2016 Patch Notes

Update: 06/12/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

“I could disappear forever and it wouldn’t make any difference!” Au contraire, my friend, it makes a difference, it really does. We’re sorry for making you go away, it wasn’t our intention. We’re so glad to have you back.Get Together

  • Fixed an issue where club points would incorrectly display as 0, and purchased club perks would go missing.
    • If you saved your game when in this state, any Sims added to the unlocked 7th or 8th slots would have been evicted from the club and will need to be re-added.


Update: 01/12/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Ho, ho, ho Simmers!

Woah! Wait, it’s December?!

I haven’t even worked on my list yet. Do you think Santa has a good stock of VR? Also, I’ve been thinking of something vintage… maybe a butler. Do you think Santa can get a butler down the chimney?

Oh, um… anyway.

We have updated the Holiday Celebration Pack with some new objects (a holiday table, fireplace, nutcracker, and centerpiece). And a fun little object called the Holiday Cracker. What’s inside? A poorly written joke, a little holiday sweet, or a teeny Meduso of your very own.

Also… if you didn’t know how to find your Holiday Celebration Pack items, we have added a Holiday Pack Filter for that very purpose. Open up the filters list in Build Mode, scroll to Packs, and select Holiday (at the bottom).

But that’s not all. No my friends, no holiday can be declared complete without issues!

General Issues

  • We fixed an issue that could result in a Sim placing their used dishes down outside of the boundaries of a lot, resulting in the dishes becoming stuck off lot. Dishes will now just disappear.
    • Where do they go? We imagine it to be similar to the dimension of ‘The Other Sock.’
  • Dirty coffee makers will now be cleaned by the maid, rather than disposed of.
    • Though have you see the stains coffee makes?
      • I think the maids were doing you a service, but hey, if you want to keep drinking it, don’t ask me to look at your stomach lining when you’re dead.
  • …because you know, it’s probably pretty gross. I mean more so than it normally is, it’s probably like extra coffee stain gross.
  • Sims should now prefer to sit during the marriage ceremony.
    • Except for the married couple, who probably would just prefer you send a gift.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause a residential lot to switch to a generic lot type after being placed from The Gallery.
  • When directed to, Sims should now clean up all the dishes on half walls.
  • Family oriented Sims should no longer get the Missing Family buff if they have interacted with a baby in the family.
    • Babies are family too.
      • Even if they do smell funny.
  • Large and Small Crystals will no longer inform you differently about their Energized Décor moodlet strengths depending on where you read the tooltip.
  • High quality harvestables will no longer increase in value after each lot load.
    • I’m sorry, you’ll just have to earn your Simoleons the old fashioned way.
      • …with a little rosebud.
  • Sims should switch seats less when there are other nearby seats available.
    • Goldilocks vs. The Sims, tune in Wednesday for the latest intense chair choosing match!
  • We fixed an issue that was causing Sims to stand up and then sit down in order to turn on the television.
  • Ordering drinks for the group from a bartender will now order drinks for the group.
    • …rather than just giving you one drink that costs a group rate.
  • Essence milked from Cowplants will now display the name of the Sim whose essence it is.
    • …because it’s important to know.
      • “Was that Bob you just drank? Because you know I was saving Bob. And now, Bob is gone… did you really need Bob? I mean Susan and George are still in the fridge, they’re right there next to the lasagna. But no, you had to take Bob!”
  • “I’m just not sure this is working out for me. I’m leaving you, and I’m taking the Cowplant.”
  • Chairs can now properly be slotted to the middle positions of 1×2 and 1×3 tables when dragging the table to the chair.
    • Yes, there is a middle position on the 1×2, just accept it.
  • Maids will no longer throw away freshly cooked meals during their shift. They may put them away in the fridge. But they most definitely will not put them in the trash.
    • They will not put them in the drain. Not in the dark. Not near a tree. Not in a can. They’ll let them be.
    • They do not like them on a lot. When they’re not as hot. They do not like them in the house. When nibbled by a mouse. They do like them here or there, but they will not trash them anywhere.
  • Male Sims with feminine frames should see less distortion in their bottom assets.
  • Gallery items that were uploaded in Norwegian without a description will no longer be non-deletable from The Gallery.
  • Woohoo or Mess Around with a non-household Sim on a non-household lot will now properly shoo other Sims from the room during said action.
    • Lighting preference is still player choice.
  • Typing a number into the sell multiple window from the Sims inventory will now allow you to type the number, rather than just typing a 1.
    • Also 3 is a magic number, the figure 8 would be great, and 0 saved us from our fingers and toes.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing memory usage to increase as songs were being previewed in the options panel.
  • Gym Rat trait now properly prevents hygiene loss during yoga.
  • Playing a violin from the Sims inventory will now properly complete the Play Violin whim.
    • The developers have informed me that all violins are created equal, and that they are endowed by their engineer with certain unalienable code, that among their functions are the ability to play, write, and pursue a whims completion.
      • Which I suppose if they were truly unalienable would nullify this issue.
  • Sims should now prefer to use the closer of sinks, when washing dishes.
    • The closer sink will vary upon Sim position. What was closer now, may not be closer later.
  • Child Sims who age up will no longer need to reload their lot to see the skill panel update with their adult skills.

Get to Work

  • Changing the default color of the Grimy Times Crime Map will no longer cause the police station computers to lose the ability to conduct police work.
    • I knew it… when the computers begin to revolt based upon your interior design choices, the nuclear codes are not far behind.
  • Children will no longer warp when attempting to restock mannequins.
    • Also, due to child labor laws, children will no longer be able to restock mannequins.
  • Baking skill books will no longer be so expensive.
    • …there was a bad zero. Bad zero! It has been removed, reprimanded, and placed on the other side of the decimal point, on a timeout.
  • The Prison Yard Gate can now be placed on any sized fence. Not just the small fences.
    • …that didn’t make sense anyway. Because the gate was a tall gate… so, even in its wrongness, it was extra wrong.

Get Together

  • Using the closet to change the outfit of a non-household Sim should no longer switch the active player control to other Sims in your household. This was particularly a problem if the other Sim that was given control was on a different lot, resulting in you loading a new lot upon returning from Create a Sim.

City Living

  • Entering Build Mode on an apartment lot while your Sim is at work or school, will no longer force your Sim home early.

Outdoor Retreat

  • Taking non-household members on vacation will now take non-household members on vacation, rather than forcing those non-household members to linger around your vacation until their Needs fail.
  • Sitting at the Happy Camper Picnic Table will no longer give a Comfy moodlet with the reason being “From Expensive Furniture.”
    • Don’t get me wrong, the craftsmanship is superb. But it’s still just a wooden bench.
      • You know, maybe semi-comfy, or comfy-ish… but Comfy? I think that’s going a bit too far.

Dine Out

  • We addressed an issue that would prevent business owners from gaining entry to their lots, if the doors had been Locked for Everyone but Employees.
    • Owners are employees. Fish are friends not food. And use the rule of three when writing.
  • Adults will now drink water or sparkling water if it is the only drink on the menu.
    • They won’t be happy about it… but they’ll drink it.
  • The blue flames on the I Dream of Sous chef station shall no longer, from this day forward, henceforth and back, to and fro, remain lit after closing. So sayeth you one, so sayeth you all?
  • The Mythic Patio Warming Lamp can now be instant upgraded with the Handy reward trait.
    • Please note: The Handy reward trait provides no benefit to Kleptomaniacs or Romantics.
  • Sims will no longer be able to scavenge for spare parts in dropped food.
    • A strict Prep n’ Serve review system has been put in place prior to food service, preventing any unwanted washers, o-rings, or ball bearings from finding their way into your Shrimp Louie.
  • Choosing the option to Disallow New Customers will now disallow new customers from arriving to your restaurant.
  • Claimed tables are now properly clearing their claimed state when a restaurant is opened for business.
    • Mine, mine, mine.
  • Ordering Lemonade, Ice Tea, or Citrus Swig at a restaurant will now serve you Lemonade, Ice Tea, or Citrus Swig and not just an empty glass.
  • We addressed an issue that could cause Build Mode to fail to function after uploading an incomplete restaurant to The Gallery, and then downloading it to your home lot.

Backyard Stuff

  • Children will now gain motor skill after each trick slide they perform, and not just the first one.
    • After all, tricks are for kids.

And on that horrible pun, I bid you a fond farewell, a happy holiday season, and the warmest of wishes,

[Posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who is playing around with the new Holiday Cracker in his cube.]

Update: 15/11/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hello Simmers. Happy November! Did you know that today is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day? No? Well we did. In honor of this momentous holiday we have “cleaned out” some issues:

General Issues:

  • Improved general performance when having a large number of files in the Tray folder.
  • Fixed an issue causing some save games to return immediately to the map screen when attempting to enter a lot.
  • Your paintings, photos and terrain paints will now persist when transferring from the Gallery.
  • Addressed an issue that was affecting some players’ saves where restaurants / retail lots could not be open/closed by pressing the open/closed button.
  • No more homey lot trait buff quickly cycling when performing related activities.
  • Stats for an adopted Sim appear in their Simology Panel.
  • All you kleptomaniacs out there:
    • If you don’t get caught, the stuff will now appear in your inventory.
    • If you do get caught, do the right thing.
  • Dance, dance to your heart’s content! But, when the music stops on the radio, so will your Sim.
  • Call Jasmine. It’s ok. She will no longer knock endlessly.
  • If you’re running Windows XP you can now use the Gallery again, but seriously, you should really consider upgrading.
  • Food can be dragged into all worlds now. Dragged food… sounds yummy.

Get to Work Issues, we addressed

  • The Police Chief is squeaky clean and is beyond reproach. He can no longer be a suspect in a crime.

City Living Issues, we addressed

  • We have fixed the issue of babies getting stuck in apartments; stuck babies will be unstuck, and babies will hereby no longer get stuck again. We hope… for everyone’s sake.
  • Festival, anyone?
    • Going to a festival, but worried about gaining weight? No worries, Sims will no longer continuously order and eat food at the food stalls. If you’ve already packed on those pounds… exercise, exercise, exercise.
    • More than one Sim in a household can now get festival whims when traveling to a festival, even if it has already begun.
    • Ladies, outdoor bathrooms are now open.
  • The Trophy of 73, which you can only get after winning 73 basketball competitions (there is really and truly no other way to get it), is no longer locked in Build Buy Mode.
  • Keep at it, you might catch the elusive Pufferfish in San Myshuno.
    • And now, all trait images will appear for a ghost who died by Pufferfish when you add the ghost to your household.
  • Politics buff now has words. The best words.
  • If your child Sim is nice, and plays well with others, the neighbor child Sim might come over to visit.
  • Have no fear, you can ignore a neighbor’s complaint without affecting your relationship with your roomie. And, that’s not all… your Sim will listen to complaints and the interaction will not drop from the queue.

Be good to each other folks!


Update: 27/10/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version
Hey-Oh Simmers!So… we have an expansion coming out the door soon, City Living!

Are you looking forward to next week?

Wait, don’t answer that… let’s just live in the moment. Let’s let time advance, taking its time. The expansion will be here soon with its up all night city life, festivals, apartment neighbors… and so much more.

But now, let’s just be. Be here, with the addressed issues…

  • I really have to find a word other than “addressed”
    • …tackled, confronted, come to grips with… not quite there yet

Oh well, so what did we… get down to… err, let’s just stick with address. First up…

The New

  • Lot Traits! Lots can now have up to three traits assigned to them, which convey gameplay and story benefits.
    • Open up the Lot Info panel in Build Mode and select from Homey, Fast Internet, Great Acoustics, Science Lair, Convivial, Natural Light, Bracing Breezes, or Private Dwelling.
    • Explore the various traits to find one, two, or three that make sense to you!
  • A new Copy option has been added for Roofs, Stairs, and Rooms.
    • Click on the roof, stair, or room you wish to copy and select Copy from the popup that appears (it’s the icon that appears in the bottom-center).

And now, the dealt wit… no, addressed is still the right word.

General Issues, we addressed

  • We fixed an issue that could occur if your Sim was inappropriate enough to get kicked out of an NPC’s residence, it could set them into an “un-greeted state”. Which was preventing the Sim from being able to travel.
  • Moving a counter in Build Mode with an empty plate on it, will no longer cause the empty plate to appear full.
  • You can once again use the up and down arrow keys to cycle between last entered commands in the cheat window.
  • The Spencer-Kim-Lewis family has dropped the Spencer from their name, and shall now be known as simply Kim-Lewis.
    • The Kim-Lewis family is not clarifying why the ‘Spencer’ was dropped, and while rumors at the water cooler are circling regarding extra-marital woohoo, the more casual observations have focused on the theory that their name was just too long.
      • As for the water cooler, have you considered that perhaps the water cooler is an old reference that no longer makes sense to the younger generation? Maybe you really should hang out at the coffee house, or a bar… bars are timeless.
        • Except for the 1920s of course… huh, yea… you know what I’m talking about.
  • Both reader and readed will now gain social when Reading to or Being Read to.
    • Reed, Red… language, so strange.
  • Sims that can rummage for food in trash cans, can now also eat the food that has been rummaged from the can.
    • Trash can, soon it too shall fall into the category of things we reference that new generations won’t entirely understand.
      • Like why is the save icon in game a 3 ½”disk?
        • C’mon, if it were a 5 ¼” it would have a round shape in the middle.
  • Now when you click on the top of the alien’s head in Create a Sim, it will open the hairstyle menu.
  • Excellent quality and above Bonsai Shrubs can now be converted to decorative items.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause the mouse pointer to become corrupted when attempting to drag a songbook into the sell portion of the Inventory panel.
  • Sims who were watching TV at the time they were supposed to go to work will no longer switch into their work clothes, and then back into their everyday clothes before going to work.
  • Fixed an issue where there was a chance the Sim would ignore the players attempt to cancel Use Toilet, and instead continuously use the toilet.
    • Sims will now stop using the toilet when the action is cancelled.
      • …if it is reasonable to do so.
  • The Dare to Jump interaction will now count towards the Spooky Party task to perform mischief socials.
  • We fixed an issue with the tooltip becoming stuck above a Sims head, if the tooltip was visible during a Sim reset. This should no longer occur.
  • Welcome wagon members will no longer BARGE into your house uninvited during the Welcome Wagon situation unless they are invited in.
    • And after all of this barging, I don’t know if I want to invite them in! I’ll just take their fruitcake and bid them “Good day, sir!”
      • “I said good day!”
  • Renaming a stuffed animal will now cause the stuffed animal to remain renamed.
    • Oh, that poor forgotten bunny Bob, Barb… er Babs… no, wait it was Brad. Brandy. Braden. Bronson. Biff… no… what was the bunny’s name?
      • Harvey
  • Sims will no longer T-pose when a Paint by Reference is cancelled.
    • T-Pose, in case you were curious is the position a Sim is in by default when no animation is currently playing.
  • The Connections trait will no longer prevent Sims from completing the Jack of Some Trades aspiration.
  • Sims can progress to Soulmates after getting married as Lovebirds.
    • Did you know that lovebirds can be quite aggressive?
      • Care should be given, as well as lots of seed and water. And remember to clean their cage at least twice a month.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing the Set as Front Door interaction to become missing on homes with a raised foundation.
  • Children can now drink Rootbeer Floats and Cream Colas…
    • It’s up to you to determine how many floats is one float too many.
      • It really is a personal choice, and you should evaluate each float against daily float habits.
        • Remember, wait at least an hour to float after a float.
          • And never let friends float who have over floated.
  • Scrap is now an available interaction on Music Sheets created by the Write Song and Write Lyrics interactions.
    • Scrap – when artistic block hits, scrap it!
  • Maids will now clean up salvaged trash piles, when the salvaged pile has expired.
    • Do you mean to say that the salvage pile is dead, stinky, decomposed, rotted, decayed, festering, deteriorated, past it’s prime, kaput or kaput, ko’d, barren, without life, defunct, obsolete, lifeless, departed, gone, late, lost, fallen, slaughtered, as good as, pushing up daisies, asleep, without that glow, discarded, forgotten, lackluster, slow, down and out, …
      • Or did you mean something else?
  • High fitness Sims can now use the Jog Here option when locomoting.
    • Yes, locomote. Sims don’t just go here and there, they don’t just walk to and fro, and they certainly don’t just go for a jog… they loco mote, and there’s nothing crazy about it.
  • Are you a hot key user? Why aren’t you? If you are, aren’t, want to be, or always thought to yourself “I should be!” – then you should know, hitting the space bar will no longer disable the M key from taking you to Manage Worlds.
    • M key, it’s not just another key… it’s a hot key.
  • Sims will now be able to satisfy the Send a Flirty, Sad, Playful, Energized, and Angry Text whim by using the phone.
    • On a side note, in rare cases, it has been discovered that sending energized texts have been known to cause ERrAt!c uSE 0f P#nC!uAt!@n and C$P!talIZ(~)tI0N.
  • Sims will now be able to use a dresser while listening to the radio.
    • In other news… the mystery of the missing lap has been solved. Top scientists proclaim “Sit down” and there it was.
  • Deleting a screenshot will no longer reorder them in the Screenshot Capture Manager.
  • Put in Inventory is now an available interaction on urns of Sims that die outside of a lots boundary.
    • Breaking News: Urn theft on the rise. Public cries out “Grandma!”
  • Placing a Sim from the gallery will no longer reset their muscle and weight to the default settings.
  • Gluttonous Sims who are very hungry will now also eat spoiled group meals if left to their own devices.
  • Lights placed from Build Mode after the Sims power has been turned off will no longer illuminate.
    • What a fun word… ih-loo-muh-neyt. It’s just fun to say. Illuminate. Say it with me…
      • I’ll be speaking the word aloud at noon.
  • Fixed an issue in Create a Sim that prevented an elder Sims hair from changing color to the selected color at the time the color was selected, but instead waited until after a new hair was selected.
  • Stopping a custom music piece from playing in the options panel will now actually stop the piece rather than just lower it’s volume.
    • It’s like getting my kids to stop playing video games at bedtime…
      • They don’t really stop, they just sloooow down….
        • …waiting for me to leave the room.
          • That’s ok. I beat their high scores after they go to bed.
  • Sculpted objects and Framed Paintings and Photos will now retain their sculpt and frames when a lot containing them has been download from the gallery.
  • We fixed an issue that could cause your valuables to have appeared to survive a fire, but then you go to move them in Build Mode and *poof* they turn to ash. Now they just turn to ash post fire without the bait and switch.
    • *Poof* imagery added for effect.
    • No actual *poof* occurs in game.
    • The sound effects for *poof* are only in your head.
      • Seek help.
  • Fixed an issue with the Stack of Canvases missing their proper color variants.
  • Custom music should now properly play at venues.
  • Children should no longer be inviting your Sims to hang out at the bars and nightclubs.
    • Who gave the kids a phone anyway? In my day kids didn’t have access to a phone. If they wanted to invite a stranger to a bar, they had to walk to their house… in the snow… uphill… both ways… during an earthquake… without any shoes on… and they had to ask the stranger in Latin!
  • Sims with the Player trait will no longer see their relationship decrease with other nearby Sims, when performing romantic socials.
  • The Social Event requirements for the Party Animal aspiration will now complete even if the Party Animal Sim is not the currently selected Sim when the social event ends.
  • We have adjusted the ymHair_MohawkPunk and ymHair_BuzzCutNatural to appear correctly on female Sims.
  • The Invite to Stay the Night social interaction is now available between married sims who do not live in the same household.
    • Also, long distance relationships can be tough… so remember, communication is key.
  • We have fixed an issue with the yfBody_XUaNFormalDress that was causing a texture issue with the Sims hands.
  • The Admire New Possessions interaction was missing… we have no idea how it got out or why, but it’s back now thanks to a caring couple who discovered it wandering around scared in the grocery parking lot. They kept it well fed, gave it lots of love, and have brought it home once again for all of us to enjoy.
  • We fixed a color swatch issue with ymTop_ShirtTuckedTieSkinny that was preventing one of the color options from appearing.
  • The Motion Gaming Rig can now be repaired when it breaks.
    • Also… the Motion Gaming Rig can now break.
  • We fixed an issue that was interupting Sims while using the computer if they had food in their inventory.
    • Yes, even if the food wasn’t a neon-green soda and some orange triangle chips.
  • We fixed an issue that was unintentionally creating romantic relationships between married Sims not currently in the active household and NPCs. Married sims will not form romantic relationships with other NPCs while you are playing another household.
  • Repairing and Upgrading a Chemical Analyzer, Chemistry Lab, or DJ Booth will now satisfy the Nerd Brain aspiration goal to Repair and Upgrade Objects.
    • Interesting how repairing a chemical analyzer and toilet are the same skill…
      • I wonder if Stanford Linear Accelerator Center needs some help with their particle accelerator. I’ve unclogged a toilet…
        • or two.

Get to Work Issues, we addressed

  • We fixed an issue that was preventing the Sim from purchasing additional advertising for their retail lot once the initial advertising had completed.
  • Employees should be more responsive now when checking out customers. In addition, we have sped up the checkout times in order to get Sims checked out faster.

Get Together Issues, we addressed

  • Sims that send invites to the active Sim will no longer immediately leave after the Sim has accepted the invitation and joined the event.
    • Ah the ol’ shake hands, run fingers through hair gag. Oh you… yea… you.
  • You should no longer get strange messages from the Garden Gnomes club about the fact that “No plants need tending at the moment” if you are not currently a member of the Garden Gnomes club.
    • Join us.
  • Tips earned from playing the DJ Booth now count towards the “Earn 50 Simoleons in tips” whim.
  • Sims can longer send text messages to start club gatherings for clubs they are not a member of.
  • Sing Songs and Play Guitar will now properly respect the Play Guitar and Play Instrument club rules.
  • Offer Massage will now properly respect the Be Romantic club rule.
  • Watch Clothes Being Tried On will now appear in the queue of other Sims in the group when one of the Sim tries on clothes in the closet.
    • Which, doesn’t sound creepy at all…
  • Sims will no longer be kicked out of a lot for performing inappropriate but club approved behaviors. They may still get yelled at for the infraction, but should no longer be kicked from the lot.

Spa Day Issues, we addressed

  • We fixed an issue that would cause Sims to appear outside of their home on the sidewalk when players would switch between households via Manage Worlds.
    • Sims should remember their last known position, position themselves there, and wait for player instructions should they wish to re-position their position.
      • Have we hit semantic satiation yet?

Dine Out Issues, we addressed

  • Sims will now stay seated if directed to Warm Self on the Warming Lamp while seated…
    • If the seat is close enough to the lamp…
      • And the Sim doesn’t have to otherwise desperately use the bathroom, fall asleep, or eat…
  • And the Warming Lamp and seat are on the same lot as the Sim.
    • And the Sim is seated prior to the action being initiated.
      • Ok, I think that just about covers my legal obligations.
  • Seated Sims at a restaurant should no longer stand to consume their beverage, but instead will remain seated.

Perfect Patio Issues, we addressed

  • Ah… the embarrassment of low hygiene. The green stink lines… the aroma… the discomfort. But maybe it’s not ideal to just wait for things to “get better” by staying in the hot tub. Worry not! Now after woohoo, mess around, or try for baby… you CAN get out. That’s right, Get Out of the hot tub, even if you are currently at low hygiene, high hygiene, a guy (or gal) named Gene, you can… Get Out of the hot tub. So get out of that hot tub, and get back into life.

Mac Issues, we addressed

  • Laptop mode no longer causes windows placed into the side of a pool to appear opaque.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Windenburg World to appear as a square instead of a circle on the World Select screen.
    • We have sliced off the offending corners, and returned the world to its spherical known shape.
      • Of course, some argue that the world is not round, but rather a collection of tiny squares held together by “mystical forces”. And while there is merit to this notion (considering that a circle is actually not possible in a digital medium), we squarely reject this concept, and hold firmly to our flat but round world beliefs.

Until next time, enjoy, thrive, prosper, drive safe, float gently, speak softly, and live the city life!

[Posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who is currently playing around with the new copy tool and lot traits in build mode.]

Update: 27/09/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Afternoon, Morning, and Evening Simmers!
…in that exact order (but only if you are traveling West)

We have just a quick content add for you, so without ado of a furthering type…

…the New Stuff

Some new stuff for your Sims to celebrate the Day of the Dead!

  • …which technically isn’t until the end of October.
    • … but they’re Sims. So, technically any day can be the end of October.
      • I’m reminded of the famous quote, “Today will not be known as Taco Tuesday. It will be known as Freedom Friday, but still on a Tuesday!”

So you were saying, what’s new?

  • A new recipe for Pan de Muerto is available under the Cook… interaction.
  • Several new objects are available for your Sims to decorate their homes. Search for the term “Day of the Dead” in Buy Mode to find…
    • Two new wall hangings, a table, some candles, and a sculpture.
  • There are also several new outfits for your Sims in Create a Sim!
    • Male and Female Sims have a new full body outfit, plus face makeup.
    • Female Sims have a new hair, and Male Sims have a new hat.
    • Children also have a new full body outfit and face makeup.

And since we are on the subject of October… turns out Oct 1st marks the end of a quarter… so, that’s a thing.

Also, the end of a quarter has ridges.

Did you know that if you are only looking at one side of a ridge, you can’t see the other side? But if you wait, and let yourself move forward… just a short bit, you might find yourself on the other side of the ridge, able to see more.

Is it better on the other side? It might be, but I suppose in the end it all depends on the perception of which side of the quarter you are looking from, and prefer.

And with that little bit of wisdom, I wish you a happy Release Tuesday!
-SimGuru “oh, what a week may change” Gnome

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – RW

[Posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who is spending time in the kitchen learning how to make Pan de Muerto.]

Update: 16/08/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Happy August Simmers!

We’d like to share a couple of small this and that’s with you…

To start off with, a new…
Sims can now customize their cell phone covers!

Open up your Sims cell phone menu by clicking on the phone in the bottom left (just under your Sims portrait). At the top of the phone menu is a Change Phone Cover Color button. You can choose from over a dozen colors and patterns for your phone to give your Sim that extra bit of flair.

We also have a few issues that were addressed…


  • The blue pattern plaster wall pattern now has a name other than wall_V_Plaster03MPanels_Blue. It now shall be known as Patterned Plaster, the same as all of its brothers and sisters – Patterned Plaster.
    • You know if it were me, I would have called it Bob, give it some personality, make it an individual, someone who stands out.
      • “What have you got there on your walls? Is that Patterned Plaster?”
      • “No. That’s Bob.”
  • Sims will no longer be woken from sleep to watch a show at the Puppet Theatre or the DJ Booth unless they were specifically called forth by the “Put on Show for…” interaction.
    • Are you an ‘er’ or ‘re’ type of person?
      • And, if I may be so bold, what would you show in your theatre or theater?
        • I’d show 80s SciFi.
  • The Grand Master Yoda styled look will no longer appear in the list twice for child Sims.
    • …although, if the Grand Master Yoda wanted to appear twice in the styled looks catalog, who are we to say no.
  • We fixed an issue where choosing to stop a custom music preview from playing in the options panel, did not actually stop it, but just lowered its volume.
  • We have, to speak plainly, adjusted the weighting and deformation maps for several Create a Sim assets in order to correct for holes, odd angles, and other visual oddities.
  • We addressed an issue that could cause Sims to get stuck in a hot tub after choosing to Woohoo, Mess Around, or Try for Baby, if both Sims had low hygiene.

Get To Work

  • We have un-hidden three objects in the Build catalog: Corporate Fridge Raider Revenue Generating Cooler, Still Ambiguous Lab Case, and the Galvanized Industrial Wall Pipe.
    • These objects were used on career locations, but were previously unavailable to the home catalog.

Kids Room Stuff

  • Children looking for discarded toys in the trash will no longer find themselves “discarded.” They should no longer become invisible upon completing the interaction.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in the collectable Voidcritter cards appearing overly dark in low lit rooms.

Backyard Stuff

  • We addressed an issue with necklaces clipping into the neck when worn with shirts that were tagged as masculine.
  • The frog fountain now also includes the sound of water when it is spewing water.
    • Of particular note, is that there is no option to kiss the frog fountain, despite any hidden desires one might harbor.
      • Any attempts at kissing the frog fountain will result in no change, for you and the fountain.
        • It should be advised that if you do desire to kiss a frog, it should only be done if the frog is considered a close family friend, that you have long since been without…perhaps you were on an extended vacation to Fiji, only just now returning to see your beloved frog.
          • A gentle peck is then acceptable… with their consent of course.

Thank you again for all and everything,

[Posted on behalf of SimGuruNick who was going to post on behalf of SimGuruDrake while she is in Germany who normally posts on behalf of SimGuruGnome.]

Update: 26/07/2016 – PC Version Mac Version


  • The Nanny can no longer grant immortality.

Backyard Stuff…

  • The Lawn Slide wormhole has been fixed for Intel HD graphics adapters.
Update: 18/07/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

  • Fixed long load times on startup when many screenshots are saved
Update: 14/07/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hello Sim fans, Simmers, Simians, and Simsters,

We have a couple of new bits of this and that…

Nannies have arrived!
The nanny is now available to hire from the phone (Hire a Service, in the Career/Household menu). The nanny will take care of your little ones when you don’t have time to… they will play, mentor, and care for their needs.

Hired nannies will stay for up to 24 hours, or until dismissed. They do charge an hourly rate, but for the parent with a need for a nap, no price is too high.

Some smaller news

  • Lights can now have their color and intensity modified per room. In addition to the “this light” and “all lights” option, you can now modify lights via the “this room” option.
  • Changing outfits will now bring up a visual outfit picker to choose your Sims outfit.
    • Click on the active Sim and choose “Outfits…” and then “Change Outfit…” – this will open up an outfit picker that you can choose from between all your available outfits on that Sim, or filter using the filter options in the dialog.
    • No longer will you have to say “what was Everyday 4?” – Now you can see what each and every outfit is that you have created for your Sims.

And even smaller than small news

  • You can now use the space bar to cycle between Sims in Create a Sim.

General Issues

  • You should now be able to complete the ‘Feed a Cowplant’ whim by feeding a Cowplant.
  • Mounted fish with an emotional décor rating will now be able to have the emotional aura turned on and/or off.
    • And now… a Grammar Corner moment…
      • It turns out, that is an invalid use of the ‘and/or’ grammatical conjunction. As much as I believed the ‘/’ was a replacement for ‘or’ (thus resulting in the phrase being ‘and or or’) it is actually x or y or both (or… And or Or or And and Or).
    • This Grammar Corner moment has been brought to you by The Internet. The Internet, serving brains for over 30 years.
      • Sounds like a zombie café…
  • We addressed an issue with “in progress” Sim inventory items (such as the songbook that is in your inventory when you are composing a piece of music) that allowed them to be dragged to the ‘sell this item’ option in the inventory panel, and resulted in a broken inventory state.
    • Those items will no longer be draggable, and instead have an option that appears when clicked on them to remove them from the Sims inventory (if you so wish).
  • Woodworking sculptures should now have a proper appearance when placed into your Sims inventory, and will no longer appear as a non-informative star, in a black and white circle.
  • If your mom told you and your sibling to use the cup on the table,
    • …and you both poured your OJ into the glass at the same time without realizing the other was also doing so,
      • …then you might wonder what this has to do with texture space, and the problem caused by cfTop_EP01HoodieShortSleeve and cuShoes_SP07Sneakers.
        • Let me just say, the hoodie asset will no longer cause the wrong color to appear on the heel of the sneakers asset.
          • And you should always make sure your sibling isn’t pouring their OJ into your cup.
  • We have addressed an issue with stacked rugs, where they were not respecting their sort order on non-active (your neighbor’s lot) lots.
    • Rugs now remember their order no matter how you view them. Unless you are viewing them in a mirror, then they will be reverse vertical order but the same horizontal.
  • Placing a Drink Tray on your lot will no longer satisfy the ‘Own a Bar’ goal for Sims with the mixologist aspiration.
  • Curtains will now appear properly lit depending upon their interior or exterior placement, rather than as a result of the orientation of the window they are placed upon.
  • We fixed an issue that resulted in see through walls.
    • This had to do with the wallpaper disagreeing with the visibility state of the wall, and thus turning itself and the resulting part of the wall invisible.
  • We fixed an issue that could result in male children not being able to change their eye color in Create a Sim.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing the dancing shoes (unlocked at level 5 of dancing) to be non-wearable for some Sims.
  • Children should now get social motive when being read to by an adult.
    • Yes it was broken, and we fixed it’s “was broken” state, but then it’s “was broken is fixed” state was broken, and now it’s “was broken was fixed is broken” state is fixed.
      • In case you were curious… “was broken was fixed was broken is fixed” is the resulting state.
    • BTW… since we are on the subject, we also re-addressed an issue that was preventing relationship from being gained when chatting with other Sims on the Slablet.
      • That issue is also “was broken was fixed was broken is fixed.”

    Hope you have/had a happy July (if you’ve been following along up to this point… have or had or both July).

    [ Posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who is going around his home theming the rooms with different light colors. ]

Update: 23/06/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

How do Simmers!

Just about the end of June… Summer is in full swing… what better time than now for a release?!

What’s New?
Did you see something? Over there… peeking out from under the bed. Not if you aren’t a kid!

Children however might find themselves awakened at night to the eerie sounds of a monster lurking beneath their bed. Fear not brave ones, a quick spray of monster repellent will get the pesky critter to creep away (you can also pre-spray like any properly working repellent).

But… why be afraid, when you can be friends! Children can spend a little time trying to get to know the bed bound beastie, and maybe make a new friend.

Of course, perhaps you just don’t want your kiddies to worry. Place “Coolala, The Defender Wall Light” to keep the monster at bay, and sleep tight, have a good night…. and know that the Monster Under the Bed is afraid of sunlight.

General Issues…

  • We fixed an issue that left our elders looking a bit more daw… er…ly morning of the dead than we wanted them to be… their age lines were quite pronounced. Elders should look less zombie and more walking alive.
  • The Days Until Age Up information in the Simology panel will now display no matter where you hover over the age bar.
    • Left side… right side… slightly off center… the Sims’ days are always numbered.
      • Do you think the Sim knows about their age countdown?
        • Do you think it’s Logans Run’esque, Terminator 2’ish, or maybe Paycheck’ian…
          • …not that anyone should reference Paycheck. But you know what, I liked Paycheck. There, I said it, and now you know.
  • “Eat” will no longer be called “Eat and Learn Experimental Food” on foods that are not experimental foods.
    • Also… quotations used “incorrectly” have been known to cause “confusion” and lead to the belief that “what the writer is writing” is intended sarcastically.
  • We fixed an issue with some assets that were incorrectly tagged as masculine or feminine, or that had their tags forgotten altogether. Specifically:
    • ymhair_Sp05LongFront is now tagged as masculine
    • ymTop_SP05Basic is now tagged as masculine
    • yfAcc_EarScoop is now tagged as feminine
    • yfBottom_EF10SwimBikiniMetalFront is now tagged as feminine
  • We fixed an issue that prevented Sims from being able to hire a mixologist to tend bar.
    • They are back, they are mixing…
    • …‘ologist’ refers to a person who studies or has knowledge of a particular kind of science.
      • And as much as I hoped… a tribologist does not actually study tribbles.

Spa Day…

  • Mud bathing Sims will no longer appear with random face paints.

Dine Out…

  • The hair ym_GP03SlickBackWavy will no longer have a bald spot on the back.
    • Implants are complete, all hair is 100% natural… no chemicals or artificial sweeteners have been added.
  • Net profit information will no longer improperly display when opening the View Last Finances report in your restaurant menu.
    • We fixed an issue that was causing the totals to add incorrectly each time the dialog was viewed.
    • We addressed an issue (Hello issue) that could cause restaurant advertising to have little or no effect upon the number of customers that would come to visit your establishment.

Get to Work…

  • We fixed an interface issue that made it appear retail stores would remain open when the Sim left the lot.
  • Patients should no longer reset when their doctor attempts to examine them or take their temperature.

Thank you again for your feedback, support, and issue reports – all of which keeps us moving along!

[Posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who is currently enjoying a good cup of joe.]

Update: 16/06/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Howdy Simmers,

Today we have a quick, targeted update to correct a few pernicious issues reported by the community. Thank you to everyone in the community who contributed to getting these sorted out.


  • We fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash for some folks at startup or soon thereafter.
  • The game should no longer generate multiple Tragic Clowns. We have enough.

Dine Out

  • Going to a restaurant together should no longer spontaneously create new familial relations. Love at first sight may be a real phenomenon, but marriage at first meal just sounds like a bad reality TV show.

Remember: These repairs were made possible by the reports of players like you! If you haven’t checked out Answers HQ or The Sims Bugs & Issues forum, you’ll find a great community of players-helping-players and experts like @SimGuruNick and @SimGuruArvin collecting information.


(Posted on behalf of SimGuruJanitor who had the important task of pushing the button for this update.)

Update: 02/06/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hello Simmers,

I hope you have had a wonderful [Note for the user of this form: fill in this blank with locale specific recent holiday or family specific event of eventfulness, significance, and/or noteworthiness]!

We’ve got some changes happening… and so without any caveating, let’s jump into…

…What’s New?

Major Create a Sim changes:
New options are now available when creating or modifying your Sims. These options provide expanded opportunities to customize your Sims’ style and story.

These options are entirely in your control and the game itself will not modify how Sims appear in your world. Instead this is about adding more tools in your toolbox, and letting you pick the tools that make sense to you while ignoring what doesn’t.

So, what are the new tools and options available to you in Create a Sim?

Customize Gender options
There is a new button called Customize Gender found beneath the gender selection buttons. This opens up a panel of options that allow you to customize details about the currently displayed Sim. These options are specific to the current Sim being edited, and modify the physique of the Sim (does the Sim have a masculine or feminine frame), toilet behavior, and whether or not they can become pregnant*.

*Children do not have access to the Customize options. Teens do, but while they can set their pregnancy preferences, they will have to wait until they become young adults for the choice to be active.

Voice settings
Sims now have access to all six of the Sim voices to expand the range of available audio options.

Clothing Filters
All* Create a Sim assets (tops, bottoms, accessories, hairs, shoes… all) are now available to either gender. Through the use of the filters found under the Fashion Choice option, you can choose to show/hide based on Masculine and Feminine tags.

If you are unfamiliar with the catalog filters, they are found just above the asset catalog (such as tops or bottoms), by clicking on the triangle icon (its tooltip will say “Open Filter Panel”).

As a result, you now have access to a hugely expanded catalog. As an example, by selecting both filters under tops, you will nearly double the number of available tops to choose from (if you were to add it all up, across all of the asset categories, you are coming close to somewhere over 700 assets being added for availability).

*We came close to 100% coverage of all assets, but some were proving difficult for various reasons. We chose to lean towards the ‘give access to more’ over the ‘make everything perfect’ side however. Let us know about any issues you run against.

What about Sims I’ve already made?
I mentioned above that these options are available for modifying Sims as well as creating. So, specifically, when editing Sims via Edit Household from the map, or when clicking on a Dresser and choosing the new option “Change Sim” – you will have access to many editing options that were previously not available for played Sims, such as modifying gender, body and face shapes, and the customize gender options.

We also made the addition and removal of tattoos available in all Create a Sim re-entry modes (including Plan Outfit).

There is a great deal to explore with these expanded Create a Sim options, I look forward to hearing all about… oh, I guess there is a bit more here to talk about.

Lighting Changes:
For players that play with their Lighting settings set to Very High (Options menu under Graphics tab), you will see an improvement to the way sun (and moonlight) project into rooms through windows.

And as well, we have a couple issues that we have addressed.

General Issues…

  • You can slot… er pair… connect… attach, yes attach! You can now attach a table to a chair, whereas before you had to attach the chair to the table.
    • The green boundary visuals will also update to include both object footprints now.
      • Err, footprint… um.
  • Bills, previously being an unknown envelope in your Sims inventory, will now tell you they are a bill when you hover over them.
  • Tidy Up away actions will now also tidy up puddles.
    • And now… some tongue twisters for no reason:
      • The puddles play, kept tidy the tidal pool.
      • A Tidy Up while away, keeps the puddles at bay.
      • Poodles play playfully in the puddles people lay.
  • Poodles was only typed here because of its alliteration in regards to puddles. In no way is this a foreshadowing, hinting, or similar… it is only used because of the alliteration. Alligator.
  • Non family members may now also get the “Whisked Away” buff when a child or baby is taken away for neglect, depending on their relationship, and the distance to the action.
  • The “Whisked Away” buff will now properly tell you the origin of the buff.
    • The origin of the buff will not sound like your mother-in-law: “So, let your kid get taken away huh? Forgot to feed him? Do you even remember his name? Don’t talk to me about making room in your home… what kind of household is this?”
  • The Hug whim is no longer a flirty whim, but a happy whim.
  • Sims now have to wait for the birthday blower to blow out their candles before taking a slice of SimCity Cheesecake.
    • Reminds me of that time when I grabbed my dinner before the moms on Mother’s Day. Yea, that was a mistake…
      • I prefer to fast now.
  • Death Flowers are now considered part of the “Harvest All” action.
    • No longer shall they be ostracized for their death like demeanor!
  • The default name for the Book of Life is no longer “This is SciFi book One,” rather it is now “The Book of Life.”
  • Foodie Sims will no longer receive the “Disappointing Drink” buff after drinking reward store bought potions.
    • One steamy review read “After having drank one hundred Potion of Youth beverages, I can not in good conscience recommend this “so called drink” for consumption. One and a half stars.”
  • We fixed an issue that could result in light being shown on incorrect floors. If lights are placed on a lower level, it was possible for their light to transfer to upper levels through doors with glass.
  • We fixed an issue where the game is telling your pregnant Sims to do push-ups (via the whims), and then yelling at you for trying to do push-ups with a pregnant Sim.
    • Although thinking about how such a dialog might occur…
      • ”Drop and gimme 20!”
      • “Why did you just try to do 20 push-ups, don’t you know you’re pregnant!?”
      • “Now drop and gimme 20!”
  • Sims will no longer get the Comfy or Uncomfy buff from sitting at a pool edge.
    • It’s not too hard, not too soft… it’s just right. Now eat your porridge.
  • Sims with the “Hates Children” trait now get a happy buff when they fail a pregnancy test…
    • … or is that succeed a pregnancy test? I mean if they don’t like children and they are shown to not be pregnant, that is a success… right?
  • Fixed an issue that would cause light to bleed through a blocks ceiling. You should see less light bleed at the top of interior blocks.
    • If light could bleed, would it be dark?
  • We fixed an issue that could prevent Sims from being able to continue the “Soothing Jets” upgrade on a Princess Cordelia’s Bathtub.
  • Sims will no longer reset if they attempt to “Summon a Grilled Cheese” sandwich while holding something in both of their hands.
    • Do not reset on an empty stomach. Resetting is not for everyone. If you or a loved one have blurred vision after a recent reset, queue an interaction immediately.
  • Paintings on an Easel, will no longer be removed to the household inventory when the lot is rotated or the room in which the painting is contained is moved or rotated.
  • Sims can now purchase items from the Lice Cold Freezer when visiting an NPCs Retail lot.

Get to Work…

  • The resize object cheat will now properly resize photographs.
    • But, grandmother, what big eyes you have!

Get Together…

  • Sims will now only get the whim to Light a Bonfire, when there is a bonfire present.
  • The Sun Setting Park Bench – Floral Edition will now count towards the bench requirement for building Park venues.

Outdoor Retreat…

  • It seems as though the hermit had a ‘hermit outfit’ that he was supposed to wear when hermiting. Now, the hermit will properly wear his ‘hermit outfit’.
    • Though, I’m not sure why a hermit cares what the bears see him wear…wherever he may fair… even when he relaxes in his chair… eating a pear… glaring at the hares… who are unaware of his despair… as he sits alone in his soli…tude.
  • Sims will no longer have a chance to reset when cancelling roast marshmallows at a campfire while socializing.
  • Sims seated at a campfire, will no longer stand up to listen to a Group Story being told to them.
    • Yes, it may be an intense story. But sit, relax. Maybe I’m just going to tell you about a river rafting trip, and I won’t mention anything about the guy with a hook for a hand.

Spa Day…

  • Pregnant Sims can’t take a mud bath. They still can’t take a mud bath. However, now, when you try to take a mud bath, we tell you they can’t take a mud bath with a tooltip on the not available interaction.
  • Meditating Sims can now have self-discoveries for skills such as Herbalism, Baking, and Photography.
  • Socializing in a steam room will now properly satisfy the “Sit and Talk to Your Date” goal when on a date.
    • …also steam room socialization can be steamy.
      • Also, I like steamed pork buns…
  • …not that they are the same thing at all.
  • But all this talk about steam really got me thinking about how hungry I am and I really could go for a steamed pork bun.
  • We fixed an issue where the game is telling your pregnant Sims to do Yoga (via the whims), and then yelling at you for trying to… you know, I’m sensing a trend here…

Cool Kitchen Stuff…

  • Ice Cream Cones and Cartons will now inform you (by highlighting yellow) when they are going to be removed from the lot due to a build action (such as drawing a room on top of them).

Movie Hangout Stuff…

  • We fixed an issue where a Sim that was on vacation and comes home early, or a Sim that skips school or work, will not be available to “Watch a Movie Together” until they would normally have come home.

Romantic Garden Stuff…

  • Sims that become a ghost by way of the wishing well will now properly route as if they were a ghost.

As always, I wish you well, happy Simming, and we love hearing from you – your trials, tribulations, and successes!

Update: 17/05/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Hey Simmers,

Keeping this update short and neat. Just letting a couple hairs hang out on this one, not an “Einstein head buried in a complicated encryption issue, hands in the hair, letting the strands fall where they may” kind of release, but a we had a bunch of backend issues to address (not called out here, because ‘brain hurts’), and a few bits of this and that. So, with that in mind…

  • We addressed an issue where the Tragic Clown hair was randomly appearing on townies who were not the Tragic Clown. As much as we love this hair, it is a bit of an oddity to see haphazardly on Bob or Jane the neighbor as they jog on by.
    • The Tragic Clown hair will no longer randomly appear on your friends and neighbors… unless you want it to.


  • Several interactions on the computer for children now properly display a skill icon to communicate why the interaction is present (unlocked because of a skill), or what the interaction will benefit for your child (raise a skill when performed).
  • Children will now gain social motive when an adult reads to them.
    • Adults may gain frustration as their child asks for “Just one more.”
    • “Just one more” interaction is only present in the IRL version.


  • Chatting with Sims on the Slablet will now build relationship with that Sim.
    • …because all Sims are Sims. As the song says “Sims are Sims so why should it be, that those Sims should have gotten along so awfully…” on the Slablet.
    • Ok, so maybe that wasn’t exactly the song’s lyrics, BUT if the writer had known about the Slablet, I’m sure it would have changed everything… a whole new mode.


  • Masterbedroom will no longer be blocked by the profanity filter when sharing to the Gallery.
    • Masterbathroom you’re next.


  • Addressed an issue that could cause a Sims shadow to flicker when in a low light room.
  • Added a blank line between each release note, in order to elongate the visual impact of the release notes.
  • Napping in a hot tub will now properly trigger Ultra Speed.
    • Napping in a hot tub is not recommended because you know… water.


  • We addressed an issue preventing the completion of the Be Parent to a Child with 3 Friends aspiration goal.
  • Edge scrolling now functions in windowed full screen mode.
    • You can find the option to turn on or off Edge Scrolling in the Options Menu (ESC) under the Game Options / Game Camera tab.


  • We fixed an issue where photographs placed on a lot could incorrectly flag the lot as having CC when shared to the Gallery.
    • This will correct the issue for creations going forward.


  • Ending a sentence with a preposition is bad, according to my 4th grade teacher, about from except with upon toward among.

Here’s to hoping your days are counted in Sim days (because then you’d get to live 3,011,903,080,114,070,519,031,513,091,407 nanoseconds on average).


[Posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who is out enjoying some of the new experimental foods…actually its donuts…because we don’t have the new experimental foods IRL.]

Update: 21/04/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Greetings Simmers, Community, and folks just tuning in!

Odd behaviors, issues of community concern addressed!

NPCs come and go!

Bad puns continue!

Queuing interactions on the hour… this is W-GURU, release information and random banter, signing on.

Our lead story tonight? We have to say goodbye to our very own Jasmine Holiday. Jasmine has been with W-GURU for about a month, and has done a terrific job. We are sad to see her go, but hopefully Jasmine will come and visit us again sometime soon!

Until next time Jasmine, we wish you well in all your endeavors.

But fear not friends, Jasmine is not taking any of the goodies you got from her challenge! Keep on planting, and glow your Growfruit, admire your eggs, and hug that bunny with great satisfaction at a job well done!*

*acquisition of super fertilizer, and purchase of Growfruits from Jasmine, will no longer be available.

Hey, who’s that walking through the door? It’s… oh… it’s him (or her) the Tragic Clown, and he’s… I’m feeling a little down right now.

He’s probably brought an outfit, sigh, that you can find in Create a Sim. And… oh just don’t look at the painting. He’s so sad… why does he even try to juggle? How do I get him to go awa… oh there, oh good, he’s gone.

Ok. Where was I? Back on schedule…

…General Issue segment

  • Sims will again be able to synthesize serums at the Chemistry Table…
    • Serums have long held the belief that syn-thesis is merely an immoral theory, and as such fled at the thought. Scientists have spent many hours reassuring the serums that their belief is just a bad pun.
  • Sims should no longer sit down at a pool when asked to put food away in the fridge.
    • Reports have indicated that refrigerators harbor jealousy towards the pools carrying capacity, and water processing capabilities. Sims have been asked to ensure they think about the feelings of all parties involved when deciding where to put away their foods.
  • Growfruit, used as a fertilizer, now hellishly better than before!
    • Intentions being good, do not always pave as meant to.
  • Custom music now plays as expected on all venue speakers!
    • Local DJs rejoice as they are once again free to play their music selections for all Sim-kind. Avant-garde, the Ballads, and Calypso… the Xoomii, Yodeling, and Zydeco! Styles to suit the needs of all playing issue free!
  • Previously addressed issue of Sims going to Painter and Tech Guru careers wearing face makeup, is now also addressed for all Sims saved prior to the introduction of the original issue.
    • Full face makeup has been known to cause temporary facial discoloration due to the application of color, and identification issues for the identifier, as well as prolonged restroom cleaning practices when de-applying the full face makeup.
  • Stacked rugs will remain in their stacked order after the lot has been saved to the Gallery. Issue may still persist with rooms saved to the Gallery.
    • A general malaise has been reported as the looming rug stacking competition is a mere millennia away. Front runners hopes are in knots, as they attempt to stitch together a plan for the up and coming event.

…MAC Issue segment

  • Having more than 2001 mods installed will no longer hinder your ability to connect to the Gallery!
    • Engineer Hal reports “it was an odyssey, finding space and time to address this issue.” He was also quoted as saying “[It was a] journey of monumental proportions. We beat the ground repeatedly trying to figure things out.” And though we can’t directly quote him, it was reported that he declared the engineering group to be “…full of stars…” Others however discount the quote, saying he never actually said that, but that it may have been in an email.
  • The finder bar will no longer appear when edge scrolling at the top edge.
    • Scrollers have reported that scrolling scrolls as well as ever. No longer are they finding the finder’s lack of a fix found, to impede with their scrolling. We at W-GURU can only hope that all edge cases of the top edge’s edge scrolling are edged out.

Until next time, this is SimGuruGnome signing off.

[cue up the music]
[begin shutdown sequence]
[/i][fade to black][/i]

[posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who is in a meeting with Engineer Hal to talk about what he actually said to that engineering group all those years ago.]

Update: 22/03/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Greetings Simmers,

How is everything?

We have a small bit of something here in this release… and I know, reading your responses to the announcement, that there are some questions. So, let me see if I can give you some information.

First off, let’s talk about the new stuff. It’s Spring, and there is a Spring Challenge!

Jasmine Holiday, our new Challenge Coordinator, is waiting for you at the community gardens found in Oasis Springs and Willow Creek. And she is looking for your help in gathering growfruit… turns out she needs a lot.

Bring her 20 growfruit and she’ll give you a new planter. Bring her a perfect growfruit, and she’ll give you the bedazzled planter. Jasmine also has a limited supply of super fertilizer that she is willing to share with you to help you grow that perfect growfruit.

We’ve also added back the Egg Challenge from last year. Now with 2 new eggs added to the mix. Gather all 12 from around the world to unlock a stuffed bunny!

  • For those that unlocked the stuffed bunny last year – it’s still there along with the new bunny look added to its color options!

Ok, so the couple of questions that may come to mind (or did already get asked), that I can help address here.

  • Will Jasmine remain after the challenge?
    • Jasmine is just around for the challenge, she is our Challenge Coordinator and is very busy.
  • Will she be back?
    • I’m glad you asked that…

Other questions that may come up…

  • What about the eggs and the growfruit, will they stay around?
    • We will not be removing anything you have found, but like last time, the eggs will no longer be scattered about for you to find.
    • The growfruit will still grow on your trees, can be planted, and harvested… however with Jasmine departing, you will not be able to buy new seeds.

We also have some issues that we have been addressed.

General Issues

  • Gallery lots that have been bulldozed will no longer maintain the pre-bulldozed “original by” information when uploaded to the Gallery.
  • Gallery uploads that are using custom thumbnails will now be marked as custom content.
  • Sims will now finish reading a book!
  • Using moo, to moove wall objects that have a “preferred” height (wall book shelves, mirrors), will no longer reset their position when picking them up from their new moo position.
    • Ok…how many of you read that as “new moo poo-sition”?
  • Mooving a room that has moo’d objects within it, will no longer incorrectly reset or place in inventory, the moo’d moved objects.
  • “Using the cupcake machine (OF DOOM*) will now count towards your daily requirement to prepare food in the culinary career (OF DOOM*).
    • * OF DOOM references are for enhanced reading experience only, and are not present in game. Sound fx have not been added post editing. AA batteries sold separately. Batteries however are not required for your text reading experience, unless you are reading on an ancient hand held device that actually runs on AA batteries. In which case I apologize for the “ancient” reference.
  • Ownership of an activity table, in regards to the completion of the “Have an Activity Table” aspirational goal of the Artistic Prodigy aspiration, no longer fails if the ownership occurred prior or post to the goals presence.
  • “Perform Routine in Space” will now properly count towards the “Perform 3 Comedy Routines” aspirational goal for Joke Star aspiration.
    • … pigs in space…
      • For no reason except to date myself…
  • The whim “Send Happy Text” will now properly complete if the interaction is initiated from the phone menu.
  • Becoming friends with siblings (who are of the child age) will now properly track against the “Become Friends with 3 Other Children” goal of the Social Butterfly aspiration.

Outdoor Retreat

  • Ultra or Super (fanatical, rabid, outlandish, drastic, ludicrous,…. )… Ludicrous speed (also known as Super Speed) should now properly work when Sims sleep or nap in a tent.
  • Dragging a stack of inventory items from one Sim to another Sim, should now properly drag the stack.
    • Interesting data point… knowledge that dragging from one Sims inventory to another Sim inventory was possible in The Sims 4 – less than 0.5% of players.

Spa Day

  • After a small debate, yoga has emerged victorious – and the Yoga Mat now counts as a piece of workout equipment when attempting to complete the Bodybuilder Aspiration.
    • On an unrelated side note, the original engineer would like to know the number of a good chiropractor.

Get Together

  • The “Light a Bonfire” whim should no longer appear if there is no bonfire near.
  • The whim “Dance to Stereo Music” will now properly complete if the Sim dances to music from the DJ booth.

Wishing you enjoyment in game and out,
Posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who is attempting to get a head start on finding all of the eggs.

Update: 04/02/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Happy 16th Anniversary!

Yep, 16 years this February 4th! Amazing! And we have a few throwbacks to celebrate the 16 years of the Sims!

From the early days… when you were amazed your Sims didn’t burn to death just pouring a bowl of chips, we bring you memories of those trying times with the Tragic Clown Painting!

  • A “new” old friend can be found immortalized in print in the Build catalog. Search up the Tragic Clown and you’ll come across the ol’ clown’s likeness. Viewing his print may place you in a sad mood however as you reflect upon the deeper meaning of balloon animals, bulbous red noses, and tragic kitchen fires.

…as we step forward, looking into the second iteration of the Sims, you will find the Grilled Cheese Aspiration!

  • You can unlock this aspiration by eating a grilled cheese… or three.
  • Once you finish the aspiration, you’ll unlock the Melt Master trait, where you will learn:
    • To Paint Grilled Cheese on the Easel
    • Summon Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with but a thought
    • And unlock the ability to evangelize about Grilled Cheese Sandwiches… because cheese!

…and into the third installment, we bring to you, The Kleptomaniac Trait!

  • Available now as a selectable trait in Create A Sim
  • Your mischief skill will guide your ability to swipe various objects, but be careful to do so alone…
  • And if you do end up feeling guilty for taking that valuable do-whaty-a-thingo from your neighbor, you can always return it… or sell it.
    • “What ‘do-whaty-a-thingo’ were you referring to?”

In addition to our throwback memories…

You can now Hire a Gardener from the Hire a Service option in the phone menu.

  • If you have some garden plants that need tending, you can hire the gardener for a one time “help me out” or as a re-occurring scheduled service.
  • So get out there, buy a planting pot, drop some seeds, and eat the fruits of their labors!
  • There are also a couple of new socials available on the Gardener: Ask for Gardening Advice and Discuss Gardening Techniques

And there is a new 16th Anniversary print found in Build Mode. Search up “Let there be Plumbobs!” and you’ll find this high gloss print with its’ 15 plumbobs staring right back at you!

  • …the 16th … it’s there… I think if you close your eyes you can probably sense it’s presence… a presence not felt since…
    • And then he just sort of turns away. I mean, he was in mid-sentence, and then he just stops and walks away. Why was he talking to himself to begin with? I know it’s the classic… but I always thought that part was strange…

Also Twitter! Share screenshots, gallery uploads, and achievements directly to Twitter.

And we have also improved your ability to find and filter modded content.

  • Now you can easily identify modded content in Create A Sim and Build Mode with some handy icons we’ve added!
  • We have also made it easy to separate modded from Maxis content with a new filter available in both modes.

Oh yea, almost forgot – we liked the trick items far too much not to give them away also! You can now find the Boneyard, Buyer Beware, and Stoar the Bearded Trickster Door in Build Mode.

But we can’t have just new stuff, not without cleaning up some of the old stuff. So what’d we do to the old?

Issues Addressed

General Issues

  • Sims invited to spend the night will no longer spend the night standing around not sleeping. They will now behave in a way that makes sense for someone who has been asked to spend the night.
    • They will sleep. It’s a little strange and unusual… but we figured, let’s give it a go. See what happens.
  • We fixed an issue with the Activities and Skills filter in Build Mode that was preventing the gold “something is new” highlight from properly clearing itself.
  • Sims will no longer autonomously choose to drink potions or herbalism drinks.
  • Wedding plates and cake will no longer disappear during the Share Wedding Cake interaction.
  • We fixed an issue that was causing Sims to react as if most food was spicy.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in some floor tiles failing to rotate along with the lot when rotated.
  • Sims should no longer find themselves unable to exit the hot tub after autonomously woohooing.
  • Playing with the Lump of Clay will now properly satisfy the “Play with 3 Toys” aspiration goal in the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.
  • We addressed an issue that could result in the player receiving error code 533 when attempting to save the game.
    • Thank you to our players who sent us your save files, as it greatly assisted us, and we were able to identify the problem and address this issue.
    • Players who have received error code 42, just know you have the answer.
  • Hacking notifications now properly address the Sim, and not the player…
    • You there! Get outta my code…
  • We have added an option in the Audio options called “Match Speed Stereo Music”
    • When checked on, in game stereo music will play at the same speed as the game.
    • When checked off, in game stereo music will always play at normal speed, regardless of game speed.
    • When checked checkered, black goes first.
    • When checked plaid, check flannel status.
    • When chalked, hit the cue ball with a medium stroke at the center, to top stop it dead after hitting the object ball.
  • The Princess Cordelia’s Galleon Bed may now properly be found under the Queen Anne style sort.
  • Fixed an issue in which it was possible to resize the Sim and Object inventory panels beyond their minimum constraints, which could result in them being unusable.
  • Fixed an issue during the move in new household flow that could cause the “moving household” dialog to reappear and prevent the user from taking any further actions.
  • Sims carving pumpkins or working at a woodworking table will no longer ignore Sims who die near them.
    • Sims dying near a pumpkin carving or woodworking station will no longer have as their last memories the face of an uncaring carver.
  • Babies will no longer send text messages congratulating your Sims on their marriage, engagement, or pregnancy…
    • “Hey mom, we haven’t met yet. How are you doing? I just wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy. Talk to you later.”
    • “My what?!”
  • Sims who sabotage their own belongings will no longer be kicked out of their home by another Sim of their household.
  • Maids will no longer attempt to put away toys or books if there is no Toy Box or Bookcase on the lot.
  • Sims will no longer immediately cancel their shower or bath, if there is an infant anywhere on the lot.
  • Sims with the jealous trait will no longer send congratulations on engagement/marriage messages to their ex’es.
  • Item titles, descriptions, and player bio information can now be copied/pasted within the Gallery.
  • Sims near a child who finishes reading or doing their homework will no longer improperly reset.

The Sims 4 Get to Work

  • Paint by reference will no longer override your ability to take photographs of differing sizes and orientations.
  • The “Straight Bizoleons Neon Sign” business perk sign can now have its emotional aura disabled.
  • Food set for sale on retail lots was being improperly cleaned up by the midnight cleaning services under some circumstances … this should no longer occur.

The Sims 4 Get Together

  • We fixed the Brickwall birck texture variants to no longer improperly dupe the Up-Bricking wallpaper variants.
  • Club gatherings will no longer start autonomously on the active Sims home lot.
  • Children in club outfits will no longer “distort” when aging from child to teen…
    • Their behavior upon becoming teens however is completely out of our hands.

    The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat

    • The Rejuvenated! Buff acquired from camping should no longer keep returning indefinitely. Now once it expires, you will have to go camping to again feel Rejuvenated!

    The Sims 4 Movie Hangout Stuff

    • Cuddle while watching a movie was not queuing for both Sims… it should now properly appear in the queue for both Sims.
    • Popcorn does indeed satisfy the club rule for Eat, and now should show the icon indicating such.
    • Cleaning the popcorn popper does indeed satisfy the club rule to clean, and now should show the icon indicating such.
    • Reading release notes does indeed satisfy your need to know, and now you have been properly informed.

      Happy Anniversary, happy Simming, happy, happy, joy, something something… and thank you for everything!

      (Posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who is having too much fun summoning Grilled Cheese sandwiches with just a meer thought.)

Update: 07/01/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version

Happy year of the new, Simmers!

We have a short and sweet release this fine 7th of January, like a New Year’s Eve peck – just a quick welcome to 2016!

Around the corner, I hear Sims are prepping the popcorn for their movie relaxations (just remember, if the bunny in the woods is too much, just call on the super kids to battle the dancing undead).

And with that warning out of the way, we have a bit of NEW…

  • We have modified the way in which Sims react to those acting inappropriately in their neighbors’ homes. Beware, for you might find your Sim asked to leave if they get out of line.
  • We have also modified the behavior of Sims when a fight occurs.
    • Your friends may cheer you on, but your enemies may cheer when you’re down.
  • There are 8 new wall decorations to decorate your décor! (ok, well, they don’t decorate the décor, they add to the décor… I really just wanted to ignore the conventions of grammar and write what I wanted to write. There… I admitted it, I ignore grammar!)
    • Movie posters for It’s Amber!, Stay Weirder, Cow Plant Love, Cop and Llama, Malpractice, Epic Wood, Sul Sul, and Still Life, are all now available in the Build catalog.

… And have addressed a few Issues…

  • The repair service will no longer become unavailable if the player switches active households while the repair service was in progress.
  • The repair service is no longer available to not service a retail lot.
    • It is now not available, as it was not repairing. Thus, the service will now not charge you for not repairing, when you attempted to have a repair service, service your repairs.
  • We fixed an issue that could result when connecting or reconnecting online, in an interface misalignment in the My Library tab of the Gallery.
    • Essentially, interface elements were not redrawing properly, and were overlapping in ways that made parts of the interface inaccessible.
      • In-acc-sess-ible is so much more fun to say when you accent each syllable.
  • We have addressed an issue that could allow users to modify existing lots and upload them as their own.
    • Without going into too much detail, through a means of saving, deleting, and re-uploading, it was possible for the owner ID to be “lost” and thus allow the owner modification to occur.
  • Sims can now chat with children playing on a jungle gym without route failing.
    • … of course I thought the whole purpose of the park was to let your kids run free, while you found peace in the nature inspired sanctuary of silence…
      • “Dad?!”
      • Blissful, golden silence…
      • “DAD!!!”
      • SILENCE!
      • “DAD?!”
      • “What?!”
      • “Nuh-thing.”
  • We fixed an issue with the DJ booth that could result in the upgrade action failing to perform, but still deducting the parts from the Sims’ inventory.

I hope you had a pleasant December, and wish you joy as we move into the beginnings of this new year.

[Posted on behalf of SimGuruGnome who was busy making popcorn for the team to eat.]