ymHair_EP01ShortSwept and set your head shape to ymCompleteHead_09, and you look deeply into the eyes of your creation… you could see the hair under the skin near the eyes. This is now fixed.
      • The Regulation Station now has a Reliability value displayed in its tooltip, and the winning number is…. SIX!
        • Come on down, it’s time for the Price Is… this by the way was “the one”.

Get Together

  • “Play Darts With…” more than one Sim should now work, and no longer leave the Sims standing around looking awkwardly at one another.
    • You gonna throw?
      • Lost a toe.
    • What?
      • Yep, *schtick* toe gone.
    • So… you wanna play some b-ball?
      • Lost an eye.
    • The dance interaction can once again be performed on a Dance Floor when there is a stereo playing music nearby.

City Living

  • Start Yard Sale and Stop Yard Sale now indicate they are instant actions in the pie menu with the circle in a circle icon.
    • I think the poor guy visiting me was really confused as I instantly started and stopped my yard sale 20 times in a row…
      • He kept looking at me with that “Is this wooden horse for sale or not!?” look in his eye. It’s a very specific look. You don’t run into it much.
        • But when you do…. wooh… you’ll never forget the “is this horse for sale” look.
  • When you learn the 27th of 27 recipes, we will no longer congratulate you for learning the 26th of the 27 recipes, but instead we will congratulate for learning all 27 of the 27 recipes.
    • Congratulations.
  • Vegetarian Sims that received the message that says “WOAH! Your Sim has discovered a delicious alternative to meat products! Who knew that a meal could still have the familiar meat taste without the meat?” will no longer again receive the message each time they travel.
  • Sims with the active trait should no longer attempt “Close Shot” and “Dream Big” interactions on the basketball hoop every waking second of the day. This has been tuned down significantly.
  • In order to meet the needs of our Vegetarian Sims, The Corporate Fridge Raider Revenue Generating Cooler now offers a Faux BLT selection.
    • As the slogan says, “Faux B, if it’s fo-everyone, it’s Faux B.”
  • Sims should now sit when they play the console game if there is an available seat nearby.
    • Obviously… have you ever tried to rocket jump standing up, the balance to weight ratio of the stick to foot differential completely messes with the timing.

Dine Out

  • Top-level restaurant chefs should no longer cook poor quality food.


  • The Draught of Reconfiguration and Vampire Resistance Cocktail drinks will no longer have two drink options in the pie menu.
  • Sims should once again be able to Plan their Wedding Event with a Vampire Sim.
    • Is marriage to a vampire considered a wedding or a funeral? One of you is dead after all.
      • Ok, ok… let’s not get into the dead vs undead debate.
  • Vampires can now date.
    • Technically – as for your determination of their date-ability, well, that’s on you.
      • I wish you a happy twilight, and a merry nosferatu.

Happy Summer Simmers,

[Posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who is enjoying a nice game of ‘Don’t Wake the Llama’]

Update: 15/06/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hey Fitness-Simmers!

Fitness Stuff is just around the corner, and assuming it’s not currently leg day for you, it’s time to Pump *clap* you up!

*begin the motivational music… maybe something that sounds good while running up stairs in Philadelphia*

*queue the motivational slogans…*

  • Let’s get physical!
  • You can’t fall if you don’t climb!
    • Is that motivational?
  • You’re better sore, than sorry!
  • Feel the burn!
    • Climb a little every day, keeps the fire at bay.
  • Fitness is the most underrated of all the -nesses!
  • If you’re running with me, be prepared to walk.
    • #MotivationFail

Yo, Adrian, are you feeling motivated? Also, Bob, that one person that likes to go by just Meg, and everyone else… are you feeling motivated?! Alright!

Um… I only finished the intro class on motivation… I guess you can just hang out on the couch now. Probably grab a snack. Play a game… like The Sims™ or, you know, watch some videos… about The Sims™ or whatever. Oh… we have some issues that were addressed in this release, you could read about those too.

General Issues

  • A Sim can now sit upon the Executron Executive Desk Throne at a desk.
    • Sims sacrificing comfort, desks and chairs working together… mass hysteria!
  • We addressed an issue where Sims were getting a bit too much hot tub in their beverage… Sims will no longer dip their drink into the waters of the hot tub.
  • Male Sims wearing leggings will no longer wear them under underwear, but will now wear them over underwear.

Vintage Glamour Stuff

  • Children will no longer play with makeup autonomously.

Bowling Night Stuff

  • Sims will no longer attempt to bowl at inaccessible bowling lanes.
  • We addressed an issue that could cause the screen to flicker when switching floors while bowling.

Get off the couch, clap your hands, and feel good – you just did half a jumping jack! Until next time,

[posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who got a little overzealous with the workout motivation and pulled a muscle.]

Update: 01/06/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hello Simmers. Just a little tidying up today.

  • If you see some blurry thumbnails in the new Load / Save menu, it’s not you. It’s us. Rest assured that save slots created after this little tidying episode will no longer have the issue. To clear up blurriness for existing saves, you’ll need to do a little magic to bring it back into focus:
    • rub your eyes twice,
    • wiggle your nose,
    • resave your save game, then
    • viola, all crisp and clear again!
  • Despite not having the new pack, your stereo will no longer look like it’s playing loud music – even when it’s off.
  • You can now alter alien disguises again with merry abandon.
  • Really, you didn’t want the entire, long, sordid, intricate history of each of your relationships displayed? Ok. Ok. It’s back to how it was before….Thanks everyone! Enjoy and be good to each other!Cheers,

Update: 25/05/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hello Simmers,

Welcome to the base game release for Parenthood! Which is all about those quiet family moments. Taking time to enjoy when things settle down. When all becomes quiet, and you can just take it all in, reflecting upon life…

..er, wait sorry. That’s like 20-30 years after parenthood begins (results may vary).

I meant to say, this is a hectic time. A time of crazy, noise filled chaos, where the concept of quiet exists for only 3 hours between 2 and 5 am. And where tension is worn like a badge of honor! So wear yours with pride, and let’s start with just a little bit of what’s new in this release…

What’s New?

The Load / Save menu has been updated to be… modern.

  • Save slots now use household thumbnails instead of a text list
    • No more will you have to remember which save your Goopy-Gilscarbo household was in – it’s all visual now!
    • Thumbnails however will be blank until the save is opened, and re-saved post patch release.
  • Save backups can now be restored via this UI by clicking on the Recover Save option from the Load Game dialog.
  • Users can now see where on disk a particular save file exists by hovering over the File icon in the Load Game dialog.
    • You can also click the button to copy the path to your clipboard.
  • You can now rename your save from the Load Game dialog.
  • The auto-save feature has been removed as it was not functioning properly.
    • The feature as originally implemented was confusing and did not function as expected by users.
    • Save now occurs explicitly at the players request either by choosing to save when exiting to the Main Menu, Manage Worlds, or Quitting. Or by choosing Save or Save As from the ESC menu.
  • The Save As dialog has also been modified to show thumbs.
  • The first option in the Save As dialog is to be used to create a brand new save, but you can also choose to overwrite existing saves.

New Lights in Buy Mode.
Three new lights can be found under Ceiling Lamps in the Object by Function, Lighting sort.

  • Round Confection Ceiling Light
  • Square Confection Ceiling Light
  • Campanulate Ceiling Lamp
    • And today I learned that campanulate is a real word…

And then on to what issues did we address…
General Issues

  • Children can now smash a dollhouse that is currently in use by another child…
    • …because frustration is best served shared.
  • Sims will no longer get a whim to get married if they are already married.
    • It’s simple folks, “Happy spouse, happy house.”
  • The Successful Lineage aspiration (within the Family category) will no longer fail to recognize if a child had previously completed the skill and aspiration requirements of the 3rd and 4th step.
    • Getting a child to do “work” once is tough enough, getting them to do it a second time… I’d suggest hitting up the kid exchange for a trade in.
  • Babies will no longer change skin tone when they are picked up.
  • The Georgina Outdoor Lamppost With Double Hanging Planter can now be turned off by the player.
  • Silence phone once again will silence your phone…
    • Um, you still receive the calls, you just won’t hear them.
      • Well, you can hear the call of course, just not the ring, beeping, or musical stylings of Lorde Swift von Iggy-Flay …
        • Of course, I guess you don’t really hear, it’s more of a read…
          • Kind of a one way thing, with a yes no response mechanism.
            • Who invented this type of phone anyway?
  • Along those lines (the texting part)… Children should no longer receive inappropriate text messages from adults.
    • We have fixed various possible ways in which children might receive inappropriate text messages… if you are still seeing this issue, please let us know.
  • The Connections reward trait will no longer prevent your Sim from purchasing career rewards unlocked by career levels earlier than the boosted connections career level.
    • In addition , care was leveled upon the career levels in order to carefully level the rewards in care of the connections.
  • The Cu Cu Cachoo display skull now costs 175 Simoleons.
    • The walrus is not for sale.
  • Performance improvement: Movement level 1 toddlers should no longer contemplate the use of objects on floors they can’t reach.
    • Highly intelligent toddlers may still contemplate their place in the universe.
    • Toddlers with high wisdom may still contemplate their daily movements.
    • High strength toddlers may move in contemplation.
    • Toddlers with unusually high charisma may seek contemplation of others.
    • And highly dexterous toddlers may contemplate how they might also be like Mike.
  • Toddlers will now also visually drink from their sippy cup when seated on the ground.
    • Previously they would only drink it through some sort of liquid teleportation behavior that defies explanation.
  • Fixed a Sim reset issue that could occur when one Sim chose to autonomously tell a story to another Sim.
  • Sims are swimming laps again.
  • Sims with the masculine preference for clothing will no longer randomize into feminine full body swimsuits while in Create a Sim.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause a toddler to inherit the emotional whim of nearby adult Sims after loading into a lot, which could result with the toddler acquiring a flirty emotional whim.
  • Sims facial features should no longer adjust after selecting a different eye color swatch.
    • Blue eyes? Of course sir, let me just push your nose this way a touch. No? Then brown eyes? Yes, wonderful choice sir. Let me just pull your jaw out a bit. No? But sir, no need to raise your voice, you chose brown, not me. If you wanted your jaw to stay chiseled you should have chosen green!
  • Young Adult and Adult lifespans have been increased by 4 days each to accommodate the addition of Toddlers.
  • Industrial Reinforced beams will no longer appear through the ceiling when placed on the floor below.
    • Unless you have a bad contractor… then there’s really only one thing you can do, get yourself a nice MLT.
  • With cheats turned on, you should now be able to modify NPCs in Create a Sim by shift clicking on them and choosing “Modify in CAS”.
    • My town? Hawaiian shirts and bunny slippers!
  • Lights that have had their color and intensity modified, and then set to auto-light, will no longer revert to their default color and intensity setting.
  • You should no longer have to reload your lot or travel in order to get fresh cuttings to properly function from within your inventory.
  • We fixed an issue with how the stats panel appeared…
    • …the stats panel.
      • It’s a button in the upper right of the Simology panel? Shows stats? And stuff…
        • …about your Sim, you, things you may have done…
          • It’s been there since the very beginning.
            • Ok trust me, we fixed a visual something or other there. It’s better now.
  • We have adjusted the hairstyles for our premade Sims (such as the Goths) to not change drastically during outfit changes, where it would not make sense for their hair to change.
  • PlantSims are now able to sleep in tents.
    • This issue was fixed for all in tents and per pose.
  • You should be able to once again share to Twitter from the game.


  • Vampire ears on the base form of a Sim will no longer disappear when the Sim enters live mode.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a Sim from gaining access to others’ homes when they have the Eternally Welcome vampire power.
    • Eternally Welcome, except this time. And… that other time. Oh, and remember after the house warming party? Yea… definitely not eternally welcome.
  • Sims that have been turned into Vampires should no longer have a non-functional age bar.
  • Toddlers born with vampire parents, will now maintain the eye color they were born with (or that the player had modified them to be) even after loading them into Create a Sim.

City Living

  • A Love Guru from the Romance Festival that is married into a household will no longer remain immortal.
    • I’m reminded of the philosopher Socrates, when after an eventful night of revelry, he said “I married what?”

Vintage Glamour Stuff

  • Light from the Fiery Façade fireplace will no longer shine through the back of the fireplace.
  • Butlers will no longer appear on retail lots when they should be at home… butler’izing.

Asset Issues in Create a Sim
Hey folks, so along the lines of our Create a Stuff Pack program, I’m going to take a moment in this section of issues to provide a little insight into what the issue is, and who on the team might address them, so that you can see a little into how to evaluate an issue.

I’ll start by providing information about what the issue was and what was fixed, and then provide some insight into who would address the issue.

These two issues are considered tagging issues.

  • You can now wear necklaces with yfTop_SP08ShirtButtonOpen.
  • You can now apply a bracelet to your right and left wrist when wearing the level 5 business career outfit yfBody_EF01BusinessSuitMed!
    • Issues like these are fixed by the production team. In both of these cases, an asset was set to restrict the placement of another asset.
    • Production modified the tags, and now these assets no longer restrict placement.

These three issues are considered clipping issues. They generally appear to the player as one asset poking through another asset (and in some cases the character model itself).

  • Fixed a clipping issue with GP01BootFoldover and various pants.
  • ymHair_GP04Slashed will no longer poke through yuHat_GP04Toque.
  • ymShoes_AnkleSquareToe will no longer clip with ymBody_EF04ShirtSkull.
    • These issues are fixed by the art team. And are generally addressed by modifying one of the offending asset’s geometry (moving stuff around), or addressing something like weighting (how an asset lays against other assets).

The highlight issue fixed here, turns out is also a clipping asset issue.

  • Fixed a broken highlight issue that would occur when hovering over yfHair_ShortShave and yfHair_BuzzCutNatural while in Create a Sim.
    • It could be engineering, since highlights are handled by code, however in this case, it was a geometry issue with the hair assets that created the highlight issue.

This is a character layering issue.

  • Female Sims with a masculine frame should no longer have two belly buttons when in Create a Sim.
    • Keeping this short, but Sims have layers (like an Ogre). And if the wrong layer is added to the stack, you get issues like this. This issue is an engineering fix that required a different layer to be used in order to properly create the Sim.

This is a geometry vertex issue.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause some eye presets to stretch the geometry of various hair assets improperly.
    • This issue is addressed by an artist, and in this case was caused by a single vert (the angular point of a polygon) that was being incorrectly shared with a part of the face that caused the hair to stretch.

This is a texture issue.

  • We fixed an issue with a visible seam on the torso of female Sims.
    • This issue is addressed by an artist, and required the artist to modify the texture of the base Sim model. The texture being the paint over that makes a Sim look like a Sim, and not a wire mesh. And the base Sim model being the bare Sim without any assets.

Hope that provided just a little insight into some issues, and who fixes them. I know this focused primarily on asset issues, but I just wanted to dip our toes into the waters of development…

…wow, that sounded really cheesy.

Many apologies, and thanks again for your patience and time!

Update: 13/04/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hey PlantSimmers!

Are you feeling green? Ready to let the sun invigorate you? Do you see magic beans in your sleep? Is Jack your favorite name? Ivy? Or Audrey… too?

Or maybe, you just have your own seed to bear… fruit to pluck… rings to count… er… plant related story to tell. Well, now you can, because the PlantSim Challenge has sprouted!

  • Look, plant + sprout is a required pun, I really didn’t have a choice in the matter.

So, How do you get started?
Head on in to the game, and give Jasmine a call. She’ll tell you all about the challenge, and give you your very own Magic PlantSim Stump!

  • Yes, a stump.
    • Yes, the bottom part of a tree after it’s been cut down… typically dead.
      • Yes, it’s not very eco-friendly.
        • But, it’s Magic!
          • Yes, a magic stump…

To continue… the Magic PlantSim Stump will hold the Magic Beans, that you get from talking with the PlantSims that wander around during the day. There will be 6 beans to collect (Uncomfortable, Playful, Confident, Angry, Sad, and Flirty), and will require that you get a PlantSim into the corresponding emotion to acquire.

Once placed into the stump, give it a little water, and watch the…

  • Magic? You’re going to say magic aren’t you?
    • No. … I was going to say… the tree grow. Yep.
      • Tree? Uh huh…
        • Yea, the… Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree.
          • Riiight

Once the Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree appears…

  • What about the Mystical Arcane Unknowable Magic Bean Portal Tree?

… *sigh* it will open up a portal…

  • A magic portal?

… a portal will open once a day, where you can send your Sim, and find the Forbidden Fruit.

  • It is magically delicious fruit?

Ok, fine! Eat the fruit, you’re a PlantSim for five days! You no longer have to worry about bladder, but you need sunlight and water to survive, and you get a bonus to your gardening.

  • Woah, woah… woah. Only five days?

Eat another fruit. Let’s just get to the issues…

General Issues

  • Sims aged up from toddler to adult, will now have an appropriately sounding voice.
    • Toddler.
      • I used to write the word ‘toddler’ and this giant censor would appear out of nowhere. Still getting used to it… toddler?
        • Toddler, toddler, toddler, toddler.
          • Plum yea!
            • Just checking if the censor is still there.
  • We fixed an issue that could occur when re-loading a lot, that would prevent exterior puddles from disappearing. Exterior water puddles will once again disappear over time.
    • Being that the source of most exterior Sim puddles is from…
      • Speaking of which… do you change the clothes of your Sim after a bladder fail? Or do you just let them shake it off?

Outdoor Retreat

  • We addressed a clipping issue that occurs with yfBottom_GP01ShortBucklet when paired with certain shirts.
    • Is clipping an inside baseball term?
      • Is inside baseball an inside baseball term?


  • Vampires will no longer attempt to break into community lots, thus preventing you from leaving… the community lot, going home, visiting a friend, returning to take care of your kids, starting your work day, gym-hopping, taking that camping trip, meeting your date for dinner…
    • Well, essentially travel… you can’t travel.
      • Now you can… visit your friends, or go h… er travel.
  • We also addressed an issue that could lock you out of your own home upon returning to your lot, if it has a vampire skulking about.
    • And yes, skulk is the proper term to use when an individual is hanging out on your home lot hoping to take a bite from your neck.
      • If they were seeking a little TLC, the proper term would be Creep.
      • If they sought to break into a maximum security prison where a world leader had mistakenly taken refuge, the proper term would be Snake.

May your PlantSims flourish,

[Posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who is currently hunting for some Magic Beans.]

Update: 23/03/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version March Simmers!

We have a short update here, as we step onto the approach. We’ve picked our ball from the rack, and we’ll try not to hook into a split.

So, without spending too much time on this frame, let’s address the lane…

General Issues

  • Babies born to parents whose last name includes an apostrophe, will also have an apostrophe in their last name.
  • Hovering over the name field in Create a Sim will once again cause the cursor to change to a ‘Cursor and Pencil’ cursor.
    • Which should clarify the expected action of an “enter name here” field…
      • …where you could use a pencil to enter your name.
        • Please, don’t draw on your monitor.
  • Non-active Sims with violin and guitar skill will no longer silently horde violins and guitars in their inventories.
    • So, we need you to play at this event, do you have your own instrument?
    • No.
    • Ok then, we’ve had a few of our violins go missing recently, so if you could just make sure to return this when your shift is over, that’d be great.
    • No.
    • Ok then, I’ll just put this violin in your pocket. Are you comfortable with the violin?
    • No.
    • Ok, then, why don’t you take this guitar too, just in case. Soooo, I guess that’ll be all.
  • We’ve made improvements to Sim interaction selection.
    • Klepto Sims interaction test to swipe something was being tested for, even when there were no klepto Sims present, increasing the time it took for Sims to decide on actions to take.
  • Sims will no longer woodwork to the exclusion of all else.
  • Teens are now allowed to move out on their own from the Household Management screen.
    • Also, they are allowed to move back in.
      • However, their room was probably converted into a spa, or something…
        • Their parents have taken on a new roommate named Barney…
          • And they make you pay rent.
            • Just stay away, it’s better.
  • The lighting created by the combination of curtains and windows will no longer change upon reload.
  • The ymMakeupEyebrows_Unibrow will now save upon exiting Create a Sim.
  • Taking a cutting from a wild plant will once again identify the plant from which it was taken.
  • We have addressed an issue that could cause adults to take a serving from a group meal and just place it in their inventory. They should now, if hungry, take a serving, and eat it.
  • The Chomper the Devourer toybox will now properly be searched for when using the color filters in Build Mode.
  • Sims are once again sitting to watch TV.
    • Alignment over a clear goal was brought to the table, in a face time generation of a sustainable proactive win-win spin-up of the problem. A holistic outside of the box approach was what ultimately brought our synergy to a proper wellness level, and allowed us to break through the clutter for an end of the day exit strategy to this issue.
  • Sims were incorrectly being allowed to choose a primary aspiration upon age up from teen to young adult, which would result in two bonus traits. This option has been removed.
  • The Starbroker styled look can once again be found for teens when the feminine filter is on.
    • It had accidentally been untagged, which caused it to only appear when no filters were selected.
  • And along the same lines the ymHair_EP01LowBun can also once again be found under the masculine filter… it too had been incorrectly unhooked and left in limbo.
    • Asset Limbo….
      • Ooooooh oooh.
        • Ooooooh oh yea.
          • Asset Limbo.
            • Yep, I’m currently working on the chorus. I’m thinking platinum this time next year.
  • The Let There Be Light and The Let There Be More Light windows now have matching frames under any light.
    • No matter whether it be little, more, little more, or more than a little light, the Let There Be windows are letting light be light.
  • Undo in Create a Sim will no longer change the camera setting.
  • Switching phone covers will now remember their settings between loads of the game.
  • We have addressed an issue with emotional aura’s incorrectly putting children into a flirty emotion. Children should never enter the flirty emotion.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause a child Sim aged up from a toddler to be unable to use stairs.
  • Giving a toddler a bath should no longer become impossible when a baby is added to the household.
    • Because even if you understand how the code is put together, this makes no sense.
      • Also, we have preemptively prevented Sims from spontaneously combusting after storing a salad in the refrigerator while the stereo is playing pop.
  • puHair_Medwavy (aka the big curly hair) toddler hair will now maintain the chosen color regardless of outfit chosen.
    • Red hair please.
    • You got it, want brown hair on that toddler?
    • Thank you, red hair will be fine.
    • Brown hair coming up.
    • Red yes, brown no.
    • Hold the red.
    • No, I want the red.
    • Brown it is.
    • Brown me no “likes”
    • Red out.
    • Red in.
    • Ah, come on, make up your mind!
    • Okay, okay on second thought…. make my toddler bald.
  • Toddler socks can now be found in formal wear.
    • There was some debate that resulted in a survey of a handful of toddlers, and their thoughts on formal attire. Results varied, as you would expect, but with proper skewing we found that more toddlers preferred to keep their feet covered, than those that desired an open toe approach.
      • And while this doesn’t preclude the open toe option for those with the proclivity to free the digits, it does make one wonder why we keep a handful of toddlers around the office for just these sorts of things.
  • Fixed some highlight issues in Create a Sim that resulted in graphical issues when hovering over the feet of some Sims.
  • Fixed an issue in Create a Sim that would cause the filter display to become corrupted if enough filters were chosen such that the … (dot dot dot) replacement display was needed.
    • This issue should no longer occur. (dot)
  • Fixed a seam that could appear on the back of a Sims head when wearing cuHair_SP06StraightSide hairstyle.
    • Though some have speculated on the possibility of the seam being an Edgar suit, it should be pointed at that beyond the seam, there was a clear lack of droopy cheek, wrinkle neck, and glassy eye.
      • Any desire a Sim may express for sugar in water is purely coincidental.

Get to Work

  • Lot trait skill icons will no longer appear in the photos of Sims.
    • Or photos of nature… landscapes, architectural concept pieces, butterflies, flies, dragonflies, bats, leaves, fish jumping, or similar.
      • Or just photos.
        • Yea, I guess I could have just said photos.

Perfect Patio

  • As you can see in this image, there is an odd seam on the surface of the Wickish Ottoman Empire ottoman. We have corrected this seam, and it should now appear correctly for all design modes.
    • If you are unable to view the issue in the image, then you aren’t looking where I’m pointing.

Movie Hangout

  • We have fixed an issue that could cause Sims to cancel the cuddle action unexpectedly while watching a movie together.
  • Grab a serving now appears on full popcorn poppers and not empty ones.
    • Ah, a classic equal not equal variable switch, am I right?


  • White Picket Gates placed upon White Picket Fences will no longer appear overly bright when a light source is place nearby, instead they will light as expected.

Vintage Glamour

  • Lisa’s Resplendent Receptacle, aka a dining chair, will no longer leave behind its shadow when a Sim scoots in or out of the chair.
    • This is how it all starts, shadow separation disorder. Then it’s on to parental disgruntlement, and BOOM next thing you know pirates, lost boys, pixie dust… all of it is just one big flight to the dark side.

A New

    [|*]A small new snuck it’s way in, as teens are apt to do – you can now assign the Teen Hangout trait to your lot.
  • Create a popular hangout at the ol’ bowling alley, the shops, or just an abandoned home…
    • It’s like teen catnip.

As always, stay outta the gutter, catch the spare, strike into a turkey, and keep the lofting low,

[Posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who is practicing his bowling skills to take on resident champ SimGuruGraham.]

Update: 02/02/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Happy Anniversary Simmers!

It was 16 years, 11 months, and 29 days ago that the Sims were born!! And we wanted to be the first to wish you all a Happy 16th11th29th Anniversary!

Since then, there have been well over a 100 Sim births and deaths. 10s of homes built, and burned, and…

Ok, look, they don’t actually give me any real stats. I’m sure I’m close though… somewhere within a light year of error… it’s all relative.

This little life-simulation game about telling stories, controlling lives, burning down kitchens, inviting the neighbors to hang out in your basement and then removing the doors, building amazing homes, and just watching their lives unfold as you tweak away, is now (almost) 17 years old, and we hope you have, had, and will have fun with The Sims!

With that, we have just a little new…

The Main Menu has gone through a small redressing.

Upon your next load, you will be met with a new, but hopefully familiar looking, Main Menu. The summary of changes being:

  • Continue (the big play button), other than a location shift, functions exactly as it did
  • New Game and Load Game have come down from their hidden corner, and are now found alongside the Continue button.
  • Adding a household to an existing save is located on the Map view screen in the lower right
  • The upper right menus have been simplified to only include Gallery and the Options menu
  • And the lower left contains all the information you might want regarding packs.

We’ve also added a shirt (for toddlers and older) to celebrate the 17th anniversary (found in Create a Sim in the T-Shirt sort).

And we have a couple of critical issue fixes…

General Issues

  • We addressed an issue that could cause the baby to disappear upon age up.
    • While this is joyous news for parents everywhere, this does pose a significant population issue in Neverland. And we can only wait out the potential pirate to lost boy gap, as it draws ever closer in the favor of the pirates.
  • We addressed an issue that could result in toddlers being placed down through a wall, and outside of their home, if carried to use an object that was against an outer wall.
    • Ask any parent, and they will tell you “Of course toddlers are magical!” Ask them again to place their toddlers through a wall, and they will yell at your ridiculous suggestion.
      • It’s a two-faced world folks, and we’re just living in it.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause a toddler to become stuck next to an elevator upon loading the lot.
    • This fix will address future occurrences, however, to correct the issue in an already saved game, travel to another lot with the toddler and return.
  • We addressed an out of sync voice and animation issue that was causing our Sims to be ever so slightly off.
    • Had that early film feel, except without the cool fighting, or person in rubber monster suit scenes.

Outdoor Retreat

  • Rental Lots can now have their lot type changed, and are no longer locked in Granite Falls.

Get Together

  • Club perks and points will no longer reset after loading into an unowned lot and then returning.

And with that… we wish you a happy journey with us on The Sims, and look forward to your machinima, blogs, tweets, posts, screens, and vids of all things Sims.


Update: 12/01/2017 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hey Simmers and Simmodlers,

What’s New?

  • Toddlers.

Wait you skipped right to the what’s ne… what the whaaat?! Toddlers? Toddler toddlers… toddlers? Um, did you just say toddlers?

Perhaps. But the long standing ‘no talk’ of toddlers talk may be toddler blocking me. And, as such I can neither confirm nor deny their tiny toddler toddling presence in this release. I can however, say that any resemblance to a toddler in this toddler release is purely todd-idental… ler.

I am also required by the Toddler Coalition for the Betterment and Care of Toddlerhood to provide a few disclaimers:

  • For you and your toddler’s safety, please keep all toddlers at least 5 feet from all toddler messaging about toddlers.
  • In case of fire do not break glass, but grab the nearest toddler and exit the building in an orderly fashion.
    • Once safe, please take a moment to find the toddlers parents if the toddler was not yours.
  • Also, for a toddler lasting more than 9 days, turn aging on.
  • Batteries not included, so feed your toddler.
  • For identification purposes, this is a toddler: o>-<
    • Not actual size

Well whew! We’ve just had 24 toddlers already born in these release notes (make that 25). I feel there may be more toddlers on the way… so Woohoo*!

*Woohoo will not directly produce a toddler, but provide for the groundwork for a future toddler.

Argh! So… TELL ME ABOUT TODDLERS already!!!
Ok, ok alright. All things Toddlers…

Let’s start with “How do you get a Toddler”?

Add your toddler in Create a Sim!

  • You can add them to a new or existing household through Create a Sim. And customize them as you would any other Sim:
    • Select their voice, gender, and ASSIGN A RELATIONSHIP
      • Sorry for the caps, but this is kind of important. Toddlers have a special relationship with caregivers.
      • Mothers, brothers, fathers, sisters, or anyone you choose via the in game interaction Adopt as Caregiver (found under the toddlers Help… interaction menu) are caregivers.
      • Being a Caregiver will ensure that the caregiver Sim cares for the toddler, while other Sims may be less inclined to answer the crying calls of your average toddler.
  • Ok, now that the Caregiver bit is over with… let’s get into the other customization options.
    • 8 new traits to pick from!
      • Angelic, Fussy, Silly, Charmer, Independent, Wild, Clingy, and Inquisitive
    • Presets for the various toddler body and head parts to assist in your customization, as well as the same ability to modify the body and face parts that other Sims have.
    • All the same skin tones as adults (yes, Aliens too!)
      • Does it make sense that that toddler wears an alien sized diaper?
      • No, no it doesn’t. But, it’s really cute!
    • Plenty of Styled Looks to choose from.
    • And of course all the usual stuff…
      • Full body outfits, tops, bottoms, socks, leggings, and shoes.
      • Glasses, hats, hairs (and hair colors), freckles, and teeth.
        • Did we talk about the new teeth yet?
        • Yes, teeth for all ages! Head in to Create a Sim, click on your Sims head, click the Face category, and then Teeth to customize your Sims smile.
          • I like the braces.

Adopt your toddler!

  • Choose the Household… Adopt option on the computer, to adopt your very own toddler!
    • They come fully toddler-ized, ready for your snuggles.

Or, if you want to do things the old fashioned way, age up your baby!

  • It starts with… look it’s a birds and bees thing. There’s a flower, some pollen, and the bee… um, go ask your mom.

So, now you have a toddler…
How do you care for them?

  • Bathe, and Bubble Bathe them. Be aware of the possible splash back.
  • With a Potty Chair they can Go Potty, and Ask for Potty Help… or just use their diaper.
    • And of course, non-toddlers will have to Clean the Potty, and Change the Diaper.
  • Sleep, Nap, Ask to be Read to Sleep or Tucked in, Sit and Chat all on a Toddler Bed.
  • Toddlers prefer the high chair where they can Ask for Food or Drink, and of course Eat.
    • But they may find their food more fun than edible.
  • Be hugged, snuggled, talked or played with, or listened to.

And as they do ‘things’ they learn skills like communication, movement, thinking, imagination, and potty.

  • And their caregivers can be available to mentor and help them along.

But they want to have fun to, right?
Of course, and there are many ways for toddlers to have fun, or… not.

  • They can cry, laugh, yell, and throw a tantrum. Or babble in the mirror, tell stories, talk about dinosaurs, princesses, superheroes, parties, art, the day, their favorite animals, or just Ask Why… over and over and over.
  • Or play in things, find out what that is, splash in the toilet (hopefully you are a neat Sim), ask to be picked up, or talk to strangers (stranger danger).
  • Maybe they want to watch toddler videos, play Simshape or Blicblock Baby, draw with llama on the Wabbit Tablet. Or build a tower, study shapes, or ask others to help them build and study with the Nesting Blocks.
  • They can hit, hug, or talk to their giant stuffed animals.
  • Read or ask to be read a toddler book.
  • Look at flash cards, and learn animals, basic needs, letters, or objects.
  • Play with the toybox toys, and the dollhouse. Dance and listen to music (including the new Lullaby and Kids radio station).
  • Just to name a few…

Woah, ok… um, I hate to ask but can toddlers…

  • No, toddlers do not die. They are fireproof.

No, no… NO! I wasn’t… look, I just wanted to know can toddlers…

  • Yes, they can climb stairs, run and walk – but you’ll have to improve their movement skill.

Stop that, I just wanted to know can toddlers do anything else?
Yes, toddlers can…
…be your little sister or brother, son or daughter. Try your patience. Be loving but a handful. They can take all your time, or be ignored. They can travel with you, or go to daycare. Or you can stay at home, and hire a nanny. They can provide special moments for you and your Sims. And they can grow and learn, as they age up into children, teens, young adults, adults, and eventually elders. They can’t die, but they can be taken away. And ultimately, they can be part of your Sims family, and your stories.

Anything else?
Yes, in addition to toddlers, and I strongly suggest you pick up a couple of these if you intend to have a toddler, you can find the following items in Build Mode under the Kids Room sort (just click on the 3 blocks in the image):

  • 2 Toddler Beds
  • 3 High Chairs
  • Wabbit Tablet
  • Nesting Blocks
  • Chomper the Devourer toy box
  • A toddler sized Dollhouse
  • A Bookshelf and 12 toddler books
  • 2 Potty Chairs
  • 6 new toy box toys (bus, kitty, bear, ducky, butterfly, and Tentacle Tom)


  • 2 Curtains, 5 wall decals, a light for floors and a light for ceilings, a dresser, a rug, a wall shelf, an end table, a wall sculpture, a living chair, 4 decorated toddler doors, AND 7 walls and 2 floors.

That sure is a lot. Did you address any issues?
Just a couple, er some, er what is five in the verbal shorthand? And is couple really short for two? It has three extra letters. I’m so confused…

  • You can now use the Design Tool on a bassinet containing a baby, because sometimes your baby just doesn’t match your room.
    • And you can’t change the baby. Put down the baby safe paint and brush, and just back away.
  • Walls can now be built along all four edges of penthouse lots, rather than just three.
  • We addressed an issue that could cause the game to freeze while playing the Doctor Career or when hiring a Nanny in some languages.
    • *childish moment* Playing doctor, hehe.
  • Confident children will no longer get a whim to practice pick-up lines.
  • We addressed an issue that could cause doors to be stuck ajar.
    • Your door is ajar.
    • No, it’s a door.

And on that toddler’ish joke, that’s the update folks. In the time it took you to read these release notes, the following toddlers came to be in the Sims…

Abigail a toddler, Aidan a toddler, Alex a toddler, Alexander a toddler, Allison a toddler, Alyssa a toddler, Andrew a toddler, Anna a toddler, Anthony a toddler, Archer a hog of war, Ariana a venti-toddler, Ashley a toddler, Austin a toddler, Ava a toddler, Avery a toddler, Benjamin a toddler button, Brandon a toddler, Brayden a toddler, Brianna a toddler, Brian not a toddler because he turned aging off and stayed a baby, Caden a toddler, Caleb a toddler, Cameron a toddler, Chloe a toddler danced the tables, Christian a toddler, Christopher a toddler, Connor a toddler, Cruz a toddler, Daniel a toddler, David vs toddler-iath, Dylan a toddler, Elijah would a toddler?, Elizabeth a toddler, Ella a toddler, Emily a toddler, Emma a toddler, Ethan a toddler, Etta at last a toddler, Evan a toddler, Gabriel a toddler, Gavin a toddler, Grace a toddler, Hailey a toddler, Hannah a toddler and her sisters, Hunter a toddler, India a toddler, Isabella-watcha-doin-toddler, Isabelle a toddler, Jack o’toddler, Jackson a toddler, Jacob a climber, James a toddler, Jasmine a toddler, Jayden a toddler, John a toddler, Jonathan a toddler, Jordan a toddler, Joseph a toddler, Joshua a toddler, Julia a toddler, Kaitlyn a toddler, Katherine a toddler, Kayla a toddler, Kaylee a toddler, Kylie a toddler, Kyra a toddler, Lauren a toddler, Lily a toddler, Logan a toddler also known as James, Lucas a toddler, Luke – use the toddler, Mackenzie a toddler, Madeline a toddler made with flour, eggs, lemon, sugar, and vanilla, Madison a toddler and an avenue in a popular board game, Makayla a toddler, Mason a free-toddler, Matthew a toddler, Maya a toddler, Megan a toddler, Mia a toddler, Michael a toddler, Morgan a toddler, Natalie a toddler, Nathan an uncharted toddler, Nicolas a toddler, Noah a toddler on an ark, Olivia a toddler-newton-john, Owen a toddler, Plum a toddler, Rachel we miss you a toddler, Riley a toddler, Rosemary’s toddler, Ryan a toddler, Samantha b toddler, Samuel a toddler on snakes, Sarah a toddler, Savanna a plain toddler, Sean a toddler, Sophia a toddler, Sydney a toddler-mate, Taylor a toddler, Thomas a toddler, TK-421 a trooper, Toddler a toddler, Tyler a toddler, William a tell-toddler, Zachary a toddler, and Zoe a toddler.

We look forward to your stories, and we wonder who your toddler will be?

Check out our FAQ for additional Toddlers related questions.