Are Your Sims Acting A Little More… Jealous?

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Don’t Get Jealous

Have you noticed your Sims acting a little different recently? Maybe a little more… jealous? You’re not going crazy – your Sims might seem more aware of their romantic surroundings after last month’s Update. We’re always working on improving The Sims 4, from fixing issues to adding new features. We recently added the Jealous Trait, but we also made some changes to the way jealousy works as part of improvements we’re making to the way Sims react to the world around them.

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Choose Your Side in the #TeamTrick vs. #TeamTreat Challenge!

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Thanks for Tricking and Treating!

And that’s a wrap! We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the #TeamTrick vs. #TeamTreat Challenge. To celebrate, we put together an infographic showing off the results. Check it out, below.

Remember, Remember, the 23 of October

Pirates or ninjas? Half-full or half-empty? That sparkly vampire guy or that shirtless werewolf guy? For eons, these arguments have echoed in the halls of academia and internet forums, with millions choosing a position and arguing it vehemently. But there’s one debate so polarising it eclipses all others… trick or treat?

And soon, you’ll be asked to choose a side in this timeless debate. The #TeamTrick vs. #TeamTreat Challenge kicks off in The Sims 4 on October 23 and runs through October 31! It’s not all fun and games, though – there are items on the line! You’ll be working on unlocking new decorated doors, fantastic fish, and awesome storage chests! If you choose to participate, you’ll play a role in which items get unlocked – will it be the creepy #TeamTrick items, or the playful #TeamTreat versions? That’s up to The Sims 4 community.

Two new interactions (Trick and Treat) are temporarily available in The Sims 4 for all players, and you’ll need to choose between them to help unlock different items in the game. If you’re on #TeamTrick, you’re going to want to task your Sim with tricking everyone in sight, while Sims on #TeamTreat will be handing out sweet treats to the Sims they meet.

Here’s how it’ll work:

•         There are #TeamTrick and #TeamTreat versions of each item: #TeamTrick has a demonic door, a skeletal fish in a spooky bowl, and an interactive chest; and #TeamTreat has a lion door, a candy fish in a delicious bowl, and a usable chest of its own.

•         Every three days, the two sides are trying to make their team’s version of the item the winning one. In the end, only one of each version will make it into the game!

•         Whichever side wins (that is to say, if there are more Trick interactions or Treat interactions) will end up getting their version added to the game in early November.

•         Everyone gets the items – your actions are choosing which items are actually added!

Want the sweet Candy Fish? You’d better hope #TeamTreat wins during that period, otherwise everyone will be hanging out with the Skeleton Fish instead. The cool Demonic Door? That’s a #TeamTrick item, so you’ll need to trick for that one. The chests are assigned to the different sides, too.

Which side will you choose? Head onto Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr using #TeamTrick and #TeamTreat to show your allegiance, and spread the word if you want to unlock the items associated with your side.

The full details are below, and we’ll keep this article updated as the results come out.

CHALLENGE 1: OCTOBER 23 – OCTOBER 25 – The Stoar the Bearded or Edgar the Generous Door

CHALLENGE 2: OCTOBER 26 – OCTOBER 28 – The Bones or Gummie Fish Bowl

CHALLENGE 3: OCTOBER 29 – OCTOBER 31 – The Buyers Beware or Ornate Beauty Storage Chest

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How to Create an Amazing Modern Bedroom in The Sims 4

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Lay Them Down to Sleep

If you’ve opened up the Gallery, you’ve likely seen some amazing creations, from absurd mansions to mind-bending homes. And we often see the same question: how do they do that?! That’s what inspired us to invite members of the community to teach you how they build the amazing things you can find on the Gallery.

Today, we asked popular builder Zita1966 to write up some tips on creating an amazing modern bedroom in The Sims 4. Below is her guide*!

Thanks! I enjoy creating my bedrooms in the same way I enjoy building bathrooms: realistic in size, easily accessible and playable. Black and white is the go-to combination for a modern bedroom.

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How We Built Windenburg in The Sims 4

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Mid-Century Tudor Modern

The Sims 4 Get Together Expansion Pack* introduces Windenburg, a European-inspired world complete with ancient ruins, Cafés, and discotheques that look nothing like what you’ve seen in The Sims 4. We knew really early on in the development of the expansion that we wanted to go with something more Euro, but it took a lot of experimentation to get from those early discussions to the version that’ll ship with the game in December.

Europe is a huge continent with countless architectural styles and sub-cultures, so we realized we needed to create something unique, but still authentic. We want Windenburg to feel like it could be found in many different parts of Europe while still feeling like its own, distinct location. We gathered some concept art that shows how we ended up where we are, from first sketches to fairly complete images. Not everything in the concept art is going to end up in the final game, but we want to show you the whole process.

Early on, our concept artists explored a bunch of different ideas to figure out how Windenburg should really look. Maybe it should have an “Old Town” area, or maybe there should be a traditional open countryside. Maybe part of it should be on hills? Maybe it should have all of the above?

As we started to flesh out this entirely new place it became very clear that the rules of architecture in classic Europe are very different then the things our Sims worlds have been filled with before. Namely, the variety – since many of the cities we referenced are centuries old, many of the buildings date back hundreds of years. Peppered between old buildings are new ones, creating an incredibly unique aesthetic that we really wanted to embrace. This mixture of old and new feels distinctly European, and we wanted to make sure we captured it in Windenburg.

To embrace this mix of styles we needed to bend the classic rules of architecture and find a way to merge those disparate pieces. Our artists began to experiment with different styles of residential architecture, playing with different motifs to see how they could work together. In the end, we went with something that was sort of a Tudor Modern – a mix of contemporary construction and the kind of buildings built during the 16th century in England.

Once we’d decided on the aesthetic and how it’d look on a small scale, we had to take a few steps back and think big-picture. Here’s a look at what we wanted the map to look like – and this is actually pretty close to the layout you’ll see in game! There’s a lookout spot on the Pier in the Business District where you can see indications of every distinct neighborhood, from the Countryside with rolling pine-covered hills and electric windmills in the distance, the Old Town with quaint Tudor buildings and repurposed fishing canneries, and the high-end residential Island that sits in the middle of the Windenburg Lake.

On one side of the island, sandy flat areas with fishing docks. On the other, a mansion overlooking the sea (and if you’re lucky, you might catch a view of Windenburg’s elusive sea monster).

Once we’d finished sketching maps and architecture, we started to create some visual snapshots to really show off the districts. There’s one here (and one in the opening of the blog) that serve both as explorations as to how these places could look with Sims living in them, and also provide a visual target to the team responsible for building them in game. We’re really happy with how closely we were able to recreate these in game and even more excited about the different elements we were able to build out as development went on – even that statue made it!

We hope you enjoyed this peek behind the curtain of The Sims 4 Get Together’s Windenburg. We can’t wait to see your Tudor Modern buildings fit alongside ours this December!

Looking for more news on The Sims 4 Get Together? Check out the official Get Together reveal, and learn how Clubs let Sims break the rules.